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  1. Hi Ladies!! We are back! Our wedding was Sat June 18th and it was AMAZING! I'm at work so I don't have enough time to do the full review but will get to it this week - What an amazing resort- they treated me and the hubby like royalty! The spa was amazing- the private dinner on the beach was the most romantic thing we have ever done. I was on my 5 wedding coordinator down there - Gina- who JUST started- and she was AMAZING. Here's a link to some of our photos- http://180611moran.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/#/moran/ Don;t worry about those bad reviews on trip advisor. You will have such a spectacular time- WE DID!!
  2. Hi girls! I AM CURRENTLY SITTING IN OUR PLUNGE POOL AT THE DRC LOOKING OUT AT THE OCEAN, This place is beatiful and i cant wait to get married tomorrow ! The food is really good! We havent had a bad thing to eat in the 3 days that we have been here. I did find out that lisbeth is gone and for the 5 th time, i have a new coordinator Georgina. I was pretty ticked but she has everythung correct in her folder so we are just going with the flow. Ill try to give more updates but the place is really gorgeous and once u get down here, the stress really melts away once u hit the infinity piol !, i will write up a review when we get back!
  3. Ok girls! 2 more days and me, my fiance, and 28 others will be on the beach with fruity frozen drinks in hand. I will make a detailed review after we get back! Wish us luck!!
  4. Does anyone know how much a cab ride is from the resort to the airport? We are still trying to figure out our transportation and we are all leaving for the wedding next week!
  5. So, I started printing out all of the emails from Lisbeth and the 3 other coordinators I had over the past 1 1/2 years and there are just SOOO many! Since there is free internet access in the preferred club and also, the coordinators have internet access, I think I am going to save paper and if there is any discrepancy, open up my email and show them their correspondence. What do you girls think?? We leave next Wednesday and I am trying to get these last minute things together! June 18th wedding 30 adults booked
  6. Hey girls! We are leaving In 12 days! ( June 15th) We are so excited! We just finished our playlists for the wedding and the reception and they are so awesome! Im glad we are just using the tech and equipment now. I was worried before but I think this will be perfect! we started packing our decor and gifts and yes, the luggage fills up quick!!
  7. Carbaholic- Thank you so much for that great information- You looked gorgeous!! We also chose to use the technician for the reception and also have a kick a$$ list of songs- I feel completely reassured now that it will work out! We are definitely getting the laterns also- It makes the reception look so romantic!! Thanks again for your very important info!! 19 days until Dreams Riviera!!
  8. Thanks girls for all of your info!! It helps us future brides out sooo much! I can't wait to start packing.... 20 more days!! My bridesmaids and I are going to see BRIDESMAIDS tonight...I hear it's hilarious!! June 18th wedding - 30 adults!
  9. Does any bride that has been to Dreams know what type of amenities there are? Do they supply shampoo/cond and is it good? What about toothpaste? Just little things Im thinking of before the big day!
  10. Same Jorge- he apparently was promoted to spa manager at Secrets this week - The turnover down there is crazy. I've been through about 8 people total in the past year and a half from 4 different wedding coordinators to different reservations host's. Im sure it will all work out in the end though. Every bride I have seen on here that has done a review has been so happy with their weddings and stay!
  11. Well, thats good to know! I wont worry about it then. I just got an email back stating Jorge is no longer at Dreams and Anabel has taken over. The turn over down there is crazy! Hopefully nothing else will transpire before our wedding June 18th!! Thanks so much for your info !
  12. Hey girls - so I need to vent- I email my last deposit info to Jorge at Dreams a week and a half ago stating to him that they need to take the final deposit within 24-48 hours as my bank has the international transactions open for that amount of time. He emailed me back saying they would email a confirmation letter. Well.... after 4 emails later I havent heard anything back at all and they never took my payment. Don't they want our money!? I just emailed Jorge and Anabell at the reservations center again a pretty stern message. So frustrating and the weddings in less than a month!
  13. Thanks!! Maybe we will see each other there? We are a MAJORLY fun crowd to hang with LOL- We are staying until 6-23... Lupita- Yes! I did speak with Lisbeth last week about the final details.. i.e. - decor, flowers, and extras, appetizer selection, table set up... I still need to email her back 2 Q & A's she sent us a while ago. The major things she already has written down. I'm finally not a stress ball like I was a couple of mths ago. She also booked my time for the spa for my makeup and I gave my mom the free hairstyle because my bridesmaid is a hairdresser and is doing my hair. She stated when we arrive at the resort to book the massages, private beach dinner, and whatever else is included in the Ultimate package. Don't be afraid to haggle with the coordinator. If you aren't doing something in the package try and switch it for another service. Then get it in writing!! I still have to print out ALL of my emails and responses and put them in a folder to bring down to them. Just in case there's a problem.... 34 ADULTS BOOKED!
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