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DTHSLove Riu Macao,PUJ W(pics)..Honey Moon The Moon Palace..yeah!

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Sorry for the delay. Its really hard to adjust to normal life after a 2wks vacation wedding. Thanks lovely ladies here who were so helpful in everything.. And will to share their information. If I missed anything in my review please feel free to contact me.


We had 28 guests traveling from the USA, Jamaica and UK. Most of our guest arrived Wednesday leaving Sunday after breakfast. My guest from the UK stayed 2 weeks they sated at the Sirenis Tropical Suites. They had booked so far in advanced when we changed hotel they had their package already booked, could not be changed again.


Travel Agency: Sunkissed Vaction (A+)


I worked with Dina who I got through BDW, I sent the request over via the travel agent contact request and she got back with me in a matter of days. She was very helpful and responded to question in a timely manner. Transfers and travel went very smooth for us all going and coming from PUJ. We flew Delta non-stop to PUJ. My dress made it just fine in my hand all the way from CT – NY- PUJ, no worry. We laid it flat in the overhead bin and it was just as good.

My guest who booked for themselves did have early flights out of the hotel. Really a waste of the day when they could have had breakfast and sleep in. That was the best thing I learnt about using a travel agent. You are able to sleep in while getting the meal you paid for before heading to the airport. One drink at the airport was $4. OMG. We had stacked up on snacks from the hotel so we only had to buy drinks when we get to the airport for return. Depending on the location of your hotel your shuttle bus will make multiple stops, not too bad since you get to see some of the other hotel options for your next trip.



Riu Macao Check-in: (A+)

If you are looking for a family friendly hotel the Riu Macao is the one to go. The staff was very friendly and attentive to all guest. We were greeted with cool pineapple drink for all, but for some reason I did not get one, but I was glad my parents and the others got theirs. All the Riuâ€s are on the same strip so you can go and come as u like. We were told we could only take pics @ the Riu Palace, but when we went over there to visit we got margaritas at the bar, no problem. The rooms at the Macao are not all up to date. The drapes in my room were a bit dated, so was the bed covering. The under sheet were clean and in good condition. The room was very clean!

Ann-Marie at the front desk was exceptional she took time out to help my girls plan my bachelorette party and get contacts in the area for them. She even took us to the solon in the city to get our nail and hair done. The ladies at the salon did not know how to do nails very well, we were a bit disappointed with that. It was cheaper than the hotel, but I thought they could have hooked it up better..


Wedding Coordinators: A+

My emails had three names to it to but Magnolia seemed to be the head of the dept. We met in her office in the afternoon the next day. I did not know we had an appointment the morning at 10am, I missed it. The wedding office is at the palace for all the Riu it seemed, so we walked over there, the sun was very hot but good view of the property. We took the decors back the next day by cab ($5).

With all the stuff we took down for decoration the ladies did a very good job. I bought 3 center piece from Magnolia and the flowers for the parents. They looked great all worked out lovely.


Welcome Dinner:

We all went to the Steak House for dinner on Thursday night. Everyone knew everyone already so no need for name tags. This area was an open area, so it was really hot outside. Dinner was good, after we went to have drinks and fun for the rest of the night.


Bachelorette Party: A+

The ladies in my bridal party were all secretive since the day they got there, so I knew something was up but I did not know what!!! We had our welcome dinner and all the ladies seem to have diapers. I was invited to help my cousin change to a different room because she was having issues in her current room. When we got to her room she decided to do something elsehuh.gif I was then taken back down stairs to the so called new room.. This room was all dressed up for the party, I was really surprised. The cake had all the topping if you know what I mean!!. I was given my sash and a wand with a pepe on the top. All the ladies made their speeches and well wishes for me. My mom gave the speech of how we were meant to be from high school, which was special. A really cute guy came in to set up music, and then I heard a knock at the door. They turned the lights off so it was kind of hard to see. A policeman entered the room; I had to jump back for a minute because I did not know what was going on. Lights came back on and all hell broke loose with the ladies. He did his thing then a fireman entered, it was great. We were so rowdy guest started to come out of their rooms. We had to tone it down which was very hard. We had a great time, we then left for the bar in the lobby..


Day of Wedding:

The day was perfect no rain clouds in the sky…

I did not know what to do with myself, so I went to breakfast with the other girls. I had a light breakfast and head back to the room to look over last min stuff.


Hair: A+

My girlfriend from college did my hair. We had decided that $70 for an up do was not worth it, she was always good with hair. My hair turned out perfect just as I had imagined (Updo to the side, she hooked it up, fi real). I could not have asked for a better person to do my hair. As we were putting the final touch to my hair I saw my 2yr with this white thing in his hand, tearing it, yes ladies it was my bird cage veil. I thought I was going to die. We tried our best to fix it with glue but the best thing to do was to cute it some more.



Makeup: A+

She was hired by Magnolia to come in and do my makeup. She was very good I loved the job she did. She even had Mac products in her makeup case which was Perfect !!

Ps. If you do wear fake lashes use water proof adhesive. Ladies the humidity just before the reception had me looking like a one eyed crook. I had to take them off totally, we were not able to fix them for the reception. They really enhanced my pictures, you have to have them..


Click the image to open in full size.


Cake: B

Iâ€m not sure how the hotel cake was taste wise, because I only took a small piece for picture. I donâ€t like chocolate cake so Iâ€m not the best judge of the taste. The decoration was nice, it had fresh flowers on the top. At the end of the night there was a big piece left. I asked them to put it up for us and they did.

We had carried a rum cake from the USA but was unable to put it on the table. The decoration got smush on the trip down. We took it to the bakery to fix it but the icing they used could not stand the heat. We put it up for the next day, send off dinner.


Ceremony: A+

The officient spoke only spanish, so he spoke and Magnoilia translated in english for the guest. I messed up by giving 2 people the same reading but no one noticed. When my bro-inlaw found out he had the same reading he came up and did a prayer on his own. No one know the difference of the kind of wedding we were having. It all sound the same to them..


Reception: A+

I know I wanted to do a private reception because I wanted everyone to be able to dance and be loud. The steak house which was used for reception is close to the beach and is an open restaurant. We had used it the night before for our welcome but did not know that was the one we were using. I did not like the idea of using that restaurant because it was very hot out there. I spoke to magnolia after our meeting and told her I was not paying $600. to sit in the heat. She made some called and was able to reserve the Japanese restaurant which had air condition. They said we could not play the music loud because the restaurant was next to the main restaurant. The volume was just fine for us they even turned it up later on in the night.


Music: B+

We had first said we would bring our own music, but in the last week hubby decided to use the hotel DJ $400. His brother wanted to pay for it. I guest I should have told the DJ to get some reggae ready for us. We danced but I think my hubby had a better selection would have had the party going. Maybe Iâ€m just bias… He was not worth $400.00 my brother in-law had to give him some music to play.

The next day while we were at dinner the DJ was setting up for a reception at the outside restaurant and guest what, he was playing the music my brother in-law gave him.


Photographer: A+


Punta Cana Wedding Photographer

We had Francisco, a little hard to understand with his English but he was very good. He was there for us getting dress. We got some really good shots. I did not notice the package I had opt for excluded the reception so there and then we went up to the platinum package. Make sure to see what you want from the packages. Arnaud was very helpful in making the last min changes I had my book with cc in hand and he said not to worry about business it was my wedding day, that was really thoughtful . He also had a special 20% off which helped a lot.

After changing the package to the platinum package we were not sure if we could do the trash the dress session that I really wanted. I emailed Arnaud a few days later and he did it for a really good price we could not refuse, he understood we had misread the package. Francisco came to the Moon Palace and we did it there 1wk later. The session was fun.


Our Guest:

They all raved that it was the best vacation they had ever been on. Iâ€m not sure if they have stopped talking about their trip just yet. They all said the wedding was great. Most of all Iâ€m glad they enjoyed themselves.


Honey Moon: A++

We spent 7 days at the Moon Palace Casino. This hotel is Huge although not totally opened, you can see it will be massive when it is done. We were given a 1st floor room the first day, I asked them to change it to an upper level. I was told they had nothing on the upper level that day. I was a little upset to know a huge hotel like that did not have an upper level available. After going to get something to eat and leaving the NO SERVICE bell on, we came back to find a cleaning girl in our room. I was so mad because I know I left the no service light on. Iâ€m not sure if it was fowl play but my balcony door was propped a little open. I immediately called the front desk and let them know it will be need a new room in the morning and no was not an option. The next day I called and was given a closer room to the beach on the 2nd floor, much better view.

It was so hot we stayed in most of the day and go out to play volley ball at 5pm when the sun was down.

We had a blast at anyone of there 14 pools and 10 restaurants, 7 were of a la carte status. The steak at the Prime Grill was to die for, had to go back the next night.

We did the time share tour just to get the $200 credit for the spa. We already own but they make you do it to see if they can buy you over from your other time share. If you are looking to buy it was a good presentation, go all the way to the end before you buy. There are great deals at the very end when they see you are not buying. If I did not own I would have bought into it. We went to the spa the next day to have full body massages.

Our wedding experience was great and stressed free. Donâ€t stress your selves over the little stuff you will be just fine. Enjoy, relax and have fun!!!!!


The entrance to MP

Click the image to open in full size.


The Room

Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

The way to get around

Click the image to open in full size.

The area

Click the image to open in full size.



~The New Mrs. Myrie aka DTHSlove~

Now I know why I have zero energy level, we are 2 ½ mths pregnant..


ENJOY LADIES..smile72.gif They are not in event order.

Costomer Access


Planning Thread


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great review! thank you so much. this was really helpful and insightful. I am getting married there in October next year and was concerned about the unknowns and your review was so through it helped put me at ease. thank you for sharing!

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