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A wee bit overwhelmed picking a resort...

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#1 marak

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    Posted 10 June 2009 - 08:16 PM

    Alright, my fiance is really starting to think I am addicted to this forum. I just can't stop reading, but the more I read the more indecisive I get! I'm going to ask you wonderfully informed gals for some advice on a destination for my DW.

    The parameters I'd like to work within:

    1. East coast Mexico or Caribean - nothing West coast as almost all guests are coming from NY/NJ/CT/FL. Some are elderly so I worry about long flights. Some on a budget so I worry about airfare jacking up the price.

    2. AI w/ good food and premium booze included (What can I say, we like to eat and drink)

    3. Would like to keep the total price per guest w/ air/taxes/etc under or around $1500 for 4 nights/5 days or more.

    4. Would like ceremony to be next to the beach, water view and beach ambience, but no sand. I'm a high heel kinda gal, need to be able to walk down the aisle in them. Sand and high heels means I bust my bum in front of everyone...while my guests would be entertained, I would be mortified. Would love the reception to be on the beach though..once my flip flops come out. But I can certainly work with an open air restaurant/reception area just off the beach, just nothing indoors.

    5. Must accept outside photographers.

    6. Must be gay friendly as not all of our guests are "traditional" couples.

    7. We are a partying group that will probably need a lobby bar or disco to go to after the reception.

    8. We are looking at about 50-65 showing up.

    That is all I can think of right now. Please have at it with suggestions or feel free to rule out any of the popular places on the east coast that won't fit the bill. And thank you thank you thank you ahead of time.

    #2 hunniebee724

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      Posted 10 June 2009 - 08:24 PM

      Just want to wish you luck! We decided on a cruise wedding because I knew we'd never get married if I had to find a resort lol! I'm a high heel girl too, so we're getting married on the ship.

      #3 TerpsOfTheCaribbean

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        Posted 10 June 2009 - 08:43 PM

        Have you looked at Moon Dance Resorts - Negril, Jamaica, Moon Dance Cliffs All-Inclusive Hotel

        It's Negril so the flight isn't too too long, its AI, the resort is overlooking the water, priced within your budget, and Rick's Cafe is nearby.

        #4 caroline0277

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          Posted 21 July 2009 - 10:56 PM

          I love your post because it is exactly the same way I have felt for over a month now. I am picking Cancun over Jamaica or other islands primarily because of the cost of airfare and the travel agent I am working with said your money goes a lot further in Mexico- for both you and your guests. I have read great things about the El Dorado properties and Excellence properties... but if you want a kid-friendly place they won't work for you. But as I'm sure you've seen, there are a lot of posts here about kid-friendly resorts. Good luck!

          #5 sperger

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            Posted 22 July 2009 - 09:26 AM

            I would suggest Punta Cana too - when we were looking, we were in the same situation, either Cancun & Riviera Maya, or, we looked in Punta Cana. Our guests are all over, but mainly East Coast. I think you will definitely find a lot of resorts in PC that will fit your budget.

            #6 MissBlade

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              Posted 22 July 2009 - 09:53 AM

              I agree with Terps of the Carribean. Moon Dance Cliffs seems to have all that you are looking for, but I am partial as I've chosen that for my location. It has always been my dream to walk down the isle in Manolo's so sand was out of the question for me. With as many guests as your expecting, you could probably rent out the entire resort! It is all inclusive and beautiful. I definitely recommend you check out the site. Also go the the MDC thread where there is at least one post-wedding review from Claudette.

              #7 sweetiekris

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                Posted 28 July 2009 - 03:27 PM

                I went through the same ordeal when I started planning the wedding because I have traveled many places and we knew other places may be more beautiful but chose Mexico. This is cheaper, shorter flight and you can have a free ceremony and have excursions inluded in the price. Along with that there are pools, swim up bars and a club for the adults. The resport is awesome looking and two of my family members went there and said it was the best vacation because they cater to your needs. We are getting married on the beach but you can also do the gazebo which over looks the ocean. Either way its nice and we are getting more for our money through this resort. They say the beach water has some seaweed in it but if that doesnt bother you its still nice. Good luck. Just remember some people may complain about having to travel but its your day! I went through that too

                The resort is moon palace in cancun

                #8 NaM

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                  Posted 28 July 2009 - 03:44 PM

                  first off good luck, this was honestly the most stressful part of the planning process!! I'm obviously partial to my resort so I'll tell you a bit about it because it sounds like it may work for you....
                  It's the Averntua Spa Palace in Riviera Maya Mexico (Same chain as sweetiekris mentioned but this one is in Riviera Maya not Cancun and is smaller than the moon palace). I picked this one because it is half adults and half family so everyone could get a bit of what they wanted. It's all inclusive which was a must for me. Free airport/hotel transfers. They threw in lots of perks...we got a free cocktail hour for booking 10 rooms and will get our whole reception free if we get 20 rooms book. Prices are around $160 a night per person/per person so it seems to be within your budget. There are 2 gazebo's to pick from...one more gardenish and the other looking over the ocean. They have a free wedding package as well as several upgraded ones. I'm bringing in an outside photographer, we just have to get them a day pass so they are counted as a guest not a vendor but I didn't have to pay any other fees outside of that. There is a disco and bars and swim up bars.
                  Anyway, if you like what you hear send me a PM and I can get you more info but for now here is the link to the resort Palace Resorts - Welcome to the Official Site - Aventura Spa Palace adults only resort offers relaxing spa vacations!

                  #9 Vikki

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                    Posted 28 July 2009 - 04:25 PM

                    Originally Posted by marak
                    Alright, my fiance is really starting to think I am addicted to this forum. I just can't stop reading, but the more I read the more indecisive I get!
                    Haha-my FI says this forum is adding "extra expenses" but I just keep telling him it's adding "extra perfect". He's not convinced.

                    Also....I may be wrong but I believe in it's illegal to be gay in Jamaica. I doubt it's a problem at the resorts (money is money to them) but if your group is out in public it's something to be aware of. The last thing you want is your guests to feel awkward or worse.

                    We tend to take it for granted in the states sometimes but I think it's good you are thinking about that as you book because sadly not all places are welcoming.

                    #10 Christy335

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                      Posted 28 July 2009 - 06:48 PM

                      Wow, I had never heard of the anti-gay laws in Jamaica until Vikki mentioned them above. Here's the Wikipedia info on it: LGBT rights in Jamaica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It does mention that the laws solely apply to gay men and not to women (strange). This is good because on of my bridesmaids is gay. However, another guest if ours is a gay man. We'll be spending most of our time on the resort though, so I don't anticipate it being a problem. I think the laws are enforced mostly (if not only) on the citizens.

                      As far as which resort to choose, We are getting married at Moondance Villas in Negril, Jamaica, with our overflow guests staying at Moondance Cliffs. Negril is on the west side of the island, so the sun sets on the water. We went and visited the resorts in December. At Moondance Villas, there really isn't an "off-beach" option for the ceremony, so it wouldn't be for you. At Moondance Cliffs there is a gorgeous gazebo that overlooks the water and would fit the bill for heels. However, you should know that there isn't a beach nearby, (it's about 10 - 15) ride back down the cliffs to get to the beach. So if you want to spend some time at the beach for your reception, this wouldn't be the place for you.

                      MDC is all-inclusive, is $225 pp per night, and they do accept outside photogs. There is a sports bar on-site, but if you are wanting to party, it's not far to Rick's where you can watch cliff divers while you drink it up. Also, it's important to note that if you have guests that will be bringing children (such as flower girls, ring bearers, etc) they can't stay at MDC. They don't allow children because they are located directly on the cliffs and there is no barricade to prevent them from falling over the side.

                      I don't know if that helps, or rules it out for you. I will say this though, the location is absolutely gorgeous and the people are very helpful. Also, because it is a smaller resort, you get more attention and won't be one of many weddings on your special day.

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