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Had my first BRIDEZILLA moment...

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This will be one of those moments that you will look back on and laugh... it's so nice that he tried...but I like you and want things perfect! If you haven't already... you should take a pic of the programs... it might be funny to you later... and a good memory to add to your book!

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I agree 100% with Danielle.

I know how stressfull the last month before the Wedding is..Believe me, I have been there recently.

I didn't realize exactly how stressed I was, until I got to Mexico and I let myself relax. Then it was like, "Wow I was uptight!"

I know that if your a perfectionist, this is a big deal to you, but Honestly...No one is going to care. As a matter of fact, I bet if you gave them out just the way they are, they would still love them and think it was a really creative thing you did.

I am not artistic or crafty, but all of my DIY were a big hit with my family & friends. Even the stuff I knew didn't look great. I glued a Starfish poem to all of our Rafia Fans that we placed on everyon's chairs at the ceremony, and as we were glueing the poem on, we realized that I mispelled "Means" (Menas)..I said F-it as it was too late to get more at that point, and no one even noticed.

Everyone was so impressed with the amount of work we put into it, that's all they could talk about. (& still do)


After all this, you will really look back on this moment and think, OMG, that was so not important.

until then, I know how you feel. Try to take a deep breath and relax. Your going to be married and have the time of your life really soon! :-)

And it was really sweet of your FI to want to help.

But they really don't have the same common sense as us, do theyhuh.gif!! LOL

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When we did the invitations, FI did all the cutting, and I did not want the dotted lines (that I had printed so that we could cut right) to show. So when he just cut the stuff once, leaving one side with no dotted lines and one side with dotted lines - oh, just alongside the border, barely visible - it just did not do the trick for me ! I could see the dotted lines ! First I asked him to do this as I wanted it to be. At first he did but... the last 100 he did not ! He said : cool people will see it's hand made, it adds more charm to it !


I did not even wait for him to go to bed - I re-cut all the passes that had been left with a dotted line !


God forgive me but I laughed when I read your story - I laughed because I sooooo understand you and recognize myself in this - but at the same time, you'll recognize it's kind of funny, because it's so not the way you are usually. And you have the total honesty to recognize it.


If I was in your shoes, I would not use the Elmer programs, and I would totally re-do them all. Not only because you wanted programs - so if it's not fan programs you'll have to make some other ones anyway. But also because you already put so much effort through this ! Re-doing will allow you to see the thing finished and accomplished. I agree that maybe it's not important and nobody is going to care - but I know that at that moment, now, you do care. And you will care until the wedding - you won't relax before. And the last thing you want, is think about your programs when you walk down the aisle and wonder if people tought they were made by a 5-year old.


Props to your FI who decided to re-do them so that YOU are happy... he loves you wink.gif

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I think you should think about it for a day. Programs are not as important as say..invitations. No one really pays attention to them. I do understand that you want them to be perfect and I totally know the 'freak out' mode you probably went into. I'm a perfectionist and I want help, but I want perfect help. haha. That's why my honey no longer folds the towels.


Basically, I think you are just having a bride freak out moment. In the big picture, the programs don't really matter. It's not worth all that effort because really- no one really keeps them and most get either folded up or used as a fan.


BUT one thing is for sure- your FI is a keeper. That was really sweet of him to try to do all that work to make you happy. Those moments will make you smile and remember why you love him so much. Yes, he messed up but it was with good intentions and his thoughts were on you!

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I had to fire FI a couple of times while we were cutting and folding our STDs and the pocketfolds. Like you, I only trust myself to do the best job. I spent maybe an hour or two fixing his mistakes... but you know what, he tried and I'm glad he was there to help out. Men always try to make us happy, though sometimes they don't. You're not overreacting, we all want our weddings to be perfect down to the napkins. I have also cried on several occasions, lol... but now I look back and laugh. No worries! Your wedding will go as planned and your wedding fans will be the least of your problems in the end.

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