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  1. Used them in our guest book and possibly going to use them in our OOT bags for something. Got the book for free on Shutterfly with the offer from DB and, it was for the 12x12 which is huge! Love my guest book it turned out amazing.
  2. Hi ladies!! Just checking to see how everyone's planning is going! I know that with the holidays here the planning has taken a bit of a backseat (so has working out :-/) I have basically been trying to narrow all my choices down and finalize it before the year ends. Happy Holidays Ladies!! It's the calm before the storm!
  3. This is a question for all the past brides... Who did your photos? I'm looking for recommendations for that. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Sorry to hear that you have not had any contact as yet. That is scary! Are you guys getting there 3 days before the wedding? That is what Jenny said to do and that is when we will be finalizing everything. Either way I am hoping that there will be contact for you soon!!
  5. Hi Jessmaine, That is really crazy!! Most likely if your sister did the deposit it was to reserve that particular date. How long has it been since you have emailed? Hopefully you get some contact soon to get info on the times of the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception!! Keep us updated!!
  6. I am working with a TA for the booking of the resort and airfare. It has helped me IMMENSELY! Everything is going great except this one nagging issue, AIRFARE. When she initially quoted me the air, I thought it was high so I looked on kayak myself and found air much lower than what she quoted me. If it was a difference of dollars then I wouldn't be that alarmed but it is a difference of HUNDREDS so I'm a little curious. I know that they are paid on commission basis so I am left wondering if it possible for there to be a booking fee added to the airfare. I am considering booking the flights myself and having the guests do the same. I am also wondering if I should bring up the subject to her?... Need advice/help!! What would you do? Has this happened to you?
  7. I am so sorry for the sudden news! Planning a DW is stressful enough and adding your dad's health to the mix must be so overwhelming. I am praying for you and your dad and hoping that everything turns out great for you!! You are his little girl so he want to see this milestone moment in his life. Sending healing good vibes to your dad and your entire family in this time of need!
  8. I have a question for anyone who knows... What is the transportation situation to and from the airport? I know they recently opened up a highway connecting Punta Cana and La Romana which cuts the commute to 30-45 mins. http://casadecampoliving.com/2012/08/autopista-del-coral-la-romana-punta-cana-highway-inaugurated-and-opened/ Does the resort have a shuttle? Would we have to arrange it? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance for your help!!
  9. LOL! I LOVE the video!! It was so cute, I loved the chickens! That is an amazing idea though! Where were you doing your ceremony? I am doing it in the Garden Gazebo. Who is your WC? Mine is Jenny.
  10. Dress came to me in wrong size! To return, I would have to pay for postage to the UK... not happening. Maybe you can put it to good use! Beautiful simple dress, never used/worn, Fabric is extraordinarily soft and amazing quality. Cream cap sleeve dress with peplum detail in stretch scuba fabric. Length 102cm 92% Polyester,8% Elastane. Machine washable.
  11. That is amazing!! I have heard good thing about DJ Mannia all over the forums, definitely look into it early so you can have the advantage. I have to figure what to do about the photographer though... I am torn. I DIY'd my Save the dates. It was super easy and fun! I did it in Adobe Illustrator and printed them on magnet paper (who knew that existed...lol) and I was done! I was originally going to be wayyyy to ambitious and do the boarding pass with the magnet but I decided it would be to much. I would love to do the passport invites but I have been reading up on them and they look ambitions as well... I am going to go simple for invites. I want to relax a little but with the holidays coming up I am so anxious!!
  12. Hi Butterflies!! OMG how exciting!! I would love to meet up for a drink, you can tell me how your wedding went!! I totally know what you mean about the paperwork and details! We are in the first stages of this planning. I am here if you need support, ideas whatever! We arrive on the 23rd so we should def. coordinate a meeting. I wish you all the best with planning and prep. Have you sent out your Save the Dates yet? I am in the process of working on my invites, I'm just waiting on a conformation for my ceremony time. All the best to you!!
  13. WOW! You have so much done already!! I feel like I have not done anything now... LOL! My Save The Dates are out. I am working on invites as well and plan on sending those out in about 2 weeks. As far as attire, I just had my first dress search this weekend! It was very successful and I did find "THE ONE." As far as photographer goes HDC is looking really good to me but I do have some at home photographer buddies I want to reach out to. My cousin is a DJ so, lucky me! The only thing that sucks about Dreams is that even though he is bringing all the equipment (his stuff) we still have to pay for the "DJ service package" to use the speakers... Oh well. That's life!! What did you do for Save the Date cards?
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