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February 2010 brides

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#2371 svetayasofiya

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    Posted 15 April 2010 - 09:21 AM

    Originally Posted by TonyandTricia
    Chris- So glad you finally got your pics!! I was a little disappointed too that I couldn't find that one great picture frame shot, but as I look at them more I really like them.
    Believe it or not, but I think I have looked at all 703 pictures three and four times over already. I am way happier with them today then I was the first day I got them. I still wish there were a few more close ups and like I said that one classic shot, but there are a lot of good ones and really... out of 703 pics, 100 or so will make it to an album? and maybe two or three will be put in frames. So, I think he did pretty good.

    Unfortunately the pictures are available to me in a flash slide show so i can't link up the album or save the pics, but what I can do is print screen and save in paint, LOL HOW GHETTO. But maybe I'll do that for a couple pics to show you guys... until I have a proper slideshow to share.

    #2372 svetayasofiya

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      Posted 15 April 2010 - 10:17 AM

      Ok guys.... let me know if this works... I added some photos the ghetto way, LOL

      Picasa Web Albums - Christina - Wedding Febru...

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        Posted 15 April 2010 - 11:13 AM

        Oh Krista, I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with SIL. That really sucks when people force you to cut them out of your life. The sad part is the people who always end up suffering are not the ones who caused shit in the first place. Stay strong girl and try not to let it bother you (although I know that's easier said than done).

        Ali - I haven't received my dress yet, but I had it sent to the inlaws, don't want FI accidentally seeing it, even though it's a TTD. lol....I'm going over there tomorrow so hopefully I can try it on!

        Chris - I'm so glad you got your pics!!! I love them!! Especially the one where you are walking away from your wedding site and the clouds are overhead. I know you said you wanted sunshine for your day, but the cloudiness of the sky really adds a dramatic backdrop! It's beautiful! I also really like the one where you are laughing/smiling when you hubby is kissing you in front of the beach. I like the sepia tones -gives it a unique feel! And your expression is priceless! I'm sorry to hear about your coworker. I think we can all empathize with having a crappy coworker! I feel the same way about being upstaged because when I started working here there was a pregnant girl in our office and she has had her baby, and now there is another girl who is pregnant who is due at the end of July, so everyone is all about her pregnancy, and no one, I mean no one has asked me about my wedding. sometimes I bring it up and everyone is just kinda like "oh, that's nice"... I'm planning on inviting my coworkers to my AHR (we have a small office of about 10 - mostly women - which is another reason why I thought they'd be excited about wedding stuff), but anyways, makes me not want to invite them...bah....LOL!

        Tricia - I saw your reception pics on facebook and they are gorgeous! I loved you centerpieces and the brick in front of the building - so cute!!

        I'd love to do fall in NYC (I've never been - well actually I went when I was weee young, because my fam lived in the GTA (greater toronto area) until I was 10, but I don't remember anything about our trip there, so it's like I've never been. Anyways, it will depend on when in the fall since I will be back to taking classes at that point. 2 masters classes while working full time can be a little hectic! Neuropsychology and Mental Testing....ugh...I have a feeling it's going to be a brutal wakeup call after my wonderful wedding and summer of bliss! :)

        Oh, if we NYC, can I bring hubby? Cause he's never been and I'm pretty sure he would hate me if I went without him...lol....

        Speaking of school, tonight is my final assignment and then I'm done until September!! YAY!!! I think I might just have a couple glasses of vino tonight!
        July 10, 2010 ~ This was the day I married my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, and love... ~ Mrs. Allen

        #2374 Krista_H

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          Posted 15 April 2010 - 11:44 AM

          Oh Chris I love the pics you put up!! And your co-worker sucks.

          So apparently hubby and SIL have sorta worked things out for the sake of Saturday and then they'll sit down after. I still don't want them there, but he does and so for his sake I will bite my lip again. Boy I'm going to have no lips soon - okay that's a funny mental image.

          Today's my Friday at work - woohoo!! Have a couple of appointments tomorrow and then we're decorating the hall in the afternoon.

          My mom called me last night and wants to have people over for brunch on Sunday so I think that will be pretty cool too. Is that a traditional thing to do? She wanted to do it so I'll just let her. ha ha ha

          Have a good day girls!!

          #2375 *Krista*

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            Posted 15 April 2010 - 11:56 AM

            Have a wonderful AHR Krista!!!
            July 10, 2010 ~ This was the day I married my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, and love... ~ Mrs. Allen

            #2376 Meyer2010

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              Posted 15 April 2010 - 11:20 PM

              Krista H - oh the drama... so sorry you have to go through this! A brunch is a great idea. My MIL had one for us and it was so much fun. My parents, my siblings, his brother and a few other family members came. I think we had 22 people in all! We brought all of our wedding gifts to their house and opened them there. Everyone enjoyed seeing what we got. We saved the box of cards for us to open by ourselves that night! It was fun taking turns opening the cards and adding up the money!

              Chris - I know what you mean on the pics. I have about 15 favorites but I thought I'd have way more!!! Oh well... I might check into shutterfly and have a book made too. Hmmmm.... That is annoying having someone like that working with you. I hate those types of people that tries to steal other's thunder! All I have to say is Karma is a bitch!

              Susie - so sorry to hear about your grandpa! That is always hard to see those you love get older and pass away. I think you made the right decision on not going for the funeral. Like you said, you said goodbye to him last year! Hang in there! *hugs*

              Alison - that is what my gyno said last year too. So I think it is a matter of time. I also heard that most gyno's won't do anything until after the 1 year mark of trying. Just have fun and try not to get too stressed! AF came yesterday so I'm out of the running for a Christmas baby. I'm okay with that because that means I wouldn't be able to be home for Christmas and would have to spend Christmas in China. I'm okay with having a 2011 baby! I also want to focus on my fitness and plan on hitting the gym hard this month!!!! We will still be "trying" but not getting stressed about it. Plus, I ovulate twice this month yippppeeee!!!

              Krista (July) - All of our weddings may be over with but it will be fun to sit back and see all the details of your wedding!

              Alright, time to get back to work! Happy Friday (well it's Friday in China anyways!)

              Oh, and sorry my picture is so friggin' GIGANTIC... I changed the pic in photobucket to small but it is still large! WTH

              ~ Erica

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                Posted 16 April 2010 - 12:43 AM

                Hello my beauties!

                Chris...quick give me her number I will crank call her, tell her how much she sucks and you take a pic when she starts crying and share it with us. LMAO. I have a membership with a credit monitoring company I get quarterly updates and the last one shared the bad news with me. I will definitely call them and see what they can do for me. I managed to get the last 567 credited to my credit card from my hotel..well not from the hotel, but my credit card gave it back to me. I LOVED the pics :) we all have some "ghetto" in us lol.

                Krista hope your planning is going well.

                Girls... I am soooooooo happy that you are thinking of visiting NYC. I say, lets do it :)

                Brooke and Sabrina...rub those bellies for us :)
                Married 2-14-2010 Dreams, Los Cabos


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                  Posted 16 April 2010 - 08:06 AM

                  Erica - I'm assuming you weren't in the way of the earthquake? When you hadn't posted in a couple days I was going to put out a search party for you!!

                  HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!!

                  #2379 Meyer2010

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                    Posted 16 April 2010 - 09:04 AM

                    Ha-ha... nope it was pretty far from Shanghai. That doesn't mean I don't worry all the time if we are going to be next!

                    My Friday is almost over! My hubby has to work tomorrow so I'm going to go to the grocery store and then the flower market. Flowers are sooooo cheap here so I'm going to get about 12 plants for my balcony! I can't wait! Then we offered to babysit our boss' kids (twin girls - 8 years old & 6 year old boy). Did I mention it is going to be a sleepover and they are all soooo excited to stay at our place!!! It's going to be a night full of games, making cookies and playing wii!!!! I think we will have our hands full! Wish us good luck!!!

                    What is everyone else doing this weekend?

                    #2380 svetayasofiya

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                      Posted 16 April 2010 - 09:09 AM

                      Thanks guys, I am so glad you like the pictures. :) They are growing on me. I still wish we had more posed pictures (my fault because we told him that wasn't what we wanted...) Oh well, lol I am so hard to please!
                      I stupidly gave my photographer my home address to send us the pictures. He sent them via Fedex so they tried to deliver the DVD yesterday when I was at work. So I called them this morning and asked them to re-direct it to my work (the address I should have gave him in the first place, stupid me), but it's too late, the driver is already on route. Fedex is closed all weekend, so I can't get my pics until Monday. booooo Oh well, I do have them all online, but it would have been nice to have the DVD, lol

                      So my co-worker is at it again! It's not even 9am and she's already bitching. Timberly- I might take you up on your offer! lol

                      Erica- I don't know how old you are ( you look young ), but the only beauty of being 35+ is I don't have to wait a year. The doctor will see me in 6 months, because ''I don't have time to wait a year'' *as she so eloquently put it, lol. Anyway, I am sure it won't come down to that for any of us. Enjoy the gym while you can! I certainly am. Once morning sickness hits and the fatigue, the gym might be the last place we want to go. I looked at your pics on Facebook and I think they are great! You should be happy with them, and I am totally jealous of your BM's dresses. That is the colour I really wanted, but gave my girls free reign. The colour they chose really worked out well in the end, it brightened up the gloomy day.

                      Krista (July)- I totally feel your pain! LOL At least you have us to gush all over you. Speaking of which, any updates on wedding planning? Don't forget to post pictures of stuff you are working on or bought. I dont think we have ever seen your dress!!! Do you have any pictures? If we all meet up in NYC in the fall, I have to no problems with you bringing the husband. He might though! LOL If he's the only guy.

                      Krista (RIM)- have soooooooooo much fun at your AHR this weekend. I hope you aren't getting the rain we are. Enjoy every minute!!!

                      I saw Brooke is in the middle of her move and renos via Facebook... good luck with everything if you are reading this!

                      TGIF everyone!!

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