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Warning about Gardasil (HPV vaccine)

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#1 NicoRuskies

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    Posted 20 May 2009 - 02:32 AM

    Hello Ladies,
    I just received an e-mail that I wanted to share with as many women as possible...this seems like the right place. I have posted the e-mail below and there is also a link to a video on youtube. I have always wondered about this vaccine as I am a skeptic about new drugs and how much longitudinal research is actually done before they release it. I was shocked to hear that they are offering this vaccine for free to girls in grade 6 and 9 in B.C., Canada and I didn't even know about the proposed legislation in some states. I hope this video sperads like wildfire over the internet...I'd say it is needed so that women have all the information they need to make the choices that are right for them.

    32 Girls Have Died
    11,916 adverse events already reported to the CDC... and counting.
    Pain and swelling. Life-threatening muscle weakness. Blood clots in the heart and lungs.
    And the deaths of 32 innocent girls and young women.
    You might think I'm talking about a deadly new disease or a global epidemic...
    I'm not.

    Sadly, it's more sinister than that. The health threats listed above have all been linked with Gardasil, the so-called "cervical cancer vaccine." And thanks to Pharma giant Merck, desperate parents and naive young women believe this vaccine saves lives... they couldn't be more wrong.

    That's why HSI's Jenny Thompson has released a new video in which she exposes the deception for what it is...and reveals some truly shocking information no one else is talking about.

    And you are the very first to see it.

    Please, if you have daughters, granddaughters or friends who might be considering this terrible vaccine, you must watch this video. And please forward it to anyone you think would benefit from the vital information it contains.

    If you think you know the whole story on Gardasil, I think you'll be shocked by what you're about to see. It's just a few minutes long... and those few minutes might just save a young girl's life.

    --MaryEllen Tribby
    CEO & Publisher, Early to Rise

    Link to the video...

    YouTube - Urgent Warning about Gardasil

    #2 cougs


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      Posted 20 May 2009 - 03:51 AM

      snopes.com: Urgent Warning About Gardasil

      according to snopes (which is a great resource for checking the validity of claims made in emails), there have indeed been 32 deaths in girls who have taken the vaccine, however their deaths have not been definitively linked to gardasil.

      regardless, i myself am wary of any vaccines that the government pushes on our children, and especially those that are made mandatory for school attendance.

      the best thing that can come out of this whole thing is that more people will be educated on cervical cancer, its possible causes, prevention, and treatment. knowledge is power.

      #3 YoursTruly

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        Posted 20 May 2009 - 03:54 PM

        This is a very timely post and to piggy back on mummergirl it is so true that the Gov't under the guise of "protection" makes these vaccines mandatory and threatens parents to run and inject our children with these vile so called preventative meds. Now don't get me wrong, there are a limited few that are effective, however, the majority do not prevent diseases and build up antibodies any more than a healthy diet does. Knowledge is power so I would recommend reading (the good bad and ugly) up on the ingredients that these vaccines are made up of and the kickback ( the pharmacetucial companies get including the doctors ) when they administer these to people. It is a sad day when you can't trust some of the conspiracies that take place between the pharmaceutical companies and their bedfellow the government.... I would love to find out if any BDW girls that live in Jersey know of a good source for vaccination waivers, etc.

        #4 Jacilynda

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          Posted 20 May 2009 - 04:47 PM

          I was a pharmacy major before getting pregnant, I plan to finish one day but at this time with a one year old i don't have the time I really need to excel in it. But when I read this I don't freak out about Gardasil and really encourage you girls not to as well. When I see this what I want to know are:

          What age were they when they received the vaccine?
          What health issues did they have at the time?
          What is their health history?
          What are health issues that run in their family?
          When and what symptoms did each have?
          What batch was their supply of gardasil from and how have others receiving the same batch reacted?
          What is listed as their cause of death

          so on and so on!

          I think people see this and they freak out. Please name one drug that has never ever been linked to a death. 32 really isn't alot out of the number of girls who have taken it. I'm pretty sure ibuprofen has been linked to many more and how many of us have taken it? This is alot like the swine flu... not really a big deal (its the flu a milder case than the regular flu) and minimal deaths yet people really freak!

          I agree it should not be a requirement for schools and I don't plan on telling my daughter what it is for. they don't understand and if you bring up HPV girls can think they are ok to have sex or unprotected sex and that is not the case.

          I think its great to enlighten people of these issues, but nothing to get people freaked and riled up about

          #5 Jess

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            Posted 20 May 2009 - 04:55 PM

            I got this vaccine along with many of my friends and I know and there have been no adverse side effects on any of this...unfortunately peoples deaths and side effects get linked to lots of things that they have nothing to do with.

            Knowing someone with cervical cancer I think this is an amazing vaccine (and of course she wishes she could have gotten it before it was too late) so I'd be a little wary here when listening to warnings...I mean there are warnings on every vaccine and medication out there...along with lawsuits that sometimes are not legit unfortunately.

            #6 Jess

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              Posted 20 May 2009 - 04:58 PM

              And I agree Jac - if I have daughters they will get the vaccine - they just will think its a normal vaccine...no need to know the details of it.

              #7 mrsrhbtobe

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                Posted 20 May 2009 - 05:14 PM

                I personally was too old to get Gardasil when it came out, but would have gotten it if I had met the criteria. Several of my friends chose to get the vaccine, as did my two younger sisters, all without side effects.

                The good thing about this vaccine is that it is a personal choice between the woman, or girl and her parents, if they chose to get the vaccine, with full informed consent. Gardasil is a "dead" form of the 4 strains of the HPV virus, 2 of which cause 70% of cervical cancer cases, and 2 of which cause 90% of genital warts cases. Given to the right patient at the right time, the resulting protection against these 2 problems is very effective. Unfortunately, all of the drugs and vaccines currently prescribed have been linked to deaths or undesirable side effects in a few patients.

                As a physician, I struggle with the extent to which drug companies are in bed with our legislators and lobbyists. Money certainly talks, and people are quick to approve new drugs as "magic bullets". Side effects and the dangers of vaccines and drugs should never outweigh the benefit.

                I agree with you ladies, knowledge is power. Thanks for keeping the BDW girls informed :)
                Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.

                #8 lakerbride

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                  Posted 20 May 2009 - 07:04 PM

                  In Canada they cannot make you get vaccinated against your will. As a nurse I am a strong advocate for immunizations. Society as a whole benefits when people are vaccinated. For something such as this I believe it is a very personal choice- regular pap tests, safe sex, and sexual health are effective ways to prevent the disease as well and parents need to discuss these issues with their children.

                  #9 starchild



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                    Posted 20 May 2009 - 07:22 PM

                    Originally Posted by mrsrhbtobe
                    As a physician, I struggle with the extent to which drug companies are in bed with our legislators and lobbyists. Money certainly talks, and people are quick to approve new drugs as "magic bullets". Side effects and the dangers of vaccines and drugs should never outweigh the benefit.
                    1000% agreed (except I'm not a physician lol) I was put off by Gardasil when I first started seeing the commercials for it with the girls jumping rope happily because they are vaccinated. I think I am bothered by the commercials in general that say to ask your doctor for a drug/vaccine. It's a little too infomercial for me.

                    Anyway, I would not have my daughter take this but again it's a personal choice that we all make for our own reasons :)

                    #10 JenniferSS



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                      Posted 20 May 2009 - 08:03 PM

                      My sister in law is an RN and begged me about 6 months ago or so to NOT get my 3 daughters vaccinated ( and she is a big proponent of most vaccinations) . She said that the reports coming out in the medical community are scary and she was really suprised at how the news media hasn't picked it up.

                      I too am leary of any new drug or vaccination that is pushed on us- I think that often times we as a society can get a little ahead of ourselves.

                      Cancer is horrible- I've had several family members pass away from it but I'd rather not subject my daughters to a higher risk for nasty side effects when they are wonderfully healthy at this time!

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