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Engraving on Wedding Bands

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"PUT IT BACK ON" thats cute/funny! I never thought of all these funny quotes. I was going to put something sweet and sappy! LOL, now I have a lot to think about! Thanks for sharing that site its great!

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ha, great thread! I love the funny ones! I was thinking of putting something that was an inside joke to us... the date is also a good idea so he won't FORGET! lol


FI's ring is tungsten... so I have to find someone to laser engrave it.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas ladies! I was thinking of going with "Love is patient" from the bible verse as a little reminder. FI has a patience "problem" so maybe on those days he's super frustrated with something, it'll calm him down. :)

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Haha a patience problem, that's funny!


We did:

together old (his ring), forever young (mine) and then the date.


here are a ton I copy and pasted from Looking for something at e- Wedding Bands?

I would run away w/ you!

I found love, & love was you

Let's grow old together

The beginning of forever

Now that I have you...

Give me a thousand kisses (hers)

And then a thousand more (his)

Come with me to our secret garden

Smile for your honey

"Booboo" & "Yogi"

You wore me down

Love you, Shmoopie

Lambchop loves you!

Come on & kiss me

A perfect fit

You are my sunshine

5 sqeezes

Bonham to denver, maybe forever

Worth the wait

Until my forever ends...

One sunset at a time

Honey, I called dibs

They dance under one sky

Shine and gravity

A deal's a deal

Lover of my behind

Nothing else matters

My gentle lover

I found love, and love was you

I would run away with you

It's me and you honey bunch

We are for each other

Lets grow old together

Oh the places we'll go!

Rump shaker

Tricky little love machine

I want to grow old with you

Don't even think about it...

You are SO mine

To the moon and back

You're mine sucker!

You're still the One!

You're the answer to my prayers

I'll always love you to forever

All my Love

All my love always and forever

United as one

Better than ice cream

Olive Juice

From this moment on 7-14-01

You have my heart

My love, my life, my friend

My soulmate

Someone to watch over me

Amateurs hope, Professional work

Today, tomorrow, forever

Together as one Faith, hope & love

My one true love

Today, tomorrow, always

Come on baby, knock me a kiss

I love you, baby…

One sunset at a time

Eternally yours

I choose you

Forever my love

I will always love you

Happy now? Good.

Ruth 1:16-17

Amor Vincit Amnia

For I’d found love (his)

And love was you. (hers)

Forever, Amen

Race you to the shower

Not for pawning

Put me back on!

Pookie bear & Delta gerbil

To love honor & cherish always

Forever together

PDM 1 of 2 Assimilated 24-11-00 (his)

MLR 2 of 2 Assimilated 24-11-00 (hers) (resistance was futile)

You have my heart 9-29-00

You fill up my senses

To my one true love. GW. 7-18-98

Forever my love 9-25-00

Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li

Thanks for waiting, Dork!

Then it began to rain

All you need is love

My love, my life, my friend

This is my solemn vow

Bed of Roses

My one & only home run

You jump, I jump

I kissed you first!

Forever my sweet star

You are so beautiful!!

Can I kiss you forever?

To my one & only

Lets Kiss!

Maybe I'm amazed...

More than all of the stars

Can I keep you?

Do or do not, there is no try

Remember, I’m a Wyoming Redneck

1 room, 1 bed, no p.j.’s

You are my sunshine

Love is friendship set on fire

Boobs and Poops!

ill the wheels fall off

Adventures Lie Ahead

Love Endures All Things

Chocolate Sprinkles

Treetops...Don't let me fall!

All You Need is Love

Hot Wifey Award

Grumpybutt Life W/O Parole

Wanna get lucky?

I love you. . . more than ice cream!

Race you to the bedroom!

To the wind that fills my sails...

Mine, Mine, all Mine!!!

The key to the Chastity Belt

We are written in the stars.

I made a wish and you came true.

My Noose

You put the Boom Boom into my Heart

Accompany me to the edge of the sea...

Because I’m your rib.

wuv woo wots ~ sweeties

your hand in mine, we walk the miles

Ain't that a kick in the head?

100 Reasons & Counting...

Great Life - Sunshine

You're an amazing sales rep!

You are my home...there is no leaving.

Shake & Shimmy June 3, 2007

Her ring: Little Blue Bug

His ring: Little Red Bug

I Still See That Spark

Your Schmoopy Forever

More Oodles Than Noodles

Every day and twice on Sunday

'Til we reach the Undying Lands...

I will kiss you forever babe.

K+S I'll follow you into the dark

999,995 more years to go


Oh, come take my hand....8/4/7

Awesome, Up Top. 9-29-07

Flying moose got his squirrel

Come waste your time with me

Sidewalk to My Heart

As the firelight in the night…

If I could save time in a bottle...

Hellbilly Princess

Old Soul in a YOUNG & HOT body

My Love...To The Moon And Back

Finders keepers

"Peas & Carrots"

Oh, The Places We'll Go!

I Cross My Heart

More than the whole world

You’re the music

Stargazing Lovers Always

My heart is your heart always

Still crazy after all these yrs

Loves me like a rock

Faith, the beginning…Love, the end

To Memorable First Dates!

So Many Times

As long as there are stars

Forever And Always Your First Lady

Dear Universe, thank you for you my guy...

I love you like a fat kid loves cake

Happiness is a choice

My Lover Partner Friend 1.22.08

I'm not done with you yet!

Do I have to wear pants?

More today than yesterday.

Love Butt

It's just the sex!!!!

1st band: Camelot exists!

2nd band: Our Forever Fairytale

Mina Mina, Woobie! Ga-gink!



NO Take Backs

Must be doin' something right

lover of my tushi you complete me

To a lifetime of fireworks....

A boy does love a girl so...

Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

You're my favorite broccoli

I married beneath me, all women do.

You Had Me At Hola

If removed, alarm will sound.

Happily ever after begins!!

How Forever Feels

One fire you can never put out.

My Frog From The Forest

Disfruta el viaje

You are simply my best time

ex amore vita - from life, love

I’ll never dance with another.

To Be One With Each Other...

I'm diggin' me diggin' you

1st line: I have found the one

2nd line: in whom my soul delights

I've found my Nemo.

My muzzlebait!

Show me how fascinating kissing is

More Oodles than Noodles

Hopeless rabbit is my favorite!

1st band: Forever Young

2nd band: Together Old

Wine & Milkshakes

Feels like 80 years. 143 Schmoo

First band: Let's Keep Dreaming...

Second band: Under The Moon Together

To be continued...


Where Love & Logic Meet

"Wouldn't of missed a moment" 3/4/89-3/4/09

One great wife, third ring

Red Cows + Blue Cows

It's not the end yet, let's stick with it.

Always - For your eyes only

Good or bad, happy or sad

Let's walk through eternity together

because you left me flowers


Every valley, to every summit

Two Souls, One Heart

Lobsters for life.

I want to hold your hand

each other-no other-ever after

Never Say Goodbye...

Love Never Loses Its Way Home

You're the one I've waited for

Mikito, come to bread.

I can’t wait to make love to you

Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Eternally yours

Daniela’s property 9-9-00 (his)

Christian’s property 9-9-00 (hers)

Wanna know a secret? I luv U. B

Love, Friendship & Happiness

Big Brave Thing

1969 - ?

Olive oil forever!

Center of Gravity 9-16-00

My cup runneth over

Friends bring smiles

Don’t hope...decide

F f F f F f - Love, Diana

I choose you.

Be good Kiddo

Keep it real

My Glorious Wife

You are the reason

Now and forever

Red light, Sweetie!

The best things are free

Bloody Hell

When this you see, remember me

We Are... ...Penn State

May "we" always be 5/4/02

Tutto mio amore

From this day forward...

Good morning beautiful

I will love you my whole life


1997-2002, I'd still choose you

It's been you all the time

Mine, all mine!


This day and always

Today I married my friend

Pour Vous... ILUSH

When the moon hits your eye...

Love for Infinity

Love is friendship set on fire


My dream came true...

love, to my bear cub

you are my best vacation

My love, my wife My one and only


A deal's a deal

Uncountable Blessings

I knew from the moment I met you...

I love you period


Ours is the fire

Yes, I still love you

The toys are LEGALLY mine!

For my bestfriend & good boyscout

Blue Eyed Lover

A lifetime is all that I need...

I will wuv you for eternity


The way you look tonight

God and Us All my Love

June 4, 2002 - Our life Begins


By the Grace of God

You are my everything

You really are my angel

Our love is fate

Have you lost it yet?



Wrapped around you forever


Love and cherish for eternity


When you see this, remember me

Love Walked In 5-4-02

My fated soulmate

You'll always be my favorite

My first, My Only

Stargazing at the U

I love U to infinity & beyond

Honestly and for true


Cruisin' Together 6 July 2002

I finally found you

My life began with you

Trust Love

His: My chinito Hers: My queen

I'd give my right arm. Love, C

Me too

The other half of me is you

Like wine-we improve!

Resistance is Futile

Wow...we got married, man!


My muffin, my husband

A lovely view of heaven...(hers)

..but I'd rather be with you (his)

Say bye bye to freedom babe

You are my first home run

Hook, line & sinker

A halo for my angel

I shall love because of you

From (wedding date or other significant date) until forever

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Still and Always the One

Forever friends, lovers and bowling partners.

I’ve Got You! Play!

Save and redeem for fun prizes

Love is the greatest adventure

Please return with man if found

If found, keep man and return ring

May all our ups and downs be only in the bedroom.

Meet me on a balcony in the rain

I made a wish and you came true

I love you more than toast

Mother Butter Loves Butter Daddy

Marry Me Dork, Your Dork - Love Tim

Loving you is the way I celebrate being alive

"Wheresoever she was, there was Eden"

Remember when. . .

a million charming words...

Same wife . . . Different Ring

U R My Favorite Season

As long as we have snacks...

Every Sunset From Now On...

shucks and tones

My Pet Monster

With My Love - ad infinitum

I pick the cute blond 5/13/07


two wishes left

I love you more than a fat kid loves cake

I want to be with you everywhere.

My Love, My Life, My Butt Man!

His: Frankenstein

Hers: Bride Of Frankenstein

To hold us as family

In your eyes, I find peace.

My something extra. 10/07/07

Everything I've ever wanted

Just Plain Mine 7-21-2007


I love you more than ketchup!

Two Friends Become One 9-29-07

When this u see, think of me ~ I love u

Put it back on!

Lover Of My Behind

Home is where we are...

Without You, The Day is Black

First band: My stars and my Universe . . .

Second band: ...and I shall be your Eve.

One Hand (heart symbol) One Heart

No dead sharks here.

Put a Candle in the Window...

Don't even think about it Erik!

1+1(god willing)=2. always.

(heart symbol)...BECAUSE I'M YOUR RIB! (heart symbol)

I have, I do and I will

You’re my husband, I don’t care what you say.

I Love You More Than Oreos

Forever isn’t long enough...

Thick and Thin, Always!

Nooo, I’m the lucky one….

A Singular Soul…Two Bodies

Happiness is a choice.

Mac & Cheese June 7, 2008

1st band: It was the worst drink I ever had!

2nd band: All it took was lemon juice and vodka!

It's delightful...It's delicious

Where thou art, that is home

Wanna make a memory? Luv, Spunky

Puky Loves Limpy

If removed, alarm will sound.

I do I do! I do love green eggs and ham!

I’m gonna buy you so many lizards

1st band: ...you say it best...

2nd band: ...when you say nothing at all.

1st band: Little spoon

2nd band: Big spoon

To my manbear, with all my shoes.

Kitten and Bunny

You...Just like heaven

I love you more than ketchup!

I only snore for you

Pancakes and Peanut Butter Forever

ninety years old & blind as bats

Our eyes met, our souls danced

Peanut Butter (heart symbol) Jelly

1st band: Many waters cannot quench love.

2nd band: Rivers cannot wash love away.

Wedding rings: the world's smallest handcuffs

1st band: You don’t have to be afraid

2nd band: I’ll be your baby tonight

Stick finger here.

I'll be loving you. Love, me.

Home is where WE are.

2008 All my love...Come what may

Eternity is in our lips and eyes

Hooah Airborne

Forever you have the key to my heart.

To My Favorite Person

You will always be home to me

I love you more than chocolate

You'll always rock my world.

I becomes we and you becomes me

1st band: you give me a quiet mind

2nd band: by your side i'll stay

You smell like toot but I love you

I am yours from head to toe 1/09

1st band: I keep the ends out

2nd band: for the tie that binds

you and me

I love you more than Pepsi

Infinity x The Dickens

like the ocean where we met

like the sky where we're headed


Love and Logic Coexist

All we ever need is a couch

My Wife Is Hot


Bow Chicka Bow Wow

You are my key, my pea, my love..

Till the wheels fall off...


Building dreams on kisses: 04.25.09

A cord of three strands is not easily broken.

we are for each other

love inspired, knowledge guided

What comes is better than what came before


I see your halo

Ring 1: What happened in Vegas...

Ring 2: ...Followed me home

in omne tempus

Love Never Loses Its Way Home

It's You I Like

You---Only You

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Fi and I are always joking and laughing...so it only makes since that our wedding band engravings lean more to our humorous side. It fits us so much better than the sappy ones.

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