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February 2010 brides

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#2311 vdaybride

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    Posted 06 April 2010 - 03:11 AM

    YAY!!!! BROOKIE! I am so happy for you and Justin...Holy shit...I am an auntie!! just did a silly dance and just ended with a moonwalk!! I am so happy for you. YAY!!!! Congrats sweety. I love shopping and who can resist baby clothes..can't wait to see you for a big hug and a congrats belly rub!
    Married 2-14-2010 Dreams, Los Cabos


    #2312 *Krista*

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      Posted 06 April 2010 - 11:08 AM

      YAYYYY!!! Brooke that's awesome! Tell Justin that your Feb brides say he is definitely good!! That's super funny that he got you pregnant on your first try! He's probably gloating like crazy! Just wait till he tells your friends that story LOL! My FI will probably do the same, he's always gotta be the best and first at everything! LOL!

      So you will have to use the "fake drink" for sure now! :) Congrats Bella!
      July 10, 2010 ~ This was the day I married my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, and love... ~ Mrs. Allen

      #2313 Krista_H

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        Posted 06 April 2010 - 11:21 AM

        YEAH BROOKE!! Congratulations and all the best. I agree with the baby thread - why start another when this one works so well.

        Woohoo another Feb Bride Baby!!!

        I have been feeling like crap lately - feeling really sick to my stomach and headaches. It better not be the flu!! ha ha ha

        #2314 breens

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          Posted 06 April 2010 - 11:25 AM

          Congratulations Brooke! So excited for you guys!!!! It is all so crazy.

          And yes, sending positive vibes to all those trying to get preggers! And thanks for those of you having wine and taking one for the team! hee hee!

          #2315 teshy1

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            Posted 06 April 2010 - 04:50 PM

            Congrats, Brooke! Wow -- Feb brides don't waste any time!

            #2316 TonyandTricia

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              Posted 06 April 2010 - 05:00 PM

              Yay,Brooke!!!!!! And way to go MR. AWESOME!!!! I am so happy for you guys!

              #2317 vdaybride

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                Posted 06 April 2010 - 07:06 PM

                Well I finally had the time to sit on the phone for over an hour to speak with the company that I booked our travel through. I wanted a refund for the 2 nights hotel stay because we didn't get to sleep in Cabo those two nights. Dreams had the nerve to try to charge me a 2 night penalty as a "no show" I almost cursed on the phone..I mean its not like I said "hmm I think I will rather be stuck in NY and cry my eyes out rather than fly to Cabo to get married" such d*$& heads!! Before the convo was over I was receiving a check for $547 for one night, but they kept one night as a penalty. I am still not satisfied though! I will wait until the check comes in the mail, then dispute it with my credit card company. I don't feel that I should be charged a penalty when the "no show" was definitely out of my control! I incurred more expenses (and gray hair): by having to rent a car one way and drive almost 300 miles just to get a flight 2 days later. Am I wrong for demanding both nights?
                Married 2-14-2010 Dreams, Los Cabos


                #2318 SusieQ

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                  Posted 07 April 2010 - 03:18 AM

                  Congrats Brooke and Justin... wonderful news and a xmas baby... just wonderful!!!
                  Timberly I can not believe that they are giving you a penalty for not showing up because you just physically couldn't get there.... Just wrong!!!
                  Ohterwise ladies I am awake at 3am and I am not feeling well... I hope I am not having morning sickness for the team.... No I am not preggo... shhhhhhh don't even think that

                  #2319 Meyer2010

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                    Posted 07 April 2010 - 03:26 AM

                    OMG!!! I haven’t been on here in like 2 weeks I think! What a lot of catching up to do! I was on here for 1.5 hours trying to get the latest scoop on you girls!

                    First of all congrats to the knocked up newlyweds <<<Sabrina & Brooke>>>!!! That is so exciting. Sounds like Sabrina will have a Turkey baby and Brooke will have a Christmas baby! Keep us posted!!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for both of you! Hmmm… I’m having thoughts of twins… do they run in any of your families?

                    We just got back from a romantic “mini” honeymoon to a private island called Sanya. It’s still in China but it was a 3 hour flight south. It was gorgeous and HOT (88F) every day. We enjoyed ourselves at the resort and spent some great quality time (wink-wink) in the bedroom too! I was suppose to “O” on Easter so I’m hoping that all this baby making will pay off and I can join the “February Brides Baby Forum” lol I did get a UTI before we left so the first few “fertile” days were wasted because I wasn’t feeling 100% and on antibiotics. I’m feeling better now so I’m guessing this month wasn’t our month since we didn’t try very hard. Oh well, there is always next month! I have been off bc pills since April 2009 but we didn’t start “actively trying” until February 6th. I’m trying not to stress out and I don’t want to get Jason all freaked out either. I have been reading a lot of articles online but I’ve trying to not think about it too much.
                    Although with living away from home I chat with my mom daily on Skype and she keeps asking “Are you pg yet?” “How about now?” “How are you feeling, any pg symptoms yet!?” So, finally I told her NOOOOO… please don’t ask me every time. You are going to stress me out!! Aughhh… mothers!!!! Susie… where are you?!!? How do I keep my mom off my back?!?!?

                    Photos –
                    The contract we have with our photographer was 8 weeks. So today marks exactly 8 weeks that we were married. So I emailed him today and he said he is working on them and will have them ready this week! Yayyyyy!!!!

                    Changing name/combining accts-
                    Yes and Yes! I have started the process of changing my name. The first thing I changed was my FB, then my work email, then my business cards, and then my passport. Since we live in China I wanted to get that process going soon. It only took 2 weeks to change my passport that was quick!!! So, I have a few more things to change and then I’m all set! We started a joint acct. after we got engaged. It was called “Wedding fund”, that is where we would put money away for our wedding and such. We also deposited all our cash/checks we received from our reception. We still have a hefty credit card bill from our wedding/vacation but we aren’t touching the money in our acct. We are remodeling our kitchen this summer when we are home and we will use some of that money for appliances! Yayyy!!! We do still have separate accts but eventually those will get combined into one once we get back home to go to the bank and do the paperwork. It’s hard living 8,000 miles away and having to wait to do all that fun banking stuff!

                    I'll do a better job at keeping tabs on you girls from now on!!!


                    ~ Erica

                    #2320 Krista_H

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                      Posted 07 April 2010 - 08:34 AM

                      Timberly - what a pain in the butt. That is not something you need to be thinking about/dealing with. I hope it goes well - at least you got something....keep trying.

                      Erica - I saw your pics on FB. It looked beautiful!! We chose to stay an extra week as our honeymoon, but now I wish we would have done it differently. Oh well I think we're going to plan a trip out East this fall. I have an aunt and uncle in Nova Scotia that told us any time we wanted to come out we were welcome. Makes for a cheap vacation!!

                      The weather is really dull and gray here today. I'm heading to FL in a bit so hopefully sunshine awaits!!

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