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  1. Brooke...I got married in August and we used the deck in between the pool and the beach. It was amazing...it was so private and had a great view of both the beach and pool. I definitely recommend that!
  2. We had the buffet for our wedding in August and it was amazing!!! Yazmin was our coordinator at the time and she let us mix and match from each of the three buffet options (mexican, carribean, and BBQ). That made us happy and the food was delicious!
  3. I used the resort photographer..Adventure Photos and they were amazing! I recommend Anel! Our pictures came out fantastic!!! I posted my slideshow a few pages back. She is awesome!!
  4. Dj Doremixx was great! I used the, for my wedding in August. It was 300/hour and you get music, a few cold fireworks that went of at the end of our first dance, some long balloons that they gave out and light up necklaces and bracelets. I really didn't want any cheesy things given away, but those were actually pretty awesome! They will announce you and your bridal party in as well. I definitely recommend them!
  5. I used DoReMixx and it was 300 per hour plus tax. But it was worth it!
  6. I got married in August and I took everything with me. I was very worried about shipping it there. Don't forget it has to go through customs so you never know if it will even make it there. We put things in everyone's bags. My mother and my in-laws paid for an extra suitcase. It was about $50 for each additional bag. That is a lot cheaper than shipping...gets expensive! But if I were you, I would give a few things for everyone to take and pay for a few extra bags. They even stopped my mom with the sand ceremony and wanted to chemical test the sand!! LOL...but they ended up letting her go through with it. So you never know!! Good luck!
  7. I just bought overlays, chair shashes, favors....u really don't need that much. I didn't see much else that they had to offer....just flowers for deco. I also had the lights under my tables which made a hugh difference. I posted pics from my slideshow back some pages.
  8. Â Nah...we only had 27 people and honestly...nobody sat the whole night. We had everyone up and dancing! Â
  9. Nah...we only had 27 people and honestly...nobody sat the whole night. We had everyone up and dancing!
  10. I actually had my welcome dinner at the wine cellar. I put 25 in there. I got lucky though, The only reason I had it there was because they screwed up my original dinner that was supposed tobe in the mexican restaurant. The manager never got the email from the wedding coordinator. SO the manager of the french restaurant was running around and set up the wine cellar real quickly! We loved it! He used usually u have to spend $600 in wine, but due to the mix up, we paid nothing. WOrked out pretty well!
  11. You are right Melissa! I didn't speak to the coordinator at all. My Travel Agent contacted her a few times just to book the locations for my ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Also, the DJ and photographer. Other than that, I handled all of the other details when I got down there. Everything really does fall into place when you get there. Good luck!
  12. Adventure Photographers will still be the resort photographer. They are great!
  13. I don't know who the videographer is...but the old one was explaining how they are changing some of their vendors.
  14. It seems like they are changing the the Dj and won't be having DoReMixx anymore. They were changing a lot after we had our wedding on the 8th. The videographer told us that we were his last wedding for that resort, so they got a new video company too.