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Cruise Wedding OOT Bags

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Hey Ladies

I thought I'd start a thread to find out what items we cruise brides are putting in our OOT Bags. I searched this forum to see if there is a thread like this and I cant find one, but if there is I apologize. I've been working really hard on my OOT bags trying to figure out what I want to put in them. I think as a cruise bride I don't need as many items as the reg DW brides bc the ship basically has everything on it. So I'm going to put my list below and I'll put a " * " by the things I've already purchased and a "?" by the things that may be coming off based on my budget bc we have a group of at least 40 ppl. Can you all lemme know if you think I should scratch any of these items or am I missing anything really important Thanks in advance.


-Bags (hibiscus ones from OTC for females and drawstring backpacks males)

-Puzzle books (sudoku, crossword word search one per bag)?

-Coloring books (kids duh)

-Hand sanitizer

-Room key holders

-Travel mugs* (DIY ones from Dollar tree)


-Note cards




-First aid kits ?

-postcards to send home* (free with vistaprints)

-travel tissue packs*

-homemade soaps* (I'm almost finished making them all)


OK what do you think and can you tell what you're putting in your bags.


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Oh lord lets see!


-Beach Bag for ladies, pull string bag for the men

-Share your photo post cards from Vistaprint

-FA kits with rolaids, chapstick, zantac, tylenol, immodium

-Booboo kits with bandaids, alcohol wipes

-Hangover kits with gatorade single packets

-organza bags with pack of tissues, tic tacs, crystal light packets for the non drinkers, and shout wipes

-organza bags with avon body wash and lotion and B&BW hand sanitizer

-OTC palm tree pens

-OTC hibiscus coin purses for room keys

-single packets of woolight to wash out the swim suits!!

-small aloe bottles

-note pads and post it notes

-travel coffee mugs with personalized stickers

-puzzle books



Thats about all I can think of atm! I am going to go to Sams club and get some munchies I think. I haven't decided yet.

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-Beach bag (very simple in various colors)

-personalized water bottles

-snacks (chex mix, granola bars, dried fruit, soft peppermints)


-tissue packs


-shout wipes


I put the snacks in it because everyone is coming the day before. I am going to give them out the night before at the "Welcome Dinner" so I don't have to worry about getting them on board.

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I went on a cruise vow renewal for a couple and their bags were very simple, but totally unexpected as I didn't even know what an OOT bag was then LOL


So we got


*personalized t-shirts

*a wine stopper and pourer which we still use

*a nice note thanking us for being there

*a timeline of what the couple would be doing, when the vow renewal was, etc.


They also had arranged for us to each get our own Royal Carribean beach towel which I thought was super awesome!!

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-tote bags, probably reusable ones (Dunwoodybooth.com)

-timeline, welcome letter, list of events we'll be attending throughout the week (excursions and whatnot)

-maps of miami

-vistaprint postcards

-photoshare cards (vistaprint)

-doortags (vistaprint)

-DIY puzzle book

-DIY coloring books

-Playing cards (Michaels)

-First Aide Kit: alcohol wipes, alka seltzer, chapstick w visaprint labels, bandaides, tylenol, some sort of antinausea pill, sunscreen pack, aloe

-Hand Sanitizer (from Staples penny deal) with Vistaprint label "share your love, not your germs"

-For the women, a ladies prep kit: mini nail polish (target), nail polish remover (work), lip balm ($ tree), makeup wedge (target), bobby pins (xmas tree shop), Bath fizz & floating flower (xmas tree shop), nail files, cello heart bags to put them in (Michaels)

-For the men sample size Nautica Cologne

-Eye glass cleaner (Target) with vistaprint label "to keep your shades clean"

-Tissue packets (dollar tree)

-Highlighters (office depot going out of business sale)

-Sign and Sail pouch (office depot), will get carabeaner clips from OTC

-Vistaprint pen, sticky note, hat for the men

-Water bottle with DIY water bottle holder (haven't done yet), and/or Travel mugs (dollar tree)

-Maybe Downy wrinkle releaser


My list keeps growing, we'll see what actually ends up in the bags!

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So far, I plan on...



OTC hibiscus bags

Welcome brochure and "meet the guests" info (free through Vistaprint)

OTC hibiscus room card holders

mini bottles hand sanitizer (Clearance sale at Bath and Body)

Spanish phrase books ($1 bin at Target)

Sudoku puzzle books ($1 bin at Target)

Playing Cards

mini cruise-aid kit (advil, bandaids, sunscreen, lib balm, anti-nausea med, gatorade packet, aloe...possibly in organza bag...)


personalized water bottles (might get labels from OTC)

Postcards to send home(from Vistaprint)

"Share your photos" card

personalized cabin door sign

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Just thougt I would chime in on the OOT bags for your guest.

My FI and I decided to give everyone passport covers, they are fairly inexpesive, I searched on the net wedding passport covers, But we did not give them in their OOT bags we sent out a newsletter as our STD's and then well all signed up and payed their money we sent out "passport" invitation with the covers. Also we are playing to do our favorite things in our OOT bags, along with some of the other ideas I've seen on line.


Good Luckshots.gif

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Meg, I like the old one better!


FYI. If there are RCCL Brides, make sure you don't put candles in your OOT's. They aren't allowed.

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