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  1. hi gals! i purchased a petticoat/slip for my gown, and never ended up using it at the wedding. at this point, i am looking for it to go to a new home! it's a size medium. it slims very nice through the waist and thighs and adds perfect volume to a flair/mermaid-style/a-line gown. please let me know if you're interested! i live in nyc, so you could pick it up if you're local, or i will ship it anywhere (you pay shipping) thanks!
  2. Hi Gals! I bought a bridal petticoat/slip to go under my wedding gown and decided not to wear it at the last minute. It is sitting in my closet and I want it to go to a happy home! It's a mermaid style trumpet control half slip. Essentially, it's a spandex piece on top, with tulle at the bottom. Great for giving mermaid or trumpet gowns extra flare and fullness. It's a size medium. If there are any brides who are looking to save $100, let me know! I live in NYC, so would prefer that someone in the area pick it up - but if you do not live in the area, I am willing to sh
  3. so pretty! thanks so much for sharing, gabi! you did a great job
  4. hi there! i am using wendy hicks, who is highly recommended on this forum. she's just great! i will agree, la amada does not give insane discounts off their listed web price (IMO, i think they are trying to build themselves up as a more premium hotel and do not need to heavily discount since they are getting such traction now. i wouldn't be surprised if rates increase) that being said, my guests have a really great deal that includes transportation and the all-inclusive rate option. everyone is really happy. and, it's an absolute blessing to have someone as organized and on top of things
  5. we have a little over 40 booked, and we anticipate about 60 will come. what about you? we are also in love with the idea of having one of our dinners (i am thinking the welcome dinner) at the lupita lounge. it's an awesome space - relaxing and large. they usually have live entertainment at night, too! can you share the pictures you saw of the december wedding? i would love to see them! fernando charges about $300 for hair and makeup for the bride and i think $100 for the makeup for the bridal party (hair costs range, depending on what you want). it's pricey but SO worth it - from what i have s
  6. hey there! you are so lucky to be heading down, and trust me, you will no be disappointed! it's a beautiful hotel. i have my dress, too! it came in at the end of december, so now i am just working on setting up time with a seamstress to get it fitted. the all-inclusive is a great deal. we are actually paying for half of everyone's all-inclusive rate since we sprung the additional cost on them (we were notified of the all-inclusive after everyone started booking - i was actually really upset that they communicated this to us so late in the game. i wish they were more communicative!)
  7. thanks for your thoughts - what i am really struggling with is building a multi-city trip, at a reasonable cost. travel agents come in handy there! just trying to find one who doesn't have packages that are too scheduled/packed with hour-by-hour tours and activities.
  8. hi all! my fiance and i are getting so excited! only 4 months until our wedding at la amada as for recent news - we have decided to take advantage of la amada's new all-inclusive option. we think that our guests will be much better served under this option, since drinks and food at the hotel is generally very pricey. it's an extra $80.00 per day per person, but we think it's worth it (when we were on our site visit in august, dinner alone cost us $150, so we want our guests to avoid big bills at the end of the trip!) we have also been working with gabi on our wedding decor.
  9. Hi there! We are in desperate search for a fabulous travel agent who can help us book our honeymoon in Italy. We are not looking for a trip that is too "scheduled" but want to visit multiple cities - Florence/Tuscany, Rome, Almafi Coast/Positano. We have tried booking on our own, but it's just been overwhelming. Ideally, we would like something a little more customizable. We love the idea of a cooking class and wine tours in Tuscany, we want to visit the top sites in Rome and we want to hike and relax on the Almafi Coast. We want to stay in 4 star/5 star hotels and are looking
  10. Hi there! We are using a travel agent to help us with the group booking rate - to be honest, the hotel will do nothing unless you have a travel agent. The rates we secured are better than what's advertised on the site, but they are not heavily discounting. I would work with a travel agency, for sure.
  11. I am so sad that I missed your meet up - I would love to get to the next one. I was at my friend's wedding this weekend in Westchester, so I am just seeing these responses now. Did you guys get to share a lot of good tips? Thanks SO much for the heads up on the beach - When we were there in August, it wasn't windy at all at night. So, I assume it's a seasonal thing. We could always look to the lounge area if we needed to. The interesting part about the vendors is that Ileana told me that we could not bring in outside vendors. She mentioned that they work with a union of vendor
  12. Hi there! When we visited in August, we found the weather to be absolutely beautiful! It was definitely warm, but it did not rain at all. They mentioned that it's normally a little more tropical/rainy during that time of the year, but we did not have any issues while we were there. K
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