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  1. Sorry...I was being sarcastic about DW's being easier! Because it IS a common misconseption people keep saying to me....like "isn't this supposed to be easy" and "you don't really have to do anything" I'm like seriously people...you try are get a bunch of people to shell out $1600.00 per person to go on vacation oh and plan a wedding on top of that! I KNOW it's not easy I think I'm just gonna go electronically and let people know....and if someone wants to come along they are welcome to come with us
  2. We are going to have at at home reception. Simply because we knew the "important people" weren't going to be able to come. His brothers/sisters and his dad and my mom etc. I think we are just going to spread the word by email and telephone and then send out a wedding announcement after we come home with the AHR details. We are looking at cruise details now and once we book we will let people know. I thought destination weddings were supposed to be easier lol Nicole
  3. Hi...We were in the process of planning a destination wedding in Punta Cana March 2013 and we got back pricing and it turned out about 4 people were coming so we decided to save the $7000 (resort/photographer/reception) and elope to Florida and hop on a cruise the next day. We haven't picked a cruise yet but we like the Eastern Caribbean itineraries. Carnival seems to be the most affordable. We also will be moving up the wedding date to October/November 2012!!
  4. Ok So here is the deal. The save the dates went out to about 50 households two weeks ago for our March 2013 DR wedding. We figured we would have about 10-15 people attend. After looking at pricing and having some heart to hearts with people. We now realize we are going to have maybe 4 people come down with us. I am sad but I guess I knew that this was a chance we were taking when deciding on a DW. So now we are thinking of just eloping...either to a resort or maybe head to Florida (we are Canadians) and get married in Frorida and then hoping on a cruise. I know some people will read this and think I couldn't get married withour my mother, sister, best friend etc. I will say that my mother wasn't coming to the wedding ever, I havn't talked to my sister in a year, it was my best friend's idea for us to just say the hell with it and elope. My grandmother even says we should elope! No one in his family would be attending either. Just a couple friends and my aunt and uncle. Also I want to say, no one has put any money down. So my question is....how do we let people know that we are eloping? Do we have to tell people since noone was coming anyway? HELP!
  5. I'm thinking about trying it too! I just can't decide between the transformation kit or the shape kit
  6. That is fantastic jello! That is how I feel. I know my girls will be there for me know matter what Nicole
  7. Bride2b2013-I would love to see them the Bubba mugs engraved! I'm thinking I want to go that route too!
  8. Thanks Ladies! I'm pretty confident in my decision now! Thanks Nicole
  9. I need about 50-60 8.5x11 pieces of Fuschia or Orange cardstock. I'm in Canada and I'm finding it hard to find here. Let me know if you have any leftovers...we can figure out a price. Thanks Nicole
  10. Hey Ladies, The 20 oz Bubba Travel mugs are on sale again at Canadian Tire (well in NB anyway) They are regular $12.99 on sale for $5.19. Nicole
  11. So I'm thinking that we might not have a bridal party...we are planning a small (15-20 people) wedding in Punta Cana and I don't know if I want to have a bridal party. I have multiple girls to choose from but FI doesn't know who to pick. I don't think that we need to have a bridal party. My only concern is the 10 minutes before the ceremony starts after everyone has gone to sit down I will be all by myself (no one would be walking me down the isle) Has anyone done this? I'm I crazy to even do this?
  12. Hi Ladies, I plan on doing a lot of my own printing...invites, labels, and such. For those of you who did this did you buy a special printer or did you just use one you already had. I currently don't have a printer at home so I will be buying one but I was just wondering if there is something I should be looking for when I'm at the store Thanks, Nicole
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