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My RIU Palace Wedding!!

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#1 melinda234

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    Posted 22 July 2009 - 11:24 AM

    Finally a review!

    I was Married at the RIU Palace on June 25th at 6pm on the beach, with a cocktail hour(did not pay extra) afterward, ending with a 8pm reception at the Mexican food San Jose. We had exactly 40 people attend!

    RIU Palace: A+++ It is so beautiful there! We stayed for 12 nights, never got sick, had a bad meal or got bored! The staff is amazing, the grounds are amazing, and they really are willing to do anything to make your stay great! One bad thing, they water down their alcohol!! A bartender admitted on the second to last night! I guess it is a way to save money and "drunk" control! So if you are looking to get a buzz, ask for an extra shot on the side! :)

    Daniella: B She was good, she will never tell you NO to any request. She know what she is doing for sure, but lacks in taking notes on the details. For instance, I had brought sheer fabric to do a bunched, nothing fancy table runner, and they made it a table cloth!! I had gave them lantern to put on the table, they hung them from the lamps! As for the ceremony, I arrived before she did, not cool. I had really cute bamboo fans to be put on the chairs, which were not put out until LAST minute. Just little things. I was not worried about it at the moment, I just wish it would of been done as I asked. The MOST helpful and wonderful person there, that helped me the most, was the general manager (Mexican one). Ask for him if you have any problems, he is always dressed in a suit, and you will see him working all over the resort.

    Happy Hour A: The set up an area in the main bar just for us. They supplied us with water bottle to put of label on, they put out our napkins and matches to make an area just for us! Don't pay for a cocktail hour! Make your own, and they will set it up!

    Reception A: Was great! Food was great! Service was awesome! We had the entire patio to ourselves! Daniella was not too on the ball at the reception. I am very happy I had my own personal wedding coordinator there to keep the reception going. The problem was we had the photographer from 6-10, and the reception did not start until 8, therefore; we needed to squeeze all reception activities into a two hour spot in order to get pictures. Daniella never got the music going, I brought CD's. I tipped each server 100 pesos. I did not tip Daniella.

    Mango Productions B: I was really impressed with the photos. She was really nice. I wish she would of done more picture of just the two of us on the beach. The group picture was crappy, she really should of went up on the pool deck and took the shot so you could see everyone. They say you get ALL the pictures, but you don't. They turn the ones the want to black and white, and are unable to change them back to color. I my opinion, they should leave them ALL color and them the customer can have the choice. No picture of the set up on the beach before anyone was there, no pictures of us saying our vows with the background, all up close face shots. Anyways, with all my complaints I am still happy I spent the 990$, it was worth it.

    The RIU Flowers A++++: SOOOO Beautiful! I sent 4 pictures of kinda what I wanted and they were better than the pics I sent. Costco did have flowers for the tables, but we really didn't need them. Sams club did not have flowers! The flowers provided stayed fresh the entire length of our stay, 7 days!

    All in all, our wedding was wonderful at the RIU Palace, I was for sure recommend it!
    Feel free to email me at Click the image to open in full size.[/IMG]
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    #2 Sloan

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      Posted 22 July 2009 - 11:49 AM

      Love your short dress, so cute! Congrats!

      #3 jk1101

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        Posted 22 July 2009 - 11:52 AM

        Thanks for the great review - love the pictures!

        #4 NaM

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          Posted 22 July 2009 - 12:00 PM

          sounds like a great time. thanks for taking the time to do a review. CONGRATULATIONS

          #5 melinda234

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            Posted 22 July 2009 - 12:16 PM

            Click the image to open in full size.
            Click the image to open in full size.
            Click the image to open in full size.
            Click the image to open in full size. Hated the flowers on top, did not ask for them!!
            Click the image to open in full size.

            #6 JCruz

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              Posted 22 July 2009 - 04:44 PM

              Congratulations! You looked beautiful and the reception looked beautiful. Thanks so much for your honest review. I'm getting married at the Riu Palace next July (on the terrace as well) and this is very helpful.

              #7 lydiag

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                Posted 23 July 2009 - 10:45 PM

                I am getting married there in November. We are having a VERY basic wedding so I'm not too worried about set up or anything of that sort but I was worried about the photography not being that great - we are also using Mango. Are the photos you have shown here all by them? Are you able to post more to ease my nerves?

                #8 Kate Roy

                Kate Roy
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                  Posted 05 August 2009 - 12:24 PM

                  Thanks for the post! I'm getting married there and having dinner on the Terrace on August 27th!!!!
                  Did you use Renova Spa for anything You looked beautifull, did you do your own hair and make up?


                  #9 blckrevpower

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                    Posted 05 August 2009 - 01:38 PM

                    cute dress! love it that you went short
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                    #10 mitzy7

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                      Posted 07 August 2009 - 12:25 AM

                      Looks wonderful! Thank you for the reviw. I am thinking of getting married at the same resort. I was just wondering if they block off the section on the beach where you are got married or can anyone in a bathing suit walk by?

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