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  1. Hi everyone, We will be at Dreams Rvieira Cancun in November!! Any good insight?
  2. Will anyone else be at Deams Rviera Cancun for a Nov 2nd wedding or close to that date?
  3. I still am having difficulties figuring out how to keep returning to this thread. Anyway, I am also a Nov.bride at Dreams Riviera Cancun. My date is Nov. 2nd. I am getting very excited. My biggest obstacle is trying to help those who want to come but cant afford the total. I want everyone to be there,but it is just too impossible to help everyone. Dreams has such great rates though. It seems to be a beautiful resort also. Does anyone have any useful info.from experiences there?
  4. Ohhh yeah..Im going in November and those who have the excuses(family you wouldn't expect)have had a hundred different excuses!! I've decided to stay focused on everything but that negativity. I know it's hard!!
  5. That army beach thing really really scares me. Oh no! My wedding is November. I'm a little nervous now. Was it still a nice resort? I've never been there.
  6. I'll be at Dreams Riviera in November. I am now so excited since all of your posts are so positive!! I am figuring I am doing most of my arrangement when I get there,right? I am still wondering which route to take with the DJ/music. Is it far from the airport? I have a lot of questions(I'm sure just bride nerves)but I'm very new to this forum and unsure if my messages are even posting!!!
  7. I am Novemebr Riviera Maya at Dreams Riviera. Does anyone have any helpful info? I've never been there.
  8. I am new to this and just figuring it out. I am getting married at Dreams Riviera in November. Does anyone have any info.? I've never been there and I'm a little nervous!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm very new to this! I am getting married in Riviera Maya,Mexico at Dreams Resort. Anyone have any news about it? Congratulations to all of you!!
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