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  1. Oh how I missed the forum! So happy to see all of the amazing new pics and happy couples. Congrats to everyone! xo
  2. Hey Girl! Make sure to scope out the "MLD Brides" thread. There is TONS of info there about Melia Las Dunas Cayo Santa Maria. Also, scope out my review (bottom of siggy) we were there for two weeks, so I have quite a bit of info on there.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Dmitri_Markine So much for democracy you have there Haha. Awesome.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Drextc Wanted to know if the plugs at the resort are the same as ours or if we need to buy a converter. Thanks! We leave tomorrow morning!!!!!!!! Gettin' hitched in t minus 4 days!!!!!! Bring a convertor-- pay for good quality and MOST IMPORTANTLY-- Bring a cordless backup! My convertor didn't work and I was stuck with frizz everyday. Damn. Have an amazing time! I can't wait to see the photos when you get back!! Good luck with everything, and congrats!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by nsbride2010 Your dress makes me want to take the panel out of the back of my corset, its so beachy looking!!! Thanks! That was TOTALLY why I decided to do it-- like Bridal Air Conditioning... totally worth it. I loved it!
  6. Mine are nominated already, but I wanted to send a congrats on the nom hug to Jess! You sooooo deserve it girl, this is your Month!
  7. Lovely ladies, please give my Review (below siggy) a read. It talks a TON about the specifics of the week / planning and big day. Including lots of info on the photog and videographer. Also, definitely join the Melia Las Dunas Brides facebook group. It's SUPER helpful and has lots of reviews also. (Not to mentioned THOUSANDS of pictures)
  8. Ask away ladies, I'm more than happy to help! Also, make sure to ask Melissa (MLD Canada rep) anything and everything you might be worried about. She is an amazing resource.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by LIW How much was the videoographer? $150 CUC Also, do you know if you can make substituitons with the wedding dinners? Of course. They will give you a list of options to choose from, but you just need to let them know your preferences. They will do different meals for kids, religious reasons (One of our GMs is Jewish) and also allergies. You just need to make sure to specify it when you are confirming the menu with Maria Elena. We have some people who are dealthy allergic to shellfish coming (I'm a little concerned about the "surf n' turf" meal), some people who don't eat pork for religious reaons and me (I'm actually allergic to pork). Can you make changes to the meals? Remember to stress the importance of the menu change. If it is a "deathly allergy" you need to ensure that they understand the gravity of the situation-- I would think about cutting the shell fish from your menu option for everyone... just to be on the safe side. As per usual--- answers in blue. : )
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by niclec Hi! I have a question about photographers - How much did it cost for the photographer? $100 CUC for the resort photog. They will take photos for about 15-20 mins of "getting ready", the entire ceremony and then about two hours of pics afterwards. (They don't really have time limits, so keep them as long as you can/want.) Do I have to book a photographer ahead of time? Like everything else at MLD you book it all when you get down there-- however, after I did some research I realized that I wanted Alfredo as our photog, so I specifically mentioned this to Melissa during our convos via e-mail. And we got him, hooray! How much time do we get with the photographer? See above. Do they give you a CD with all your pictures? With the package you get 24 color prints tucked into a photo album. For an extra $5 CUC (yes, I said 5) you get every picture that he takes on a DVD. Should I get one of the picture packages they offer? It is soooo worth it, and-- if you don't bring your own out-of-country photog, it's also your only real option. Who got a videographer? Yup-- he was great. The music tubbing the video was kind of sappy, but it's really nice to have it. He caught some beautiful moments when we were getting ready, and its nice to be able to watch the ceremony later. We will likely dub over the music with something more appropriate. lol Were they happy with the finished product? Was it worth the $$? Yes and HELL YES. Feel free to read my review, it gives a pretty good outline of the videographer and photog. Thanks in advance! Nicky We leave in 12 weeks, 3 days!! Hope this helps!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by MsAmErika I work for federal law enforcement and Cuba is still listed as a hostile country so even if you were to travel there we very cautious and I wouldnt do much venturing away from the resort. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA Wow. For anyone and EVERYONE that has every considered going to Cuba: It is beautiful. The people are amazing. Don't trust every piece of propaganda... Just read the reviews, and don't act like an asshole-- a safe principal when travelling to ANY foreign territory. It's EXACTLY the same idea as travelling to Mexico. Seriously
  12. Two weeks! DH and I actually went a week BEFORE everyone else came down for the wedding, and it was PERFECT. We travelled through the country, planned the wedding, spent some amazing quality time together... it was a fantastic way to get ready for the week.
  13. American citizens can fly through Canada to Cuba, and the Cuban Officials don't sign their passport. I have met quite a few Americans (while on vacay in Cuba) that did it this way. However, flying straight from the states (unless you are a Cuban citizen now-- thank you Obama!) is out of the question. When in doubt, contact the Cuban consulate.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by niclec Converters - I tried to find some info on this and I sort of did - but it isnt clear. Do I need an electrical converter for the Melia Las Dunas? If I do - where can I get one? My niece is singing while I walk down the aisle, do they have a CD player and a microphone at the gazebo? When my parents walk me down the aisle, does teh officiant ask if he gives me away or whatever? I am thinking of having my parents walk down first, then me by myself...I dont have a bridal party. Thanks! YES-- bring a convertor. NO-- do not bank on it working. I bought a $50 convertor from a travel shop, and it didn't work. I wore my hair curly everyday-- it blew. Your best bet is to take a look at your "appliances / electronics" and see if they will work up to a 225 volt, then you don't even need a convertor. You can TOTALLY google it too, or try searching the forum. There is both a microphone and sound system that will be hooked up for the gazebo (I'm assuming you mean the new beach one?) You will need to mention your idea to the WC, of course, but I'm certain that they can accomodate you. Virg got married at the new gazebo (the week it debuted, woop woop) so I'm sure you can PM her for more info. The officiant will not ask if he gives you away, but you can have a "ceremony script" written up, and the WC will say anything that the officiant normally won't. The officiant only does the civil ceremony. Amarillis (Amy) posted an amazing thread that details her cermony, and also the legal ceremony on its own. Definitely check it out.
  15. Hey girls-- just poking in to creep as usual. lol Karen-- LOVE LOVE LOVE the bands! They are amazing!
  16. HOLY Hottness BATMAN! Wow, Kristy-- so hot! Kate... can't even begin to imagine how amazing your TTDs are gonna be if your ES was that spicy. WHOOO!! I love this thread-- just cannot tire of it. This forum sure has some hot brides and grooms!
  17. Aww, Sara I'm so, so sorry to hear about the name issue! WTF!? That's crazy, they pour over the passports before the notary gets the papers-- how is it possible it was spelt wrong. (I would mention this to your WC or the resort and see if there is anything that they can do, or if they can contact the notary-- I assume they will do something to make sure you go away happy) Good Luck! Keep us updated. Hang in there girl, you'll get your name soon.
  18. Erin, if you decide not to bring your own professional photog DEFINITELY consider using one of the resort photographers. I did a bit of research and found out that Alfredo was my favorite (he did ours). He cots $100 cuc + $5 cuc for the full DVD of ALL of the photos he did. And, as I mentioned in my review, he did our TTD the next day too. He is AMAZING and he costs next to nothing. Definitely preferable to having a family member do it, so that they can all enjoy the wedding, too, and not have to worry about getting the "perfect shot". If you are looking for a great wedding photog that can come down at a reasonable price-- check out Josh Brown's photography. He is one of the vendors on this site, and does AMAZING work!!
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by ErinS Thanks for the review mary!!!! Does anyone know what kind of music is played during the ceremony? Before and while you walk down the isle...is it the trio or a CD? My fiance and i don't really feel the need to bring a CD as long as they play something nice. The trio played while I walked down the aisle-- no song in particular, just a nice melody. To be honest, all I remember is that it made for a beautiful moment and perfect background music. Also, did you have to book a time and place for the reception dinner or just wait until you get there. You'r reception time will be booked once you are down there-- Maria Elena already had our dinner hour set, and had reservations made for us. We ended up changing it to the private reception with no issues. If you're worried, contact Melissa with Sol Melia Cuba. Oh, one more question. The wedding package says they will upgrade your room "if available"....did anyone have trouble getting the room upgrade? Our travel agent contacted the resort to let them know we were the wedding couple, and I also mentioned the upgrade to Melissa while we were corresponding. We had our upgrade for both weeks we were there with no questions asked, and no issues. Thanks!!!! My ceremony isn't going to be until 6pm so i'm concerned about time/place since there will probably be a couple other weddings happening before us! Again, we did our ceremony at 6pm. The dinner was supposed to start at 7:30, but we took photos until 8:00 and it wasn't an issue. If you have concerns about your timeline, talk to Melissa, or check out the Facebook group "Melia Las Dunas Brides" -- there are TONS of reviews on there, and you may find someone who go married in the same month at the same time. Answers in Blue.
  20. I wasn't too, too concerned-- just curious more than anything.
  21. Do it! Do it! Do it! My ABSOLUTE favorite photos came from our TTD-- it was my favorite day of the WHOLE wedding! (yup, ceremony included. lol)
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