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  1. Could a future/past bride of Dreams help me out. I was told that for the songs for the wedding video they need to be in MP3 format, but it's difficult to get anymore information out of them. How do you get it to them? Send an email, or bring a USB stick? I'd appreciate the help. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone. This is a little off topic but I need some help. I really want to wear high heels with my wedding dress and for the ceremony thats fine, but I am wondering what to do when taking pictures in the sand and by the lighthouse on the rocks...I don't want to kill myself trying to walk. I would prefer to not wear flip flops but maybe should to be practical. Whats everyone else doing?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by nmurch i bought green, blue, and ivory lanterns 50 latnerns for 130 and that included shipping! i also recieved my batteries and my LED lights from 2 ebay sellers who were great and i got GREAT prices. please let me know if anyone would like to know the names of the sellers. i also ordered my lanterns off ebay once i get them and i know they are good quality i will post that as well! SUPER EXCITED!!! my lanterns should be here tomorrow or early next week!! I am interested in knowing the names of the sellers. I am going to order off ebay too. My email is caitlan23@hotmail.com if you would prefer to email me.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by toriOary Hi Ladies, Help and advice needed please. My wedding has srunk in sixe from around 24 people to just 10 adults / 3 teenagers / 3 children. Primarily due to NASA reschuedling a space shuttle launch to November 1st and my wedding being November 3rd. I live in Florida and now none of my collegues can attend plus friends as this is our livelihood so we can't leave on such a important week. I cannot reschuedle the wedding as my perants and my FI children are flying from Europe so this is set. We have booked Ultimate Package plus DJ and lighted dancefloor. This was for the garden reception....... Now with such small numbers wont this look really silly and be a huge expense for just this amount of people, and 16 people with all the children on the big garden area.... also prehaps it is better for me to not take the ultimate but book the wedding a la carte as I dont need to pay for all the alcohol etc.... What would you ladies do in my situation? Has anybody had a smaller wedding? If so how was it? When I look at the reviews I only see 20+ people so I am not sure what I could do? I emailed Cecilia but know she is extremely busy this month so dont expect to hear back from her for a few weeks, in the interim any ideas you may have or notes on what you did prehaps for smaller weddings would be greatly appreicated... Thanks and take care Tori PS - All your weddings were beautiful! Hi. There are just going to be 9 of us at my wedding and I decided to do the ceremony at the gazebo and for the reception we are just going to go the restaurant on property for dinner and not have anything formal. We are also having a reception back home when we get back so we don't need anything over the top in Mexico.
  5. We are not having a social, that is not really us but we're having an AHR with about 100 people. I wanted to be able to share everything with everyone at once and show the video and pictures ot people we care about, plus we are only inviting our parents and siblings to our wedding in Mexico. If it would have been in the summer I would have had a more casual reception, but I want it to be nice..its in March. I plan on leaving my boudior shoot to the last minute too, I need to get on the treadmill more before I do that.
  6. I am considering doing a boudiour shoot too but I was trying to see if someone could recommend one that they had used and I didn't hear much.
  7. Another Winnipeg bride here. I am getting married at Dreams Cancun Jan.31, 2011. Is everyone doing an AHR?
  8. Out of the 3 del sol is the most expensive. I decided to go with Erick Rodriguez. I could spend every day until the wedding trying to decide so I just had to make a decision (by flip of a coin actually).
  9. I am really sorry to hear that minasian34. After all the planning we do thats the last thing you want to happen. I'm wondering if anyone else booked at Dreams Cancun is feeling this way. I'm trying to work out my proposal with Cecilia the WC and its like shes not willing to work with me. I don't want a religious ceremony and she said whatever we get is what we get for a minister. There are other things I'd rather trade for something and she says no. Everyone says shes so sweet but shes hard to deal with over email. My fiance really wanted a destination wedding and I thought I did too until I started planning. Its hard for me to take all the uncertainty and hoping my day turns out the way I'd hoped. Does anyone else feel this way?
  10. I am considering doing a BD shoot closer to my wedding date but don't know of any photographers in my area. Any suggestions?
  11. Has anyone packed their jar with sand and flown it home in their suitcase? Was it still in good condition when it got home?
  12. Hi. Yeah she told me my date was available and then sent me the proposal a couple days later. We are still working on sorting all the details out so I have not sent a deposit yet. I find sometimes they get back to you right away and then sometimes they take a week to get back. So maybe try sending an email asking about the proposal.
  13. Hi. I am getting married at Dreams Cancun Jan.31 2011. Probably see you there. We're having a small group with only 7 family members.
  14. Someone posted that they saw the batteries at Dollarama for a good price. Did you buy the LED lights on ebay? I am a little nervous about buying them off ebay...
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