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Dreams Riviera Cancun - Brides post here (new thread)

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Originally Posted by WestBacaniWedding View Post
My wedding isn't until May 10, 2011..but I'm trying to make travel arrangements. How early should we arrive to meet with Ana & make last minute decisionshuh.gif Has Ana given this advice to anyone?

I am booking for may 13 2011 and my TA told me today it is a resort requirement that you are there 4 FULL days ahead of time. She has a contact at the sensatori she had spoken with that told her that. For instance, I am getting married on friday, so i have to be there Monday!!

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Originally Posted by dee414 View Post
We just got married on Sunday, June 13, 2010 at 6:00 pm at the gazebo.

Here is my review:

The Good-

We arrived on Tuesday, June 8th and met with Ana in the evening. She is very friendly an she took us around the property to show us all of the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception locations.

We had our ceremony at the gazebo, cocktail hour at the jacuzzi and reception on the deck.

I gave Ana written instructions on how I wanted everything that I brought down to be laid out for the ceremony & the reception. Here I thought that this would make things easier.

The resort is very pretty and clean. All my guests were really happy that we chose this resort.

The Bad:

Rehearsal was set for the morning of the wedding day at 9:00 am. We are a group of late 20's to early 30's. Ana was a whole hour late to rehearsal. Needless to say, that really pissed me off. She did not even bother to call to let me know, we had to go to the front desk to hunt her down. She told me on the phone that she would be 20 minutes late. 20 minutes later we had the front desk call her again and she said another 15 minutes. She did not start my day off well. It also set back the rest of my wedding party for their hair/makeup appointments at the spa.

Ana finally met us up at rehearsal and apologized many times, she had to knock off the price of the flowers and let all of my guests coming from other properties with no day pass fees.

The ceremony was beautiful and cocktail hour went smooth.

Here is what made my day bad again...when I got to the reception, and the emcee announced that we were going to cut the cake. The cake was not even at the reception, they were literally rolling it in and that was embarassing. After we cut the cake, they never brought it back out.

We rented the sound system and the technician or whoever lost my cd. Thank god my husband (now) had all our songs backed up on his Iphone. And the tech refused to turn up the music. The contract states that music has to be turned off at 11pm. It was not even close to the time. My uncle had to go and confront him.

The spa messed up all my aunt's appointment times at the spa. That was not needed. I'm was really fortunate to have my friend who is an makeup artist and hair stylist come down to get me ready for the wedding day. All my aunts and my mom were not happy with the results with hair and makeup from the spa. Ladies, be warned, they do not do a good job.

Overall, the wedding events looked really pretty, but I was not happy with all the things that went wrong. Ana did what she could to make things better.

DRC has over 388 weddings scheduled this year and this should be second nature to them. And they still do not have it down and that was really stressful.

They picked the wrong bride to mess with!
I am so sorry so many things went wrong! I hope you remember all of the good things though! I am nervous now.,,including hair and makeup! Why was the rehearsal on the morning of the wedding. I was hoping we could do it the day before. You're right...they should have this down by now!

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Originally Posted by ddemayo View Post
I hear that, or even a beach weekend!!! I booked the actual wedding through Dreams, Ana. I actually went and had a site visit the week after it opened and I had a meeting with her. I booked it while i was there cause i loved it so much. I just submitted a deposit once I got back. My cousin is actually a travel adgent. She is AMAZING! And I am not just saying that cause she is my cousin. A number of friends of ours use her now too cause she is great, She works for Rosenblues Travel Agency, they are located downtown and in Cherry Hill. She is doing all our booking through Apple as well, thats how it works. I just have all my guest contact her and she DOES EVERYTHING! She has been the TA for a number of weddings. If you would like to contact her here is her info. Sharon Gallo sgallo@rvacations.com 1-800-233-3158. Let me know if you need help at all or any information
When is your wedding datehuh.gif im curious what ur guests are paying for 3nights if you dont mind me asking...and whats ur color scheme...we could share some decor if its same colors

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Originally Posted by nikkimadril View Post
How would you get this to Mexico? Carry-on or pack? I love this idea, especially because we are having an AHR and I can use this for both!
Nikki and Emma- What price information do you have to use the sound system from the resort? I believe when I spoke to Ana she told me that the price for the sound system would be under $400 for both the ceremony and reception. Maybe this is because we are not having a cocktail hour.

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Originally Posted by wisconsinbride2010 View Post
A question for anyone who has already been married at Dreams. We are doing a symbolic ceremony, but none of our guests are aware that we are getting married in the States legally first. Did you have to write out your whole ceremony? If not was it very personalized? We are planning on writing out our own vows but I just want it to be personalized also. I asked Ana if we could meet the person who would be officating our ceremony a few days before but she told me no. We can't meet them until the wedding day. Just wondering how this went for everyone else? Thanks :)
I also wanted to meet with the officiant, but she told me that she didn't usually meet with the bride and groom prior to the wedding. I had her contact info and we exchanged emails. She actually said that she would be at the resort the night before for a wedding and we could have met then. However, I was busy with my catamaran trip. So I didn't even see her until I walked down the aisle. It was ok, but I would have liked to have met her first. I put together our script but she also had a script that we could have used if I prefered. Do you know who your officiant is? If it is Rosa, I have her script and can probably share it with you.

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Originally Posted by t1219 View Post
My wedding is right after thanksgiving! I hope it's not too crowded. Can you tell me what the weather was like when you where there in Nov? Also were the pools warm then?

The weather was very nice when we were down there. The infinity pool was heated. It was ok, but I would have preferred it warmer. The ocean water was not very warm. It was NOT freezing. In fact, I'm from San Diego and the water was about as warm as our water gets in the middle of summer. It was probably mid 70s. That's not bad. However, in May, it was like bath water!

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