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  1. Hi Jess819, I used the DJ that the resort provided for us. I made a bunch of playlists on my ipod for "must play" songs and then let him do what he wanted. We had a great time! The photographer was a friend of a friend so I can't really help you in that aspect.... Good luck! Sabrina
  2. Hey Soccer1615, No I didn't. The prices were just too much for me because I was going to need another 3 bouquets and a bunch of coursages and boutonnieres. I got my flowers and cake from places in Santo Domingo and we hired a taxi service to bring everything to the hotel the day of the wedding.....my husband is Dominican which helped a lot. We didn't want to outsource our cake but the hotel was unable to make a cake for 60 people for some unknown reason...we went back and forth with this for almost a month! (because it just doesn't make any sense!) We finally just got fed up and outsourced a cake and it was SOOOOO delicious....best item on our menu for sure.
  3. Hi Brendee, Regarding the tiffany chairs, yes, I think we had to make a 70% deposit....that sounds right.
  4. Hi Soccer1615, There was no charge for any decor/linen set up. The chairs came from the outside vendor and they set them up for the ceremony and then moved them to the reception. I brought all my own centerpieces and the lanterns for the gazebo and they set it all up free of charge. Jessicalynneh, see my post #2883 just above for pricing of the tiffany chairs.
  5. Hi Brendee, We paid $150 pesos per chair plus a delivery fee of $1600 pesos. These linens were a hot pink/fuschia colour that we used and we were not charged for them. The hotel does have a linen price list but these were free to use. I bought 2 other hot pink crushed taffeta table cloths and brought them with me to use on the head table but the rest were the hotel's linens. Happy to help - I got so much help from this forum myself
  6. Hi Soccer1615, Our aisle runner was 25 feet - it would have been better if it was longer....but it did the job!
  7. Thank you ladies! Brendee - our reception was in the a la carte restaurant Portofino. We did not rent any linens - they are all hotel linens. They have a few colours of linens that are free but limited quantities. The pink linens that I used were plain cotton, the hotel had 8 of them. The tiffany chairs were rented from an outside vendor - they only speak Spanish (my husband dealt with him as he is Dominican) and they took forever and many phone calls/emails (just a warning - be patient!). Contact info: Andreina Reyes Calle Altagracia Nº 11B, La Romana Rep. Dom. Tels.:809-556-5959 809-556-8595 Fax: 809-556-5454 E-mail: eventos@verizon.net.do
  8. Thank you Vancouver Bride. We were married December 17 and our ceremony started around 5:20pm.
  9. Hey Ladies, Here are a few pictures from my wedding - keep in mind they are untouched and I'm not sure why they are attaching at all different sizes....
  10. Hi Cynthia, It wasn't very difficult to walk through the path in heels. I wore 2.5 inch and my bridesmaides work 3.5 and 4 inch.... We had to walk more slowly but it looked natural - it's your wedding and it gives people/photographer more time to take pictures.
  11. Hi Everyone! I know it's been awhile but I wanted to let you know that I had the most wonderful wedding and that Jenny was very easy to work with and really did accomodate our needs for our wedding day. I should have the pics from the photographer sometime within the next 2 weeks and will post some for you. We got married at the gazebo and had the reception in the Italian a la carte restaurant which was a perfect venue for us (we had the entire restaurant to ourselves like a mini banquet hall). We had 52 people in total at our wedding and it was fantastic. Good luck to all the brides still planning and believe me - you may be stressed now but once you have your first meeting in person with your wedding planner, you will feel totally at ease. Sabrina
  12. Hey Ladies! The time is almost here! I'm leaving for the DR tomorrow but I won't be getting married until the following Saturday. I'm so excited! I won't be back until January but I'm sure I'll find a few moments to give you ladies updates. Wish me luck! Sabrina
  13. Thanks ladies for all the kind words....I think I've morphed into Bridezilla....and I think my fiance agrees
  14. Hey Ladies, My wedding is only a couple weeks away and I wanted to give you a heads up. My ceremony got pushed from 4pm to 5pm which I AM NOT happy about. This means I will have very little time for pictures before my 6:30pm ceremony. My fiance and I are considering pushing the reception back until 7pm to give us a bit more time but I'm worried about the sunsetting and therefore the increase in time won't actually be of any help. Just make sure your planner gives you confirmation of the time of your ceremony because even though I told her the time that I wanted back in April, she never actually confirmed it and it was just yesterday that I found out. She gave me the option of getting married on the beach instead (which I do not want at all - we specifically came to this resort for the gazebo, or moving it to 2pm which won't work for us, not to mention the heat!) We are considering taking pictures prior to the ceremony because of the lighting and also so that we are not then rushed or God forbid the ceremony before us gets delayed and then we're really screwed! And besides that, I'm a bit traditional in the whole thing about not seeing the bride before the wedding so I'm really not too happy about this option but I might have to suck it up. Not something I wanted to find out about just 2 weeks before my wedding! I don't want it to happen to any of you. Sabrina
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