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  1. We used Sascha and loved him and his work. Highly recommend his services.
  2. I went with a bouquet of white calla lillies and had the stems wrapped in blue ribbon (that I brought) to match our color. You can pretty much have whatever you want if you don't see it. Just find inspiration pics of what you're looking for and email them to your wc. I couldn't really find the bouquet that I was looking for so I sent Lupita a pic of what I wanted and it turned out better then I had hoped for.
  3. Oh, Heidi I'm sorry to hear that your FI parents are being that way. Big hugs!
  4. Okay, this new site is going to take a while to get use to, but I'm loving it! Ahollo I can't wait to read you review and see your photos as soon as I find them, hahaha! We didn't pay an outside vender fee, but we we're pretty rough with Lupita. She had originally agreed to wave the fee and then when we got there she didn't want to honor it. We just kinda looked at her like she was nuts and flat out told her that we weren't going to pay it. Never did pay it either. We had the steak and shrimp dinner and it was very good. I liked the steak from our reception better then that from the French restuarant. And, we also had a symbolic ceremony, and no, nobody could tell the difference. A couple days after we got home my mil was asking me if their was any paperwork that we should have signed, and I just said hope, everything was all taken care of. Nobody ever knew the difference, and they still don't!
  5. Ahollo, I think your invites are super cute too Invites are really expensive for some reason. A lot of brides on here are addicted to vista print, and I think they do invites too. We didn't do paper invites for our wedding b/c we wanted to keep it really small, but we sent out invites for our AHR that we bought from Target, and had printed at Office Depot. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of them but they looked very professional and really good. For 200 invites, I think I only spent around $70 for them, and that includes the invite, response card, envelopes and all the printing.
  6. I wore this dress and I loved it! So glad that I went with something light and comfortable Good luck selling it.
  7. My husband went through Aqua World, but they nobody on the boat caught a darn thing and they were sea sick the whole time. He goes deep sea fishing all the time, like 24 hour trips and he's never been sick before. Him and all his friends that went didn't have a very good time either, they said they were basically trolling (sp) the whole time. Hope you have better luck then they did!
  8. You should really start looking for your dress now, especially if you want to customize something or if you are looking at higher end dresses, like the Maggie's. I didn't start looking until about 4 months before our wedding (we planned the whole think in 5 months) and I got so lucky that I found one off the rack and didn't need many alterations done to it. Otherwise, it would have easily taken several months for it to come in, and then even longer to have the alterations done. Take it from me, you want to start dress shopping early! And if you're looking for a photographer, consider using Sascha Gluck. We used him and he was fantastic. You can find my review w/ pics here: (the pics on scattered across the first 2 or 3 pages) http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-galore-61203/
  9. My shoes were champagane colored, and complimented my diamond white dress well.
  10. I haven't worn my dress yet, but I've been known to prance around the house in nothing but my veil, panties and my bra!
  11. How are you ladies getting your dress cleaned? Are you just taking it to a dry cleaner or finding a specialzed company to do it? I really need to get my cleaned before any damage happens from the sea salt and chlorine. I just don't want to spend several hundred dollars to have it done.
  12. Fab photos! I loved your idea about putties tiny sea shells at the bottom of your sand, that is so neat!
  13. Agreed, Sascha is amazing. We used him for our wedding and couldn't be happier. Here's the link to my review and tons of photos (scattered across the first 2 pages) http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-galore-61203/
  14. HAPPY WEDDING DAY CAIT!!!!!! I hope it's awesome and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!!!!!! YAY tinkertoy! Now you can get onto the good stuff, the planning!
  15. Omgosh I saw your wedding photos somewhere, and didn't know it was bdw bride, and I thought that it was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen! Congratulations!
  16. Quote: Originally Posted by knitgirl13 Gorgeous photos and great story I'm considering Sascha too, the prices can't be beat! I had a question if you don't mind, I was considering the video camera on a tripod thing too, just for the ceremony, but my FI says it won't pick up the audio - how did yours turn out? Yea, he's right. The audio didn't turn out that well. It may have worked better if we weren't on the beach b/c you can hear a lot of waves and wind. Also, if your tech savy, you can get rid of a lot of the background noise.
  17. darn it, for some reason my photobucket account stopped working... I'll post the rest of the pics when it's back up!
  18. We originally decided on having a dw b/c we didn't have the funds to have a really big wedding here at home and invite all of our 200+ family and friends. With that being said, and I'm horribly ashamed to admit this, I convinced my wonderfully cheap-o hubby into hiring a photographer for our wedding... and Sascha was the ONLY photographer that we could afford at the time. Seriously, his prices our unbelievably low and the quality of work the he does far surpasses most other photographers that I have found on this site. Sascha and Lars were great to work with the whole time! Sascha came to my room a bit early to get started and I was the only person in my room at the time. He has this quiet and calm demeanor to his personality which I really enjoyed and he made me feel very comfortable with myself the whole time. Lars, his assistant, when to hubby's room and his photos are just as good as Sascha's, which kinda surprised me. They were BOTH superb to work with! Although both are very soft spoken and calm, they have so much energy that I don't think I could keep up with them if I tired! They took tons and tons and tons of photos... I don't even want to know how many Sacha alone took by the time be left my room! My dad was just in awe of him when we walked into the room b/c he was everywhere, and taking pics of everything, but he was never once in the way  just like a good photographer should be. When Sascha left my room to go to the ceremony site he told me not to pay attention to him and what he was doing during the ceremony, but it was a little hard b/c he was rolling around in the sand and just all over the dang place. We had set up a tri-pod to video our wedding and as we watched the video when we got home, it was more fun to watch him and Lars then it was to watch the actual ceremony lol! After the ceremony we had tequila shots on the beach and then a cocktail hour for all of our guests while hubby and I took more photos. Maybe we were just in the heat of the moment, but we were really thinking that it would be a nice casual, laid back deal where you go stroll around and take some photos as newlyweds… Sascha was hard as heck to keep up with! We would be walking along and he’d say “you like that tree? Go over by that treeâ€, “oh that’s beautiful, go over thereâ€, “lay down right hereâ€, “come on now, not much timeâ€. He was so much fun but I was really glad that I wasn’t wearing ridiculous heels the whole time! After the hour passed we joined everyone else for our reception. Sascha stayed for our first dance, and I’m really glad that he did b/c we could never capture that moment again if it wasn’t for him. Now for the really embarrassing part… Before we had left for Mexico, a lot of stuff had gone wrong very quickly. Dh had started a new job, he was out of town, and they weren’t going to let him come home for his flight to our wedding (he’s not at the job anymore fyi), my mom lost her job the day before we left and was telling me that she wasn’t going to come, and my sil still hadn’t gotten her passport in the mail. With all that being said, I forgot to get enough money out of the bank to pay Sascha. So at the end of the night, when he was kinda looking at me like “okay, how are you going to pay meâ€, I was like “oh sh*t I don’t have any cashâ€, and we looked like total scum balls to this awesome man. He was really cool about it, he didn’t destroy the mood of the night or anything, but he suggested that we use paypal, which is of course how we sent our deposit to him. Sending Sascha my deposit was the one and only time that I had ever used paypal before that and I never confirmed my bank account. Therefore, I needed my bank account # and routing #, which of course I didn’t have b/c I didn’t bring any checks with me to Mexico… apparently nobody but my crazy mil brought checks to Mexico with them. Sascha was so super, super cool about the whole thing, and he kept trying to tell me, don’t worry about it just send me the money via paypal when you get home, and that he didn’t want it to ruin my night. We were pretty insistent about wanting to pay him, b/c of course we didn’t want him to think that we’re complete jackasses, and finally got my mil bank account to work on paypal. To this day I feel awful, and I am scared to death that the man thinks were loser’s and that we were trying to scam him over. Sascha and Lars are fantastic people. The stories that these two can tell you and the adventures that they have been on are amazing. They have been everywhere and done everything, and I just think that is so super cool. I would highly recommend him to anyone who asked, and it’s not just for the prices, because at his rate, it’s a steal. just daddy and me my shoes! dh's gpa's ring that I had sized and given to him as a surprise. Sascha did a great job in capturing the importance of this, these are his gparents initials my gmothers ring
  19. YAY cait! I hope you have an awesome time and a fab wedding!!!!! I just responded to your pm tinkertoy, and just an fyi, requesting other members to send you info in a person message is a bit of a no-no... and a great way to get beyond the newby status is to great every single newby that you possibly can! It increases your # of posts and you can quickly move move onto the good stuff
  20. oh NOoooOOoooO! That is terrible news thankfullly they told you almost a year in advance and not a few weeks in advance. Can you go back and reconsider some of your other options as a venue and resort? Atlest then you don't really have to start from scratch... What a bummer dude!
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