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Dreams Riviera Cancun - Brides post here (new thread)

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Originally Posted by allegraapple View Post
We haven't officially booked her yet, but I am planning to use DecoCancun also! I believe there will be a resort fee to bring her in. Assuming they only charge for Ana (from DecoCancun), I think the fee is around $80. I'd make sure - because they might charge for each person she brings with her to help set up. She might even know the answer to that. If you find out, could you let me know?
Oh good idea - when I respond to her last email today I'll ask her and let you know. She's fantastic! I had just emailed about the napkins, tablecloths and chairs first but now she's bringing pink and orange pillows for the cocktail hour, vases with gems and fun paper lanterns...the best part is, it's all costing about half what the chairs and tablecloths would have cost at the resort!

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ok so no one is answering the phone in Ana's office today or group sales ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did anyone book through the resort it self for wedding guests? I am so confused on where to book.. I sent my deposit to ana 2 months ago and still havent had charge on credit card!!!!! just venting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by ursula View Post
jennifer & michael - 5/7/2010
jessica & robbie - 5/15/2010
margaret & matthew - 5/15/2010
alison & mike - 5/20/2010
megan & jason - 5/21/2010
leann and matt- 5/24/2010
ashley & ? - 5/30/2010
rachelle & randal - 6/3/2010
nancy & bruce - 6/11/2010
aperkins7- 6/12/2010
diana & david- 6/13/2010
erica & john – 6/19/2010
carlychristine - 6/22/2010
evelilna & phil - 6/25/2010
aleka & maka- 7/7/2010
leah & chris- 7/9/2010
allison & ? – 7/24/2010
cathy & chin – 7/29/2010
kelvin & leydi – 7/30/2010
john & lili – 8/1/2010
alison & jimmy 8/8/2010
thao & triet: 9/3/2010
nikki & tyler- 9/17/2010
casey & ron - 9/18/2010
sarah & joe – 9/18/2010
mindy & joe - /10/4/2010
toni & jake – 10/8/2010
vix1383 – 10/16/2010
adrian & peter 10/17/2010
kym & brian – 10/19/2010
emma & ? - 10/23/2010
robyn and chris- 10/24/2010
reagan & brent – 10/26/2010
wisconsionbride - 10/28/2010
rachael & alex - 10/31/2010
chelsey & travis- 11/5/2010
april & reggie – 11/6/2010
jannine & pete- 11/11/2010
ashley & mark- 11/15/2010
kate and cam - 11/19/2010
tracy & ? -11/26/2010
lnf_munchkin - 11/27/2010
lori and jason- 11/29/2010
t1219 – 11/30/2010
heather & braden- 12/6/2010
angela & craig - 12/8/2010
allegraapple – 12/12/2010
majimart – 12/17/2010
tara & andy 2/10/2011
rscherle- 2/19/2011
saymyname74- 3/5/2011
roxmysockz - 4/8/2011
melissa & nathanael 5/8/11
ursula & matt - 5/8/2011
leanne & adam 5/14/2011
ashley & jeremy 6/16/2011
brooke& mike 6/18/2011

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Originally Posted by Kristin Loch View Post
I am new to this and just figuring it out. :)
I am getting married at Dreams Riviera in November. Does anyone have any info.? I've never been there and I'm a little nervous!
Congratulations Kristin! We have TONS of info!!! Take some time and read through this thread to get it all!

I haven't been there either, but the resort has gotten such rave reviews, in particular from a few brides who have already gotten married there, so I don't think we have anything to be too nervous about :)

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Originally Posted by Kristin Loch View Post
That army beach thing really really scares me. Oh no! My wedding is November. I'm a little nervous now. Was it still a nice resort? I've never been there.
I went there to visit in May - it's amazing! I loved the resort, I never once felt unsafe! Don't stress out - be excited and happy! :) It's a beautiful, clean, nice resort and your guests will be very happy once they get there :)

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