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    well my wedding will be in Dec but I've only heard good things about the arrangements.
  2. I love your dress. Where did you get the cup?
  3. I can relate. Be sure to all set deadlines at least one week ahead.
  4. Its unfortunate about your Dad. Try to stay focus because a wedding is really about the bride and groom.
  5. Ryves

    Unique Ceremonies

    Thanks for the ideas.
  6. Ryves

    No Bridal Party?

    I have asked my sisters to help with organization.
  7. Ryves

    Reception Timeline?

    For cruising brides will the coordinators give a time line?
  8. Ryves

    November 2013 Carnival Magic Wedding

    Congrats to all you cruising brides
  9. Ryves

    Jesse James engaged already?!?

    This whole thing still upsets me.
  10. Congratulations. You were looking really beautiful.