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Hi Jessicalynneh,


My photographer is a friend of a friend who usually does sports photography but has done a handful of weddings as well - he basically did this as a favour for us so I'm not too sure how much wedding business he really wants.  When is your wedding (it's so hard to remember with all the different ladies on this forum)?  I won't meet him until my wedding day (December 17, 2011) but I will be sure to ask him so I can post his contact information on this forum if he is interested!



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Hi Amurka,


here are photos of the parasol (with the flower I attached) and my wedding dress (they're not great photos and to be honest i'm kinda going off it... eek!!) thats not me in any of the photos btw!



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amurka we cant get a direct flight to dominican so we are flying to manchester the night before and staying overnight there. so that's only an hour flight and then the flight from manchester is about 9 hours I think? we flew via birmingham the last time i was in DLR.


I am having a veil and leaving my hair down, and lucky for me I have two hairdressers coming with me!! My sister and one of my friends both own Toni & Guy salons so we'll be well sorted for blowdry's and upstyles! LOL! I am glad you like my ideas, I really should take some more photos of stuff I have been collecting and post them up here to share - and you should do the same! xxx

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Hi ladies :)))xxxx


nice to see that it got a bit busier at the forum lately :))) more brides are getting married and it is sooo exciting :)))xx


@chanelo, sweetie your dress is simply FANTASTIC!!! i love it and I love the whole style, you will look amazing in it hon :)))xxxx Such a shame we arrive at the hotel after your wedding, would of love to get a sneak peak of your big day and congratulate you in person!xx


Thanks also for ebay umbrellas link, it does look stunning and very delicate on your picture with the flower on it! The quality of umbrella does look amazing too, will be definitely ordering some this weekend :D

Oh glad your flight is going to be basically 9h ish and you will be arriving a day earlier to Manchester - it always good to start getting into holiday mood earlier ;) Although we live not far from Gatwick, where we will be flying from, we have still booked a night before in a hotel there, so we won't need to leave home in a middle of the night and than have over 9h flight ahead of us.

And you have scored on your hair arrangements, having someone you trust there doing your hair is amazing :)) I am having my hair down too, not fan of the up does :)) and wearing a cathedral veil, was not keen on the whole veil idea at first, but than tried it on with my dress and it does look lovely :D

Definitely share with us any other ideas you managed to gather would love to see :))) I will post some as well as I go along :D Btw just found a very simple but nice bags for our welcome bags here is pic, tell me what you think ladies:



Will add some tissue paper and and add all the goods in there :)) Was thinking to do beach bags at first in each room, but than realized that my family consist of majority women and most of them would like to get their own bag lol :D so only for bags I was looking to spend about £200 lol, so found this alternative instead :D I have not purchased them just yet, so would appreciate your opinion on it girls :))


@Jessica we are using HDC photographer too, cant wait myself to see Arnauds pictures, he does seem a very pleasant guy :)





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@Jessica , hon if you do find a contact for the florist, definitely post it here, cos I will be 100% interested :))


@Sabrinaa sweetie thanks for the website, glad you managed to meet them too before hand and actually explain in person what flowers you would like :))) Its a shame that neither I nor anyone I know speak Spanish...i keep meaning to learn tbh lol :D


Oh also girls below I am going to post my name and date of our wedding in DLR, just add your names and dates to it so we can have a new list and will know who is getting married next :D



Originally Posted by Sabrinaa View Post

Hey ladies,

The florist I'm using is in Santo Domingo - I went to visit them when I was there earlier in October to pick things out/see who I'm dealing with :)

I ended up getting my bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, 2 boutonnieres and some roses for my cake topper for about $220 Canadian dollars - well worth it when you compare what the resort wants to charge!  Because my wedding package included a bouquet for me, I instead asked for it to be swapped for extra coursages and boutonnieres which they agreed to do.  The florist I'm using is Jardin Constanza http://www.jardinconstanza.com/ is the website for them.  They only speak Spanish and I gave them pictures of exactly what I wanted.


Good luck ladies!


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