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We are having a really small wedding (11 people total) and renting out a space for a reception seems excessive. Do any of you know anything about having dinner on the pier or possibly in a wine cellar?

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Originally Posted by jenngene2011 View Post
I actually have a question and i'm hoping someone here can help. Does anyone have pics or samples pics of the decorated wedding cakes they offer? Thanks in advance : )
I have them, they were forwarded to me from this forum, email me or let me know what your email is.

- Dana

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Originally Posted by hermosahoops View Post
We are having a really small wedding (11 people total) and renting out a space for a reception seems excessive. Do any of you know anything about having dinner on the pier or possibly in a wine cellar?
I know they can set up at the Pier, because that was my original request, but couldn't do it because I had too many people coming. That option though was not with the free wedding reception. That was with the silver package. I don't know what it would cost to have a dinner out there but I would ask.

I know as a bride you get priority with the a la carte restaurants, they will make it 'semi private for you and you can reserve (usually you don't reserve at the a la cartes) The only drawback is that you are not allowed music there.

Hope this helps.

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Hi guys sooo sorry it has took me so long to come back and tell you ladies about our fabulous wedding. It used to drive me mad when people got married then didn't come back and tell us how it went!!!So here goes



We arrived into Punta Cana airport after a 10 hour flight, there were 12 of us in total, and we travelled to La Romana in an air conditioned bus which was part of our holiday package, we had the bus to ourselves which was great and although it was a long trip, (approx 1hr 45) we were all quite tired so were happy to look out the window and see the real Dominican.


Check in, rooms and hotel

We were greeted with champagne and cold towels, I had contacted the hotel previously and requested the renovated rooms, and for us to be together. We were all put in Block 7 on the ground floor. Humbero was great in explaining everything to us and arranging for our luggage to be brought round to us. My room had a VERY strong fusty damp smell, on checking everyone else's room they were all exactly the same, I went round to see Humbero and he changed the rooms to the second floor without a problem. The rooms on the second floor were much better. I have to say I was slightly disappointed in the rooms, although they were spotlessly clean they were definately not as luxurious as other hotels we had stayed in in Punta Cana. But after a few days we decided we would rather have slightly less luxurious rooms and better facilities and restaurants, after all how long are you in the room?

The hotel grounds were extremely clean and the gardens are immaculate, the grounds staff are very friendly and work tirelessly to keep it perfect, especially rambo rambo who climbs the trees to get you coconuts, he's brilliant.


There were an awful amount of mosquittos and even though we completely covered ourselves in extra strength spray we still got eaten alive. My friend took peritoneze tablets everyday from before we went and she didn't get bitten once, might be a coincidence but I'll be doing that in future. The hotel did everything they could to keep them at bay by spraying the beach and grounds every day and fumigating the rooms every week and at request.


While we were there a large amount of our party had very severe diarrhea, I had been giving them all Immodium but it wasn't helping, a lot of people at the hotel were affected, after 6 days of it my daughter fainted three times by the pool, the security man by the pool helped me get her to the medical centre on site, the Dr was fantastic, but apparently this was a viral stomach infection that was going around everyone in the hotel, which is why Immodium wasn't helping, my daughter ended up on a drip and taking two sets of antibiotics, as did most of our party, some of which are convinced it was the glasses not being washed right or the ice. I was one of the few that didn't get it, and I took ice in my drinks so I don't think that is right, I think it was just a virus that someone brought with them, and the heat and sharing pools ect spread it around. I would advise anyone going to bring rehydration salts and be aware not to let it go on for so long.



This is where this hotel FAR exceeded any other All Inclusive we have stayed at.


The World Cafe breakfast is amazing the omelettes are really good. One thing about the World Cafe is there is no air conditioning as it is open plan, also birds have nested inside in the roof, so make sure you choose a table with no birds above or as we joked you get extra "protein" with your food.

The Seaside Grill does a light continental breakfast which is nice and you have the choice of sitting outside or in the air conditioned section inside.

Room service being free is a bonus and very good as long as you are not in a mad rush.

Also the cafe is a fantastic idea I have never seen in an all inclusive, the coffee is really good and so is the little snacks and buns yum


The World cafe is ok not great but you will always find something you can eat.

The Barefoot Grill on the beach does burgers, hotdogs and wedges. The burgers are fantastic.

The SSG was my favourite for lunch, the ceasar salad is gorgeous especially if you ask them to put chicken in it.

The pizzeria opens by the pool in the afternoon, serving hotdogs and very tasty pizza.



Again the world cafe is ok not great

We did not try Oceana as I hate fish

The French and Italian are fantastic, beautiful interior and amazing food, the petis pois soup is gorgeous. The portions are quite small but they are happy to let you try two starters or ask for extra potatoes, we found though because the food is so rich the portion sizes were enough. Men must wear long trousers and shoes as opposed to flip flops. They do inforce this. If you want to eat after 730 you will need to wait but they give you a pager so you can go and wait in the bar.

The Mexican is nice but I did not want to go back as I preferred French and Italian.

The Asian is good, we tried it a few times and were never disappointed.

The Seaside Grill is very good, the corn soup starter is delicious as is their fillet of beef, they are happy to let you change the side orders and although pepper sauce is not on the menu they were happy to make us some and it was fantastic.

We did not try the Jungle as it was on the beach and the mossies were just crazy.



Oh my goodness the cocktails are good, I didn't think I would like them but I was addicted!! The alcohol is definately watered down, there is no way I could drink rum and vodka all day and still be sober. But then it maybe isn't a bad thing or people would be drunk round the pool and having accidents.

The white wine and champagne is really good, also a first at an all inclusive for us.

The beach bar and pool bar have a crazy amount of wasps, they are crawling over everything including the fruit garnishes so make sure you do not eat them.

The bar staff were generally fantastic and appreciated a few dollars tip when getting us drinks, except at the lobby bar, they laughed if you gave them any less than $10, and they ran out of bottled bear and baileys if you were not tipping them enough, then blatently gave a bottle to others infront of you. Not impressed by that!

Also the nightclub was very much geared towards themselves, the staff who were off duty were in there and the music was all to suit them. I had my hen night on the sunday night and was delighted that it was 70's 80's 90's night, but when we were there we had to beg the dj to play anything we had heard of, and then he played one Lady Gaga song and back to their music.



I met with Yanna two days after arriving, she is lovely, I filled in the forms and gave her the lanterns, cake ribbon and topper and seat decorations I had brought with me, Yanna had all my emails printed off and I just confirmed that was the way I wanted it set up. I asked her if I could borrow a suite the day of the wedding to get ready in, as I thought the pictures would be nicer, and myself and the girls would have more room. This was not a problem.  And that was that!! I went the day before the wedding to reception and paid for the judge and the photographers day pass.I had my hair and make up trial on the sunday, I had pictures of what I wanted and they did it almost the same as the pictures, I brought my own make up and brushes which she was happy to use and she did a very good job.

We had glorious weather the whole time we were there, the morning of the wedding we woke up to torrential rain, thunder and lightening. I went down to see Yanna, who said we would wait until 3 before worrying and that if it did not stop I would be able to get married on the deck at the SSG which is under cover, I was really not happy with that. I went to get ready and left it to Tony to meet Yanna at 3, he was under strict instructions that we were not moving from the gazebo until the very last min. The two girls went to the spa to get their hair done, the youngests hair was terrible, all pulled back from her face and the bun at the back which was meant to be loose curls was awful, so I pulled it out and fixed it myself. When I went to the spa it was still raining, my hair had so much mousse and hairspray on it it was SOLID. I was a bit annoyed but nothing I could do, so I had another glass of champagne and let her get on with my make up. I was very happy with the make up. When I left the spa at 1530 it had stopped raining. Thank goodness. The photographer Francisco from HDC photo came to the room and was lovely, we discussed what I like and I showed him some pictures I liked to give him an idea. He was fantastic.


Continued on next post

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Our wedding was to be at 5 but Yanna did not come and get me until 530 but as it had only stopped raining at 330 they were late setting up the gazebo so that was understandable. Yanna led us down and the gazebo was beautiful, she had everything exactly as I wanted it. The dj played most of our songs (he didn't see Tony coming as they were still setting up, I was quite disappointed as I had whitesnake here I go again for him to walk in to for a laugh) and everything went perfectly. Though bit of advice, I had the air conditioning on as high as I could get it so the room we got ready in was like a fridge, the minute I walked outside the heat and humidity hit me (maybe also because I'm from Northern Ireland and therefore not used to heat lol) and I melted!!!! By the time I got to the gazebo ( a very short walk from block 5) my make up was off, my hair had dropped (even with all that hairspray) and I had rivers of sweat running down my back and legs. By the photos on the beach my hair is soaking and more like rats tails than curls!!

We had the legal service which although cost us £1000 and lots of stress in paperwork, it was totally worth it, I wanted this to be the moment I became Mrs Bird and not just ceremonial, although I do understand peoples reasons for having the legalities done at home.

I had originally wanted the meal outside at the SSG, but after a few days people in our group were struggling to eat outside in the heat (part of which was due to the virus), also I enjoyed the food and atmosphere so much in the French restaurant that we decided to have the meal in there instead. It was fantastic, they had it set up beautifully with our cake on a table beside us. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day but it goes too quick!!

The only problem is my marriage certificate hadn't arrived by the time we were leaving and we've been home two weeks and it still isn't here!! I need to get it translated and legalised before I can change my name on anything, which is frustrating. But other than that it was fab!!! Ask anything you need to know and I'll try and post some pics for you xo


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WOW lizzyjayne...stunning phots and great review!!!  Contratulations to you and your husband.  I'm so glad it all turned out beautifully.  I keep showing the ladies I work with all of your pics!  Each time a new one comes up, I call them over to have a look.  Thank you so much for coming back to the forum and for letting us know how everything went. 


I'm so thrilled to be able to work with HDC for our wedding. 


Thanks, too, for telling us about the suite you were able to get for the day of the ceremony...a wonderful idea, and one I never would've thought to ask Yanna.  You were radiant...and the girls looked beautiful in their dresses too! 


I do have a question about the flowers you had:  were they from the resort or did you bring them with you?  They were gorgeous and a terrific colour.  I also loved your husband's boutonniere...a nice change from others I've seen; again, was that from DLR or brought with you?  Thanks!



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