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I'm going to do my own book for the engagement pictures, but I want to make sure I'm not in way over my head here. I looked through all of the old threads about Sharedink and I noticed you said this:


Originally Posted by AQHARIDER View Post
Thank you all for your suggestions- there were some great ideas out there!

If anyone is interested, I'll post a sharedink "how-to" thread one of these days

lol Sarah I'm going to need as much help as I can get!!! I set up an account a few weeks ago just to try it out and got so frustrated five minutes in. I can't get the pictures to overlap like you did, the template options are incredibly limited. How the heck did you do this? And how do I make the pictures bleed off the pages? etc...


Can you write a Sharedink how-to like you wrote your wedding review? I need as much detail as possible!

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Originally Posted by host View Post
i think we should make sarah a moderator on her DIY skills
no kidding, I'd second that! ...as long as she helps me with this! lol

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lol whatever, you girls are funny...


Anyway, I know I talked about doing a SI (sharedink) how-to post, but there didn't seem to be a ton of interest, so I never did it! lol


The key to a great SI book is to have good software to make the pages in. I didn't even try to use the SI software or page creator, so sorry, can't help you there! Tammy recommended, and I purchased, Lumapix Fotofusion LumaPix :: FotoFusion. I bought the Enhanced version which was around $100 at the time- it is for sale now on their website for $119. Honestly, I feel this software is an important investment if you're going to make more than one photobook. I made my e-pics book, my b-pics book, I will make 2 wedding albums of my own, and I have a couple others I'm already planning to do for people who have asked me...With this program, you can auto-collage, make full-bleed pages, add text and graphics, change tone/color, etc of your photos. It's really great software. I also made my current sig with that program and have made cool collages of pics to email to people.

I've also heard that if you have photoshop you can make your pages in there. I don't have it, have never tried it.


What other questions do you have? The SI part itself isn't too hard, but if you get Lumapix I can totally give you a bunch of tips if you end up going that route...

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Ok, I'll look into getting that program then. I am planning to do a number of albums, so this sounds like a smart investment. Plus $119 isn't a lot for programs these days.


So, you used this program and saved each page as a separate image and then uploaded it to a full page template on Sharedink... or how did that work?


Be honest... was the program frustrating or difficult? Are you computer savvy?! lol

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I'm going to use shared ink too. I'm going to create my pages in photoshop. If you want them to print with full bleeds, you have to contact them directly because they typically always have a border around the page. Here is my question and the response from shared ink:


"I want to create a full size page in photoshop and then upload it. I

followed the directions on the FAQs page (10"x8" at 300 dpi), but it

appears in the print preview mode that there is a white border around

my page. What size should the bleeds be to create a full page in



By default, we do not offer full-bleed printing with our

retail/consumer books. The maximum printable area on our standard,

non-bleed books is 10" wide x 8" tall, which means there is

approximately 3/4" of whitespace around all 4 edges of the page.


We do, however, offer full-bleed printing upon request. There is no

additional charge for full-bleed printing. In order to take advantage

of the full-bleed printing, you will have to design the pages of your

book in Photoshop or a similar layout application.


Here are the specs for designing your full-bleed Keepsake Book pages::


(1) Format your images to be 10.75" wide x 8.25" tall.


(2) When designing/formatting your pages, please keep them flexible at

the edges to give us room for trimming. We will be trimming the

following amounts:


* TOP: 0.125"

* BOTTOM: 0.125"


* SPINE (INSIDE EDGE): 0.25" (this amount is not physically trimmed

off, but will disappear into the binding, and for design purposes, you

should consider it "trimmed" off)


Note: For left-side pages, the FACE is the left edge and the SPINE is

the right edge. For right-side pages, the FACE is the right edge and

the SPINE is the left edge.


(3) We recommend that your images be at 300 dpi ( i.e. 3225 x 2475



After trimming, the final size of the printed pages (the "book block")

is 10.625" wide x 8.0" tall. Please note that the visible area is

actually 10.375" wide x 8.0" tall (since 0.25" of the SPINE edge

disappears into the binding).


The final finished outside dimensions of the book is 11.0" wide x 8.25"

tall (this is the size of the cover).


The cover label should be formatted as 6.5" wide x 5.5" tall at 300 dpi

(i.e. 1950 x 1650 pixels).




Please format all your images in RGB (*not* CMYK) and at 300 dpi.




After designing your pages, you should save them out as high quality

JPEG images (1 JPEG image for each page of your book). If you are

using Photoshop, we recommend you save them as Level 10 JPEG images.




Full-bleed capability is not generally available. So, once you do

create a new WebBook that you want to be full-bleed enabled, just send

me a quick e-mail BEFORE you place your order to let me know the name

of the book, and I'll convert it to full-bleed.


Please let me know if you have any problems or questions.

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the ceo is very helpful...if you want his email, pm me..


ok, keep this in mind.

  • each page must be 1 image.
  • use high res pictures (250 min but i used 300)
  • first thing to do...organize your photos together (group them)...
  • then make templates so you can easily just swap out pics w/o having to make a new arrangement.

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Originally Posted by host View Post
the ceo is very helpful...if you want his email, pm me..

ok, keep this in mind.
  • each page must be 1 image.

So then I have to photoshop it (or w/e program) and overlap the images and save those as an image?! I don't get it. How do I get multiple pictures on one page without using their template?

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