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  1. This Chest was bought then woodburned by my husband which is all the drawing that you see on the outside of the chest. When you lift the lid there are jewels and the cards go in the slit that is built in the chest. The jeweled part lifts up in order to access your cards and they are kept safe. This was a big conversation piece at our reception due to it being creative rather than the normal bird cage. Your responsible for shipping cost as well. Best offer Pics below!
  2. sweetiekris

    Save the dates and bottle stoppers

    The bottle stoppers are sold
  3. sweetiekris

    Save the dates and bottle stoppers

    Heres the Heart save the dates! hearts.jpg8k .jpg
  4. I have heart save the dates 50 with envelopes.... best price you print yourself Also have 18 star fish wine bottle stoppers (were a hit at the reception for gift) $20 for box of 18 Its the one on the right! It comes in an individual box nicely wrapped.
  5. Hey,,,, I ordered my flowers from the place you got yours.... I was wondering how you transported them and if the tss gave you a problem Congrats on your wedding. Ive been freaking out about this....
  6. Id like the flower girl shirt please
  7. sweetiekris

    Orange Raffia

    I have orange raffia that you can tie a bow around every passport invitation if you plan on make them... Or can be used for something else. I was able to use one roll for 215 invites and still extra.
  8. sweetiekris

    AHR Wedding Favors

    Thats a great idea especially if u are going with a halloween theme. Get one favor per couple its cheaper
  9. sweetiekris


    Were doing fish bowls and flowers surrounding the bottom of the bowl with decor inside to stick with the beach theme. We wanted something not too high so people can talk. Any other ideas?
  10. sweetiekris

    Card holder

    Let me know what you think about this idea! My fiance is building a large shell to hold all the cards at the reception. Ill post pics once its designed.
  11. Hey Guys, Im looking for a creative idea for table numbers that i can attach to the guest favor. I want the favor to be useful and not hit the trash can right away. I wanna stick with a beach theme. Im gonna have a sand box in the front of the hall with all the favors in it. Ive googled online and havent found anything.
  12. fushia, jade and orange
  13. sweetiekris

    Wedding Dress Quilt

    You can make it a quilt which is awesome or even make a christening outfit for when and if you have children. Just a thought
  14. Cancel now before it gets too close she just asked u and you were put on the spot just say that you thought it over more and think its too much/