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HELLS Kitchen?

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#1 jk1101

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    Posted 22 July 2009 - 03:07 PM

    Does anyone watch this? FI and I watched last season together and the new season started last night. He is a major hothead and there are some crazy people on this season!

    #2 Kristy!


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      Posted 22 July 2009 - 03:25 PM

      DH and I enjoy watching it together. I'm starting to think a lot of stuff is staged though. I'm not buying the way the show ended last night. But it's good entertainment!

      I think that one exec. chef (Kevin?) is going to be a good competitor as well as the girl who kept telling her teammate that the chicken was raw. That Lovely chick is already annoying me! Oh, and I think that guy Van is on steroids.

      There's my take on things!

      #3 Jessica

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        Posted 22 July 2009 - 03:28 PM

        Love this show. Watching the second part now on DVR.

        #4 jk1101

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          Posted 22 July 2009 - 04:31 PM

          I think that guy last night has something wrong with him....like an illness that keeps him from thinking clearly...Van is going to have to go too - those 2 guys made me feel like it was high school!
          I was glad they got rid of that chick in the first episode - her big "deer in headlights" look made me want to shoot her!
          Lovely is very annoying, and I think Tenille was pretty bad too, saying she represented the team....wasn't she 5 tables behind on the Scampi? But I'm wondering if they'll keep them on for ratings like they did with that girl Lacey last year.
          Definitely agree with you on Kevin being good - wondering if the guy from last season will do well - I'm not thinking so.

          #5 Hoosierfan

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            Posted 22 July 2009 - 06:41 PM

            This show cracks me up! Where do they find these people? Does anyone know if the past chefs have been successful in "their" restaurants?
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            #6 michellepicksbrent

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              Posted 22 July 2009 - 08:09 PM

              FH and I watched the season premiere last night. We had really enjoyed watching previous seasons, but this one seems a little too fake. I guess crazy drama = ratings. I can't wait for Top Chef to start up again!!

              #7 Royal_lady10

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                Posted 22 July 2009 - 08:17 PM

                I love this show.. i have been watching since it first started.. Yeah last night seemed a little stages.. idk about that Van guy... he just doesnt seem right to me. And that Lovely..she needs to go home. Tennile was behind..but I think that she should have communicated that sooner to her team.

                Ohh.. I too cant wait until Top Chop starts.. Im not really into this Top Chef Masters.

                #8 Jamaica0619

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                  Posted 22 July 2009 - 08:47 PM

                  I have been watching this since Season 1 - my FI started watching it last season. I have it DVR'ed and still need to watch yesterday's premier. But, the previews looked absolutely crazy. I am interested to see it. It looks like the drama is over-the-top based on the previews.
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                  #9 EDRBride2009

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                    Posted 22 July 2009 - 08:51 PM

                    I love this show. I love Gordon's random insults, like donkey or doughnut. Van is weird and I'd be afraid to be in a kitchen with sharp objects with the crazy marine.

                    #10 jk1101

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                      Posted 23 July 2009 - 08:01 AM

                      Past chefs - we live about an hour from AC - Borgata does not have the restaurant for Danny from last season open as of yet. We're dying to go eat there!
                      The chef from season 2 is running the Red Team kitchen this season.

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