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  1. Oh Clare-Marie I am so sorry I misspelled your name - my mother in law is called Clair so I spelled yours this way instinctively :Dxoxo
  2. @ Clair-Marie we are leaving tomorrow afternoon for the airport, staying over a night there before our flight on the morning of 29th Yay!!!! I'm just glad that I have taken today off work today as nothing is packed yet apparat for my dress...been super busy, so I hope I won't forget to take anything!!! @Chanelo sweetie If you are reading the thread, hope you are having the time of your life hon!!!!!xoxoxo
  3. @Brendee2005 I have actually came across A la carte menu by accident, Yanna sent it to me with new cocktail hour options )) You have starter, soup and choice of 3 main's on the day and a dessert! which was great for us, because my family are fussy eaters and all want different things lol I will try to find it on my laptop and post it here, but it I wont be able to, just give your WC a quick email I am sure she will send it to you no problem ) xoxo
  4. Hi Clare-Marie ) I agree with you this site is awesome and it helped me loads while planning our wedding, which is fast approaching as well - 6th March To answer some of your questions, the OOT bag stands for (out of town bag), ladies here make them for their guests that come to Dreams with little bits and peaces that could be useful during their stay as a token of appreciation (i.e. sun lotion, some meds, flip - flops etc) - basically what ever you wish Regarding ceremony times, it is completely up to you two as well, we have personally chosen 4pm for our ceremony with cocktail hour straight after and reception dinner. The main reason behind out decision on time was of course weather, at 4-4.30pm it is not as hot as it is at 12 lol and you can get some nice pictures too with sun setting down on the background We were personally not very keen on golden or silver menus for reception, but wedding coordinator told me that there is A la Carte option available, however if you are on the tight budget you can always request your wedding coordinator to secure you a table at one of the restaurants for your reception. Best way would be for you to email Jenny with a bullet point list of questions that you still have, this way she will answer them all - it shouldn't take too long for you to hear back from you either, as your day is very close and they tend to answer much quicker for this exact reason I am not sure though what free gazebo decorations do you get, but hopefully one of ladies on here will be able to give you more details on this! Sand ceremony, it is a symbolic ceremony some couples choose when they both pour different colour sand into a special glass vase/jar etc (you can also find a phone frame fro sand ceremony too) which indicates union of two people and it looks very pretty you can see example here: http://www.oceancityminister.com/sand-ceremony/ I really hope this helps you at least a bit and you wont worry too much hon, you will see everything will be perfect Ask away if you have any other questions and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you on your weight loss!!! ) xoxo
  5. @Jess819, hon we are getting basic wedding package at Dreams, but DJ is not included with it, therefore we decided to book him in as an extra ) Hotel DJ costs $250 for 4 hours, hope it helps you hon xoxo
  6. @Chanelo, OMG you are now on the plane on the way to DLR!!!!! I cant believe it!!!! Excited and happy for you sweetie and hope you will have a great journey and an amazing time at Dreams and of course at your big day!!!! :Dxoxoxox Its a shame that we wont be able to meet with you there, but I wish you all the best and will be looking out for updates here from you...that is if you will be able to take yourself away from all that sun lol I know how you feel about thinking that you forgot smth, 8days to go for us and I have mountain to do and getting little panicky too, cos i am afraid I will miss something or leave something behind lol but I am sure you got it all and you will have an amazing time with your family and friends celebrating your wedding )) xoxo
  7. Hello ladies )xoxo How is eveyrone doing, how is your planning going? @chanelo, sweetie, how are you? are you all packed etc??? it must be super busy now for you and I am sure you cannot wait to go already!!! xoxo
  8. Hi ladies ))xoxo Hope all the planning coming along nicely and hope @chanelo you are not panicking too much sweetie, your day is coming super fast lol I am not far behind you as well lol @Amy, hon thank you so much for asking, we had an amazing last two days: our best friends ("witnesses") came over Monday night, we all went out for fantastic meal and quite a few drinks lol but it was very nice to catch up with them, cos as they live now about 3hours away we don't get to see them as often as we would like.. Than Tuesday morning (Valentines Day ) we all woke up, got dressed and began our journey to register office for our legal ceremony Before we left our friends decided to give us our wedding present early, got so emotional lol didn't expect that at all from myself, but it all just started to properly sink in i guess So after our ceremony, we took our pictures and went for lunch all together and a glass of champagne to celebrate It was perfect and we had an amazing time ) - the only thing is, now me and my now legally HUSBAND LOL, cant wait to go to DR and have ceremony with all our friends and family!!! Tell me ladies how are you doing with your preparations though? Oh and what did you decide to do about your ceremony programes and menus? I have quite a stressful time about this to be honest, I got in touch with lady that made our invites (which were amazing!) right after New Year, cos that's when we decided on the menu with FI ...she got back to us and said no problem at all and it will all be sorted, just needed to wait for first drafts..... so two and a half weeks in I though I will chase her see how progress is doing...heard nothing back, via email, or her website form...than came across her facebook page and though i will have a go contacting her there...She responded and it took a weight off my shoulders, apparently something has been wrong with her email account Than she told me she is working on first drafts for me and they will be ready soon, - heard nothing back again for two weeks contacted her again she said she is sorry it was very busy and she is def going to send me the drafts.... Well now I am on my 2 weeks before departure to DR, still don't have my first drafts and it is way too late asking someone else to do it...(( Is someone planning to make their own programes and menus maybe girls? do you have any templates to share, i would appreciate it soo much!xoxo As i think the only way for me to have it now is to do it myself...:/ xoxo
  9. @chanelo oh and your programs look amazing too hon!!! :Dxoxo
  10. Hi chanelo! )xoxo Sweetie, your OOT bags are AMAZING!!! Congratulations hon, I know how much time and work you put into those, i am sure your guests will appreciate such a thoughtfulness!!! I have indeed disappeared somehow, got overloaded with work, study, wedding planning and usual family dramas that you get with any major celebration lol but now even though it is still very busy I feel, that I have done most of the things for wedding so i feel more relaxed ) although of course now and than i get panic attacks that i have missed something lol ) Chanelo, that's exactly what we have decided with my FI about our presents, I got him a professional camera as a present (which he already got lol ) and he got me a compact one (cos i am way to clumsy lol and i am not into gadgets that you have to literally enroll into some sort of course to know how to use it ) But Chanelo your other present is soooo awesome, as i was reading message on the certificate I got all chocked up... your FI will love it hon!xxxx Where did you get it from sweetie by the way?!xxxx I have finished my OOT bags last weekend as well, but decided to take them with me, cos my family is coming from all over Europe and we are all meeting only at the airport right before we go to DR But as there are not many of us, it makes it all not that bad to be honest ) I am still waiting for my menus and ceremony programs...this is the only thing that makes me quite nervous, as they will be coming from US and we have only 3 weeks left now before we go.. Still waiting for last minute deliveries to come and getting super excited now!!! Have a little app on my iphone that counts days minutes and seconds until we go LOL As many of you might know already, our formal "wedding" is going to be on the 14th Feb in registry office, with only our two closest friends with us, who cant make it to DR - and it is only 6 days away now. Even though we decided to make it as simple and quick as possible, as we will always see our official wedding being in DR on the 6th, we both still counting the days and getting super excited about it ) Planned to spend night before with our fiends and next morning go to "sign the papers" and celebrate together the rest of the day
  11. Hi Ladies!!! ))xoxo Haven't been posting here for ages, but been checking up on you guys and glad your planning is going well ) Chanelo and myself are next in line to be married women in DLR YAY very very excited and a little stressed, but all good, - arranging last minute details now ) @KrystalKelley - sweetie, do you think you could give us details of make-up artist who you asked to come in for your big day? I am a bit panicky about the hair and make up: already got some of my own make up just in case lol )) thanks a lot hon in advance BTW, Welcome to all new brides who are due to get married in DLR!!! ) Wish you luck and happy planning, enjoy every second of it )xoxo
  12. Hello ladies! :Dxx We are getting married March 6th @ Dreams La Romana in Dominican Republic!!! Time went by so quickly and now like many of you, I am starting to panic a little lol Hope your planning is coming along well girls, do share some pictures if you have them of your dresses and other bids and pieces you have chosen for your big day, it is always lovely to see and get some inspiration as well xoxo
  13. Hello ladies! ))xxxx How are you all holding up ? Haven't been here for ages now, preparations for Christmas have taken over our family lol Oh Sabrina, I can't believe it is your turn already and you are leaving for DR, I remember like yesterday thinking that it is a long way away ) Just read about your ceremony, hon you will see it is going to be fantastic, relax enjoy the sun and cheeky cocktails ;D and you will have an unforgettable time )xoxo Will definitely post you official congrats on the 17th when you will be officially a MRS! Wish you and your FI a safe trip and loads of happiness and love xoxo
  14. @Brendee no worried hon, hope you like it and you won't have a head ache about transporting your dress to DLR ))xx Sent us some pic's when you get it too )xoxo @Lopez Welcome sweetie and Congratulations on your wedding :Dxxx Tell us more about yourself and what planning have you done so far too ) xoxo
  15. LIST OF WEDDINGS IN DREAMS LA ROMANA anudrm (Selina) 12 November 2011 (MARRIED!!! ) DreamsBride2011 (Katie) November 11th, 2011 (reception November 12th, 2011) (MARRIED!!! ) Sabrina December 17, 2011 Chanelo February 24th 2012 Amurka 6th March 2012 Cynthia (CynMay2012) - May 4th 2012 brendee2005 May 5th, 2012 soccer1615 July 5th 2012 Lopez0117 June 1st, 2012 Romana uk 2012 September 7th 2012 gem2wed2012 October 19th 2012 Vancouver Bride, 29 Oct, 2012 jess819 November 9th, 2012 Jessicalynneh November 10th, 2012 katierenae December 8th, 2012
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