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Susanandmo Teaser Pics!!!

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Originally Posted by Susanandmo View Post
Hello Eveyone!

We are back from our honeymoon... Got back late Monday night.
I'm working on my review...

Here is a link to our teaser
Fer Juaristi Blog. Rockstar Destination Wedding Photographer, Mexico, Riviera Maya, Monterrey, Worldwide.

Can't wait to see the rest! smile72.gif


WOW GIRL!!!! I love your pics, great photographer! You looked awesome!!! I cant wait to see the rest of them! CONGRATS!

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your photos are going to be awesome- I can tell. I love the one where your mom is looking off and you are in the mirror. You look gorgeous from whatI can see.


I want a teaser and it's not happening!

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great pics, but man that really was a teaser! i want more pics of YOU :)


is that your mom in the one where you are blurred in the background? i just love that pic, she looks so pretty!


oh and did all your guests wear white? the pic at the ceremony you can see the front row and it looks really cool, so fresh and clean against the beach setting :)

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