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Good to know about being able to carry on actual sized bottles. Thanks Tracy!


We have 2 wedding bands b/c I found out that my mom is giving me my grandmother's wedding band, and I'm giving Shawn his grandfather's wedding band as a gift on our wedding day. He actually made his 1st wedding band on his own (he took a jewlery class in college). We had looked at his gpa's band a while back, but it was so tiny it wouldn't even fit on my pinky, and b/c of the design we thought it would be very difficult to have it sized to fit him. The guy making my wedding band, also made my ering, said he could size the ring for me. Nobody knows about me giving him the ring except for his gma (obviously) and I just know that it'll mean the world to him. They were very close.


I don't really know how we're going to work 2 wedding bands, but we'll figure it out!

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Originally Posted by ewok View Post
Wow, some of you are super organized! I still have some shopping to do, mainly summer dresses (not a lot in stores right now), and bathing suits. I won't start on packing stuff till the week before, the house is already such a mess, don't want to add more... (I'm trying to finish a big renovation at the same time, just chose some tile over the week-end. We will only install it after the trip though). I'm allowed 2 * 44 pounds suitcases, but it should all fit in one, since we won't bring all the decor and OOT you are. Don't know how you can do it with only one, huge challenge! You should definitely take advantage of your family & guest and give them things to bring.

My stress is with all the things I want to carry-on: wedding dress, our DSLR camera bag, a small duffel with "in-flight" items, and my little rolling 19" suitcase. Now I need to fit so much in there: hairdryer, flat iron, his wedding clothes & shoes, his electric shaver, my dress sandals, make-up, jewelry. I usually have our suits and one change of clothes+underwear in there, just in case, but I'm not sure it will fit. Big puzzle in perspective, and we'll have our hands full moving around at the airport.
do you know if your resort has hair dryers? maybe you don't need to take one - mine has them in the rooms

Originally Posted by caribbeanLover View Post
I was thinking of getting him to bring his suit as a carry on, but then I said to myself ' who's going to carry my 2 dresses' and also figured there is a iron in all the rooms, make him work a little to marry me and get him just to iron the day of the wedding.
LOL I'm sooo bad!

We are both carrying on our wedding clothes - -and our resort offers steaming of the wedding clothes so we don't have to worry about ironing.and there are irons in the rooms in case for other clothes - check with your resorts - Grand palladium has shampoo and conditioner in the rooms in Jamaica

Originally Posted by hoyt75 View Post
FI clothes are going in my dress bag. I've been thinking about packing non-stop, but fotunately I'm a pack-rat and not to worried about the clothes... just want to make sure that I'm not fogetting anything for the ceremony.

Sand ceremony set
tears of joy packets and bubbles for chairs
chair sashes
fabric for yuppa
towels w/ sand dollar prayer
Easter eggs (yes I stuffed eggs w/ candy for Easter Sunday, I've officially gone bazerk!)
veil, hair piece, dress & FI suite (all going into dress bag)
2 pairs of wedding shoes (wedges for sand & heals for reception)
my wedding folder (being carried on w/ me, will have receipts in it)
starfish place cards
ribbon for my bouquet
rings (we 2 wedding bands each)
Mom's bringing the guest book

On a side note - does anyone know if the 3 ounce in 1 quart bag apply for checked bags to? Or is this only for carry on bags?
That's only for carry on bags

After I did all the multiquoting i forgot who was April 3 but OMG you are so close!!!!!

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I just love love love your favour!!! OMG woman you have some freaking amazing ideas!!!

lol you sound like me, it's all scattered around the house, still having to put things together and nothing is completely finished. Like you I'm hopeful it'll get done in time.

Thanks for the fingers crossed!!!



I think that is very special!!!!! I am sure you'll figure how to incorperate it. Let us know what you decided, I am def excited to hear all about it!!!



Really!!! I'm so use to going to Cuba where you don't get anything, I decided just to buy 4 travel size shampoo's. Still actually pretty light. So I wont worry about that. But I know for sure there is an iron, I'll def do that.

Our resort does offer steaming and all, but always for a fee!!!

Thanks for all the info, Have you been to a Palladium before? Just in Jamaica?

LOL Btw It's Jenna April 3rd. Right?! I hope.....

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Hi everyone! Sounds like you guys are keeping busy.

I wrote thank-you notes until my hand hurt for shower gifts. Glad to get them done, but can't imagine how writing the actual wedding gift thank you's will go!

Erin, that rocks that you have 2 bags squared away already. That'll make your life so much easier.

It stresses me to think how I'm getting the giant boxes of STUFF down to MX (mugs, pashminas, hangover kits, cake topper, etc, etc)

The count down is ON!

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Hmmm... a packing list is a really good idea. I started one a while ago after I read a thread here about things that people wished they had brought but maybe I should also make a checklist of all the wedding stuff that I need to bring and just mark things off while I pack. I know it's all in one place but I am really paranoid about forgetting something important. I also need to make a shopping list of things to buy when we get to Halifax before the wedding (there is no where to shop up here, thank goodness for online shopping). I have so many wedding lists on the go right now it's insane!

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Hello ladies!


Packing eh, AHHGGG!!!! Actually though, I've found that suitcases are holding WAY more than I expected them to, so so far, so good! Luckily, we are flying Westjet down and back, and their luggage allowance is amazing. 22 lb carry on, 100 lbs in checkable luggage in 2 separate bags, PER PERSON. It's great!


I am super organized and anal about packing, so I have a hardcore packing list through Excel, but I am unable to upload here (not because of technical problems, more because of my lack of technical abiltiy). I am more than willing to send it along if you ladies would like to see!

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Yes - we're getting married April 3rd... 14 days until we leave and 16 until we're married!!! WOOHOOO!smile123.gif


Tracy - I'll let you know what we come up with. I was thinking about not using my gma's wedding band as my wedding band b/c I would like to pass it onto my daughter or granddaughter (keep the tradition going) but I def don't want to be left wedding bandless!


FINALLY got contacted my wc at the resort. Communicaiton has been completely nonexistant and it's been stressing me out big time. I read a review of a girl that just got married there and it wasn't a great experience. Needless to say, I've been in freak mode all week. I sent her this 3 page email filled with q's, she responded and everything is ok!


Next thing to stress about is our ahr. We set the date of April 17th and we were going to have it at our fav local brewery but the roof collapsed in the recent 1+ foot of snow that we had, and won't be fixed until mid-summer. And, they lost all their beer when the roof collapsed so they won't be able to brew again until early fall. We're thinking about calling the whole thing off. FI had his little heart set on going there too sad.gif

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wow April 3 is just around the corner! I can't believe the roof collapsed on your AHR site...hopefully you can find somewhere else just as good.


I am truely dreading writing all the thank you notes...I have terrible handwriting and I never know what to say other than "thank you" lol. I'll have to look online for some tips.


After getting our cups and 24 huge 24" lanterns delivered, we're seeing that packing is going to be an issue. Luckily my parents are bringing down my dress and the reception favors, but still, I completely filled the biggest duffle bag I could find with the cups, and still couldn't fit about 25 of them...we were able to stuff 90 in the bag.


If anyone is looking for large luggage that's cheap, Walmart has a 32" long duffle bag for $14, and it even has wheels on one end so you can drag it. The nice thing is that it's collapse-able, so on the trip back you can just stuff it into another piece of luggage.

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at the risk of everyone thinking that i'm a crazy, micro-managing weirdo.. i have attached my wedding packing list. this is ONLY wedding-related things... my packing list for myself and J is in my huge wedding file!


i have columns for what it is, whether it's packed yet (or where it will go), if it's in my bins of wedding things and i put special notes of who it needs to go to (deyanira and flori are my two WCs) once we get down there. i also started a key for the name of each person's bag, etc.


it may be a jumbled up mess, but it will give you an idea of all of the things we're bringing!




and omg, i just looked at the calendar at april 3rd is almost 2 weeks away!! eeeek!! michele, when did you start this thread, last summer? it seems like just a few months ago!



Packing List.xls

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