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Cruise Wedding OOT Bags

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Originally Posted by FutureMrsEisen View Post


WOW!!! Those look great!! Thank you for sharing!! What did you use for the anchor, a stencil?

I used a card board stencil that my co-worker made it for me. Then, I just used pump spray fabric paint. The spray can one was too runny.

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They really do look great. I love all your ideas and checked out the mini place as well. I have to decide between getting all this stuff before hand and having to deal with getting it from one country to another and then to the port or on the other hand risking not getting what I want because I only have 3 days in Texas before the cruise departs and I don't know if I would be able to find everything. 


I think I will have to do a bit of both and get some stuff before hand and some stuff when I get there. 


Your bags look great! 


Thanks ladies for all these great ideas. 

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Originally Posted by Carlitarenee View Post


45 of our 50 guests will be meeting us for a Welcome/Rehearsal dinner the night before the cruise so we are handing out our bags then. We just got the plain canvas bags from cheaptotes.com and sewed pockets onto the front with our logo.


In the front pocket

- Welcome Brochure (Vista)

- Photoshare card (Vista)

- Addressed and stamped Postcard (Vista)


Our OOT bags have:

- First-aid kit

- Duct tape (with story for it)

- Gum

- Mints

- Lifesavers

- sticky pads

- highlighter and pens

- fun, goofy sunglasses

- deck of cards (pirates)

- Anti-bac gel (coconut lime scent)

- Beach theme soap

- Aloe Vera

- Personalized Hot Sauce

- Disposable camera (wedding party bags only)

- Personalized T-shirt (wedding party bags only)

- I think thats all??


We are also sliding Thank you notes under their doors the last night of the cruise (again Vista). We will be sending formal thank yous later, as well.

I like the thank you cards at the end as a nice touch!

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Look great! I have to get started on mine! I do have one question, how will you get the bags to each room? Or will you just be handing them to the guests as they board? Still trying to figure this part out before I do all the work! Thanks! Mel

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