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Bought a second dress!

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Hi Ladies,


Some of you may remember my posts freaking out about my dress, worrying that it was too big or heavy for a beach wedding. It is Brielle by Maggie Sottero:


Brielle - by Maggie Sottero


I love the dress so much, but I couldn't stop worrying that it would be too hot, or that I would drown doing my TTD! lol So anyway I found a second dress, also a Maggie, on EBay for $250!!! I am so excited! It is much more beachy. I'm still wearing my ballgown for the ceremony, but now I will have this one as a "just in case", so I can change into it for the reception and/or the TTD if I get too hot or if I change my mind about trashing the ballgown (which I still intend to do as of now!). It is Zoe by Maggie:


Zoe - by Maggie Sottero


I can't believe I foud it for $250! It has never been worn (unfortunately her wedding was called off). I highly recommend checking out Ebay for dresses, wow :)


Anyway I'm super happy now, I think I got away with the best of both worlds, and I didn't have to pay full price for the second dress - just had to share! :)

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