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  1. Hi Christina, How sad we are, to read your post in this forum, and now you're trying to put our reputation down when at the end of the wedding you told us that everything was great and were very happy about our services, and once you realize that It was lost your cell phone, change your mind and now you are writing these post where you can. It is true we are professionals and we want to pay a cell phone that we do not have as you mention, but I think you are missing information in this post, on how they treated Hugo security team hotel and your friends, trying to find your phone, revie
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by brownsugarbride I emailed him awhile ago and he still hasn't emailed me back. My wedding planner is working on it, but it still is a little frustrating to not hear back from a vendor like that. Hola! Can you let su know your wedding date? Probably we are not receiving your e-mails.
  3. Hola Girls, Thnak you for the messages, and as I promise you, Here therea ares two more links from the Ballrooms at The Royal Playa Del Carmen. View from the light up dance floor View fromDJ Booth
  4. Heres is other link from the main beach or central beach at The Royal Playa Del Carmen. http://360.io/FDGWjn?ref=nf
  5. Hola Girls, For those brides that want to know the "Pelicanos Beach at The Royal Playa Del Carmen & North Beach at Gran Porto Real", here is the link. Hope this pic help you is 360° the view! http://360.io/FRNj4Y
  6. If you go to the next link: You will see the 2 beach location, on the left Pelicanos Beach (Some people there playing Volley Ball) and to the right the North Beach at Gran Porto Real . http://360.io/FRNj4Y I hope this pic can help you!!!
  7. Hola Girls! Just sharing some pics form the last wedding at La Laguna Rest. in Palladium Resorts!
  8. Hola Girls ! Just sharing some pics, from the last weddings at Dreams Tulum! These are from other wedding at the same place, next to the seaside Rest. but much bigger the light up dance floor.
  9. Hola echraide, and all the brides in this forum! Thank you so much for trust in us, I want to clarify, I am the owner of the company Doremixx, and I am a DJ too, I love my job, everything I do is because I like, I want to offer the best of our services, all the people that works with me are professional, I am very selective with the DJ´s and the technicians, I have 6 dj´s working at this moment with us, they are professional DJ´s, they are not amateurs, and we have equipment with quality. I know that many of the brides want me to DJing during their wedding day and I am glad to read
  10. Hola ChristieandTy! Thank you, yes we have an space for that date yet please just contact us by e-mail!
  11. Hola! I am glad to read that you are interested on our information, you can read the reviews in the next link: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dj-s-doremixx/reviews
  12. IvanG

    Best DJ!

    Hola! Thank you I am glad to read your comments, it was an honor for me! Best and Congrats!
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