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  1. Hello i have 100 turqouise chair bows i bought from weddinglinensdirect.com for 50 cents im selling them 25cents each so 25.00 for all 100 and 3.00 delivery...pm me or email me aj42781@aol.com if interested
  2. Hello i have 100 turqouise blue chair bows from weddinglinens direct..i paid 50 cents each im selling them for 20 cents each.
  3. TigerLily, Thank you for your kind words The runner and shells and starfish on asle was included in the package. The shells and starfish you see on the reception tables I brought with me..I was scared to take starfish thru customs so I only brought a small bag incase I lost them, and we never got stopped in customs all my bags got the green light and off we were..now im kickign myself I didnt bring more! I think the room is based on availabilty and maybe on the package you chose? I got my hair done at the spa by Veronica and she did a great job , but I took a picture of Carrie Underwood with her hair down and she did it too flat to my head so when i got back to the room I took out what Veronica did and poofed my hair up and put my own hair clip and flower in , but she did all the curls it looks awesome in pics...She did my makeup also and at first I panicked because she did red eyeshadow!!! I was like what the heck who has red eyes on their wedding day, but Im glad I kept it becaue as you can see it turned out nice in the pictures. My bridesmaids eyes looked amazing they had a blue color done. The starfish flipflops I made...found a starfish and glued them on flip flops for bridesmaids and flower girls. My flipflops with flower I got at DSW over a year ago. Before I even bought my dress
  4. I brought them from home got them at 5 below, and I left them with Ana and Jorge so hopefully they reuse them
  5. Thank you ladies, i got the lanterns at 5 below store, ive seen them in the dollar store also. I left them at resort with Ana i told her to reuse them..maybe she will. Everyone got sick before the wedding thank god so it wasnt that food. I think it was the seared tuna or at the italian resturant and french there were a few raw items also. Dont be scared to eat the food..my husband and i didnt get sick but I stuck to more well done cooked items. The bugers and pizza at pool are great and the private beach dinner included in ultimate package was my best meal there! salad, new england clam chowder, steak and shrimp. (we bought our maid of honor and her husband a private dinner the night before and they didnt get sick so I knew the food was ok). Everyone that got sick said they would go back in a heartbeat! Ive been to mexico 3 times prior and never got sick. I hope dreams works it all out. I saw few weddings after mine and I will say my location was the best! i had the left side of the beach facing the ocean it was way more private and they cleared all the chairs away i didnt even notice people watching, and as i was walking to ceremony everyone is resort was hooting and hollering and yelling congrats to me which was great to calm my nerves makin me laugh I wwas like a celebrity walking through the resort. We had our cocktail and dinner on pool deck which was amazing!! I saw a wedding on other side of beach by gazebo and the swing bar is right there the bride had to wallk thru bar and beach goers as walking down aisle..not so romantic. even if u have to get married on a tues or wed do it so ur only bride that day and you get best pic of location! who cares if its a sat or a tuesday once ur there ur on vaca time!
  6. Hi ladies , I got married at dreams on 3-11-11 and everything was wonderful!!! I took the advice from past brides and didnt let myself stress about details ,and lack of communication from dreams and they were right everything is perfect in the end. I went expecting to have tons of add ons and uprade in decor and Ana didnt have any to offer me...which is a good thing. My wedding was beautiful and I got to save my money! Everything was pefect I wont repeat all the same stuff other brides said. My only negative issue was the sound system guy was sooooo bad, so bad that I had to laugh because it was so ridiculous. I made written notes for him and even went and talked to him during cocktail hour and he still messed it all up and I wound up workiing my own ipod during wedding. I had to pay 550 bucks for him and I was the one running the playlist! No guests noticed and it went great. Please be careful alot of our group were getting sick, they ate alot of seafood be careful with the seared tuna, and cerviche shrimp these things are partially cooked. The good news is the sickness only lasts 8hrs so quick moving but very painful for guests. Hopefully Dreams gets this worked out soon I see on tripadvisor lots of have gotten sick recently. They upgraded our honeymoon suite to a master suite for free which was amazing! Lots of extra room to entertain in. Here is a link to my slide show. Anel was amazing! I was freaking out pre wedding jitters when she got there and she still managed to get great pics of me. Let me know if you have any questions http://110311cointot.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/
  7. Does anyone have a suggestion on a good beach book to read while on honeymoon???
  8. Tara, Thank you so much for your review...what airline did you take? and did they charge less for boxes an opposed to suitcases?? i have 6 suitcases between my fiance and I
  9. maybe if someone is kind enough to share an email resort letting them use cocktail hour towards meal and you forward it to veronica then maybe she will have to let you??
  10. Hello Ladies...did any previous brides have their cocktail hour the night before?? I am wondering if im going to miss the cocktail hour because I will be too busy with photos and want my family in the photos also so they would miss it too?? or does the timing all work out?
  11. i got quoted 60 today for ana helena...maybe you picked a different type of flower tht cost more?
  12. Sorry ladies I cant get the correct picture to upload, if interestedI can email a full pic....and il keep trying here
  13. thank you ladies, the color is pretty far off , i want blue turquoise and i recieved a green teal...the jewels on dress are even green when i was told they would be silver...im trying to sell the dresses on the board...maybe perfect for someone elses beach wedding. I already bought new blue ones at nordstroms
  14. I have two venus belle bridesmaid dresses style #943688 for sale Elegant A-line gown of chiffon has spaghetti straps, modified sweetheart neckline, beading highlighting the bodice and empire waist and an open overlay skirt. Both dresses are size 14 color turquoise. They are brand new never worn . The color did not work for my wedding. Its called turquoise but is more of a teal color, The stones on dress are emerald. These may be perfect for someone Else's wedding. i am asking $99 each. Please email me at aj42781@aol.com
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