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More dresses .... your opinions? *pics*

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Originally Posted by ~Angela~ View Post
All of the dresses are from Bridal Depot in Waterloo, Ontario. I had a great experience there so far with just trying them on. They are not pushy at all and all the dresses are out of the plastic so it's really easy to look through them.

I haven't ordered anything yet. I showed my mom the pictures and just like I thought, she didn't love #6. Since she is buying it, I really want her to love it as much as me. That being said, if I don't find anything else I love, I will probably get that one regardless of her opinion. She is going to come with me and see it in person.

Surprisingly, the dress was very comfortable and I didn't find it hard to walk in at all!

I'll keep you updated!!! :)
I love number 6 too. I was in the same boat and ended up buying a different dress when I showed my mom the dress that I wanted. In the end it was all good.

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