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Hello everyone!!!

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Hi Everyone!


My Name is Tammy and I have been planning my Miami wedding for the past 6 months now only 4 months away and I am FREAKING OUT! lol.. Luckiely I have not made many contracts in where I will loss alot if I decide to change my mind.


As of Monday, I have completely decided to look into a Destination Wedding in Punta Cana (for now I have looked into Dreams, Paradisus or Princess) do you recommend any of the 3? or a Cruise Wedding.



For many reasons and one being that our Miami wedding is costing about 12k in where we will not be able to afford a honeymoon after. I think that DW or Cruise weddings are great since at the end the ones that matter are the ones that make an effort to be there and the friends or family that are not able to make it for valid reasons well you can have a dinner celebration in your hometown afterwards.


I am hoping that this forum will help me finally decide and finalize my wedding plans...


I am looking into having my wedding within the next 2 months since its Summer so I definitely do not have much time on my hands..


Lots of your posts have helped me alot and I hope that I would also be able to assist you all throughout our wedding planning journey...






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Congratulations and Welcome! My FI and I haven't decided on our resort either, but we're set on going to Punta cana - Through the DR forum, I've heard great things about both Dreams, and I'd throw the Grand Palladium resorts in that mix. Paradisus may be more expensive to have the wedding there - another piece of this site that's been really helpful is searching for "punta cana" in the wedding reviews.

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