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Dreams Los Cabos Wedding Review - Kara and Matt

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Sorry that it took me so long to write my review for our wedding. I guess life just gets busy after you get married!


Ok lets start with the Dreams resort...


We were married at Dreams on April 11, 2009, and Yarai was our wedding coordinator.


Dreams Resort Overall



We had 25 guests stay at the resort and everyone absolutely LOVED it! Everyone loved their rooms, the restaurants, the pools, the beach, and the common areas. We stayed in a honeymoon suite that walked right out to the lawn, and then the beach. It was well worth the money! We slept with the doors open at night and could hear the ocean waves crashing on the beach every night. The resort was beautiful, and I couldn't ask for a better place for our wedding!


Cascade Terrace - where we had the ceremony and the reception


The cascade terrace was the best place for the wedding and reception in my opinion. We had the ceremony on the bottom half of the terrace, facing toward the gazebo, and the reception on the top part of the terrace by the big pool. The ceremony was perfect with the ocean and gazebo in the background, and we rented the huppa which added the perfect extra touch! The reception tables were set up in a u-shape facing out to the ocean. It was the most beautiful reception and the most beautiful view! Even though the cascade terrace is sort of in the middle of everything, we had the whole thing to ourselves, and it was so wonderful to be right on the beach. We danced on the bottom part of the terrace, and had the dj set up down there too. I was concerned about being so close to the pool...but the only people who ended up in the pool at the end of the night were people who voluntarily jumped in :)


Reverend Marco Arechiga


We absolutely LOVED rev. Marco...he is funny and thoughtful and romantic and emotional, and made our wedding day the best day of our lives. He is really lid back and loves to use humor and references to the ocean in his ceremonies. We actually picked one of his sample ceremonies, complete with beautiful vows, and it was perfect for the two of us! Rev. Marco always returned my e-mails the same day I sent them, and went out of his way to get to know us and our story. I just couldn't imagine anyone else marrying us...I feel that it was meant to be for us to find him!


DJ Joaquin Virgilio


We really liked DJ Joaquin, and thought he did a god job playing the music for our reception. He was very receptive to my e-mails, and put up with my countless song lists. The music sounded good, and I thought he made good decisions on when to play which songs. The reasons he doesn't get an A are that he was on his phone a lot and wasn't paying attention to when he needed to stop the music for toasts, and he wasn't much of an MC...I actually don't think he said anything other than announcing which dances were coming up next. Overall he was good...but if I had to do it over I would find a DJ with more personality and energy.


Photographer Tomas Barron


Tomas came to us as a part of the ultimate wedding package, and we also paid for an extra hour of photos in addition the the hour included in the package. I thought the pictures turned out pretty good, although I am really glad we got the extra hour because we really had to look through them to find ones that were not filled with people's eyes being closed, or people not looking at the camera. BUT in the end, all you really want are a few good picture anyway, and we got some that are just amazing! The dvd of our wedding is absolutely amazing...and everyone who sees it cries! It is just perfect, and the good thing is that we can take it to another photographer and have pictures made from the dvd...it's so cool! I would definitely recommend paying to have a dvd made, it really captures the whole ceremony and everyone who sees it later feels like they are there when they watch it!




Yarai was absolutely amazing! We really didn't have to worry about anything because she had it all under control. She made sure the day was exactly what we wanted, and I just couldn't have asked for more. She always responded to my e-mails and was quick to send out pictures of fabric, cake, reception set up, ceremony props, and anything else I wanted to see. Yarai even put up with my husband's brother (who is a big jerk) when he accused someone on stealing his camera during the ceremony...someone did take his camera, but it was his own fault for leaving it out on the grass by the terrace for a few hours before the ceremony. He yelled at Yarai when he finally remembered where he left it and realized it was gone. She was very calm and polite and even helped look for the camera even though it wasn't her fault at all. Obviously if you leave a camera out of view for a few hours there is a big chance that someone will take it. Yarai handled the situation really well, and we were thankful to her for being so accommodating (even to our jerk guest).


Food and Cake


We chose the surf and turf reception dinner and it was wonderful! Everyone commented on how good the food was, and Matt and I were stuffed by the end of dinner. Each of the courses came out hot and perfectly seasoned, and I couldn't have asked for more! I did pick and choose from a few of the menus Yarai sent me and ended up with salad with fruit, tomato soup, filet and lobster (which were both cooked perfectly) and chocolate pastry with bailey's touch. Our cake was the three milk Mexican cake with white frosting and strawberries, and it was also wonderful! It was so rich and creamy and moist...yum! I wouldn't have changed a thing with the food, and thought it was all amazing!




We ate at all the restaurants, and were able to sit together even with our big group at most of them. Our favorites were the Japanese restaurant, and the restaurant right by the big pool, which is a steak house at night. Breakfast was good everywhere, and our lunch favorites were the restaurant by the big pool, and the one by the tranquil pool. Overall, the food and service was very good. A couple of times orders got forgotten or messed up, but if you tell them they will fix it and it's not a big deal.




We LOVED all the pools! We spent most of out time in the tranquil pool because it was less crowded, warmer, and has hammocks and floaties! We were able to get sunchairs for our whole group and had a wonderful time drinking, swimming, napping, and relaxing. The big pool was fun too! We all had so much fun on the water slide, and hanging out at the ledge overlooking the beach, or underneath where the waterfall was. The hot tub was nice for warming up after the sun went down, and was never really crowded. Both pools have swim up bars, but our favorite bartender was Jose at the big pool bar. He was quick to fill our glasses with tequila many, many times :)


Salon and spa


The woman who did my hair was great! I did bring a picture, and just made sure t looked like the picture as she did it. If she started to make it look different than I had in mind I just told her and she fixed it. I LOVED my hair and everyone else's and thought it was well worth what the salon charges. I also got a manicure and pedicure but it took two hours and I felt like I could have done a better job myself. I would just have one of my friends do my nails and toenails if I had to do it over.


The spa was just great! We had a couples massage as part of our wedding package, and did the aroma therapy massage. It was heaven on earth!!! The spa does a great job of setting the mood for complete relaxation, and I would pay for another massage there in a second!


Ultimate Wedding Package


I would definitely recommend getting he ultimate wedding package. It includes everything you need, and is the best deal for your money. There were a few extras like the huppa, ribbon chair ties, and the extra hour of photography...but it was still worth it! I think overall our entire wedding cost around $5,000.00 (maybe even a little less) which is pretty good for a ceremony and reception with surf and turf on the beach!


Well...that's my review! We just love Dreams and wish we could have stayed longer for our honeymoon. We can't wait to go back one day! I am still working on getting the pictures on here...so I will post pics of everything as soon as I can.


If anyone has any questions please let me know!!! Good luck everyone :)


Overall wedding and stay at Dreams


We couldn't have asked for anything more...our wedding was just perfect and we will never forget our wonderful stay at Dreams. It was the perfect place for our family and friends to get together, and share this intimate moment with us. Everything from the rooms, to the service, to the overall layout at the hotel was just wonderful, and we can't wait to go back someday!

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CONGRATULATIONS!! omg I'm pretty much 100% positive that my husband and I saw your wedding reception!! We were eating up top at the restaurant by the pool. cheesy.gif Did you have your reception table in like a C shape facing the ocean?? Anyways if that was you, you looked so beautiful! post pics! cheesy.gif

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Congrats and great review! Sorry to hear about the incident with the brother-in-law's camera..it was his fault for leaving it. Glad to hear everything else went well!

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Kara- Everything sounded so amazing!!! I am so excited to get to Dreams I can barely stand it!!!!



Share you Tomas pics when you have a chance, I am dying to see your set up!!

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