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  1. Hey ladies! I'm finally back from my wedding and 2 week Costa Rica honeymoon! The wedding was fantastic and I was able to meet 2 fellow BDW brides which was so fun. I'll post more when I have time this weekend, but the wedding was truly wonderful, the staff very helpful and our 70 guests had a great time. Don't 2nd guess your choice of a destination wedding or the hotel - it was the best decision we could have made! More to come!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Nicole~ Keira, OMG..... On Wed we went to the cenote and chichen-Itza and it was pouring! I was so happy because everyone says that it never rains 2 days in a row... ever. So I thought perfect, my wedding day will be gorgeous! Ya ok... lol. It was raining in the morning and then off and on in the afternoon so we couldn't have the wedding on the beach like we were supposed to because of the sound equipment etc. The beach looked destroyed anyways... but we got married at 3pm and it cleared up early enough for us to take pics and get married in the semi-sun lol.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by daliax22 Hi guys, I'm new to this post and soon to have my wedding booked at Azul Sensatori.....can't wait. Any good advice? Welcome, welcome! My advice is take some time to go back through the posts. I learned a lot by starting from near the beginning of the thread and absorbing all the advice and experiences of brides who have already had their weddings at the AS. Granted I think a lot has changed at the hotel since you'll see posts from brides who were some of the first to get married at the hotel, but there are great tips - especially in the pl
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by olsontco Congrats Keira and Mel!! Forgot to tell you earlier! It has been so fun thinking about who all was getting married the past couple of days. I'm on a 11 day count down till we leave!!! Can't wait! Hi ladies - I've been behind on my posts lately. We leave in a week and I'm already looking at the weather too. The first 2 days of our trip call for 60% chance of showers - boo! I'm hoping they are "caribbean" showers that come along at 3pm and are gone by 3:15! I had a guest cancel today too - over email as well. Such a bummer/disappointment, but wh
  5. What was with all the ladies being so nice and polite to each other during the reunion? Obviously, there is a lot more going on than they wanted to show. I caught lots of eye rolls, but Andy couldn't get them to dish on each other at all this time!
  6. I made 5'7" cards with pictures of me and each bridesmaid and sent them the card and a set of travel bottles in a little case. Let's see if the attachment worked! (You may have to rotate it adobe - it seemed to save updside down.) I had a small meltdown last night when I started packing, then turned on the news to the Hurrican Ida update... BM invite.pdf
  7. Hi ladies, Less than 2 weeks before we leave! I love all the diet tips going back and forth - I'm going to apply them as I try to tone up a bit more. I also find that when I incorporate eggs into my diet, I drop weight more easily and feel less likely to snack. A couple of poached eggs for breakfast with dry wheat toast - fills me up until lunch and provides good, lean protein. I'm reading all the posts for many of you who have months to go - the time has FLOWN! I just went in for my final fitting today and it's really starting to get real (got very real when I paid the hotel last
  8. Hey there- thanks! I found some for about 50 cents each - it's just the bringing them down to the resort and back (=hassle) that I wanted to avoid. I'm starting to freak out at all of the stuff we have to take down with us!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by katken Hi there! I had no luck negotiating on site. My husband tried and tried. They new exactly what the off site coordinators had quoted me and they stuck to it. That was just my experience, hopefully it is different for you! Grr! That's what I feared. Thanks for your input!
  10. Hey past brides - Anyone have any luck negotiating with Lomas onsite at the hotel? I want to do votives for our reception, but they are quoting me $3 each - seems ridiculous as I could buy them for 1/3 of the price. My WC told me she didn't have lunch negotiating with them, but that I might have a chance when I'm onsite. We leave in 3 weeks for our wedding, and while I'd rather not add another thing to lug down there, I don't feel like paying $150 to rent little votive candles! Grrr! Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!
  11. need one (i'm freezing!) : blanket
  12. This is great - you did an awesome job. I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of your pre-brochure facts for our FAQs. The info on the airport will be great for our new-to-traveling internationally guests.
  13. I love the designers this season - though I'm missing Michael Kors and Nina. I mean, Lindsay Lohan as a guest judge? Yuck. I really like Althea and Irina. I like Christopher, but he needs to tone down the tears a bit. Logan - adorable, but not sure that he's a frontrunner in my mind yet.
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