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Research Queen!

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Hello all!!


I'm here shamelessly researching Destination Wedding info! I'm still in that stage where I love every location and can't commit! But once I found this forum, I had to join! It looks like exactly what I need to make a decision.


I've narrowed down dates and I'm leaning towards early Nov/2010 or President's Day weekend/2011. Between the two of us we have a heavy amount of teachers as guests and want to plan around times they would all have off. We have a state convention everyone had off for in Nov, which is why I'm leaning to that! Seems far away but I don't have a ton of free time and don't want a time crunch to stress me too much.


I look forward to asking a lot of questions and hopefully be in full swing of planning by the summer!

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Welcome and congrats!!


It's great that you're giving yourself some time to plan things out and not stress (especially with a destination wedding). It will go by quicker than you think! Good luck with everything!

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