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  1. Hi ladies! I got married at DRC this past May and am finally getting around to sifting through all my left over goodies. If anyone is interested, I have a bunch of items for sale under the for sale forum. Have a lookie
  2. I got married a Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort in Mexico this past May & my husband says it's finally time to clean out the "JUNK ROOM!" I can't believe he'd call my beautiful wedding excess "junk", but those guys just don't get it. So here goes.... I will ship to anywhere in the US/Canada. I am only accepting Paypal, as this seems to be the easiest way to complete transactions. Buyer will pay shipping. (that will depend on what you want) I have photos of everything. PM me if you want the item(s), and if you have any questions. HAPPY SHOPPING =) Mugs 32pc $1.50 ea Insulated, Blue with Orange "riviera maya" logo on front and back Bamboo Placemats 10pc $5.00 lot These I used for my at home reception. They look like the table runner form photo, except they are placemats Etsy Garter 1 $12.00 Never used. Actually forgot to pack it Badgley Mischka Shoes (size 6) $90.00 (Paid 150.00) These were never worn at wedding, they were worn at home reception. Very small evidence of wearing them. I have orginial box & lent bag. Davids Bridal Trash The Dress ( Size 6) $50.00 (Paid 100.00) Perfect for Trash The Dress. A true size 6. I did have it hemmed. I am 5'2" (i wear a size 4/6) Orange & Turquoise Jars 11pc $1.50 ea These are the small jars on reception table (not the big mason jars) Blue - 5 Orange - 6 Small Orange Starfish 36pc $2.00 lot These are really tiny guys. Probably the size of a nickel/dime. I used them for my invitations. Luggage Tags 30 pc $1.00 ea (Paid 2.99 ea) yet another DIY that never happenned. This are real luggage tags. They are heavy duty thick plastic. Shown with an orange ribbon. (ribbon not included) Kids Jewelry Kit 2pc $1.00 ea The Knot Destination Wedding Book 1 $8.00 (Paid $19.00) This has lots of ideas & a planning fill in the blank area. I didn't write anything in the book. It's in mint condition. First Aid Kits 10pc $0.75 ea
  3. It's finally time to clean out the "JUNK ROOM" as my husband is calling it.
  4. This may be a silly question...but I'm confused. Does the dj play during dinner? Or after? I'm just trying to figure out my timeline. Our dinner starts at 7:30...so is that when the dj starts?
  5. And ladies...THANK YOU SO MUCH for the advice on hair appt times! The wedding is at 5:30...I'm scheduling for 1:30. Like someone else mentioned...if its bad, I'll have time to re-do! haha!
  6. I'm not doing a welcome event. We only 20 ppl...so everyone will meet up that evening for dinner. Hoping that they'll pull some tables together for us. Which I've read shouldn't be a problem if you slip the manager $100. We are dropping off our OOT bags to everyones room after they arrive. (Which I JUST finished my OOT bags!!! WHOOO HOOO! I will be selling a lot of stuff bc I have left overs!) But .... The day after the wedding, we're going to treat everyone to a snorkel trip!
  7. Hi! My wedding is may 13th!!! Agh! I have a million and one things left to do! Could you possibly email me your dj list? I am going to make some of my own...but in need of inspiration! If you can, my email is westbacani@gmail.com Thank you!!! Winter!
  8. Has anyone else read recent reviews on trip advisor/fbook? We live in 3 weeks for our may 10th wedding and this stomach virus going around at the resort is freaking me out! It's been going on for months. I could handle getting sick...but I'd feel horrible if my guests got sick!
  9. Hey Lily, I just got an email back from Ana. I asked about the outside vendor fee for ew cancun & she said it's $55. I was going to bring them in to set up the lanterns. But then i asked if i brought lanterns would the resort set them up & she said yes. So I'm not bringing any outside vendors in.
  10. Not sure about hair/makeup ... I'm using the resort for that. But we are flying in our Photographer. She's staying at the resort so they aren't making us pay for daypass.
  11. TigerLily- I am def walking barefooted for the ceremony. I purchased flip flops bc I knew I wanted a laid back wedding & thought I'd just wear those for the reception. But then I decided I wanted heels....so I'll prob just keep the flip flops for something else...or backup if i fall on a wooden plank! haha! My name is Winter... so you dont have to refer to me ask west bacani! lol
  12. I was wondering the SAME thing! And my guests have been asking! I already have a pair of flip flops from jcrew, but I want a pair of heels for the reception.
  13. This promo was going on last year when we started bookings & they continued it for 2011. From what my TA has said...we can either get a refund check for the amount of the free rooms....or they can deduct it from the cost of our honeymoon suite. I asked advice for a good TA from Tammy & she referred me to Teresa Stauring @ Vacations For Less. She has been really helpful with bookings so far. From what she's said, the only rooms that would count towards the promo were the rooms booked through her under our group agreement. If my guests booked somewhere else on their own, those wouldnt apply as part of the group. Hope this helps!
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