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Has anyone heard of this??

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One of my clients told me she had a destination wedding, she said if you book through Sunquest for every 25 guests you book you get a free trip!! She had 50 book so she got TWO FREE trips!! Has anyone else heard of this before??

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Here is my experience though...


In shopping out different TA's - I learned that if you opt not to have 'free trips' the price decreases for your guests.


Our wedding $ with every 21st person booked one 'free' trip @$1400 per person

Our wedding $ with without 'free' trip @$1100 per person


SO... If we do some 'math-letics' - we had 84 guests total


84 guests x $1400 = $117,600 and 4 'free' trips valued at $5,600


84 guests x $1100 = $92,400 with no 'free' trips



the 'free trips' would have cost our guests $25,200 extra, so that we could have $5,600 in 'free trip'


Doesn't seem like such a deal....


We opted to have no free stuff.. but to keep the cost as low as possible so that we would have a big wedding group and a big wedding in Cuba.

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Our TA gave us this option as well (not sure if it was Sunquest), but we had to have 10 couples book in order for us to get one free trip, or we had the option of giving our guests a discounted rate in lieu of the free trip. However, we needed to sign a contract and put down a $100 per person deposit up front that was non-refundable and all the guests had to travel on the same dates. We couldn't get that many people to agree on the travel dates and we didn't want to ask people to put the deposit down, nor did we want to put it down if they were already so wishy washy on the dates. We decided not to do the contract and everyone just booked when and for how long they wanted and we paid the full price for our trip.

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This is dependent not only on the TA but also the Tour Operator. We booked through Air Transat/Nolitours and we got the deal. Our trip 1665/person CAD if we went through Air Transat. We ended up with 45 guests who booked with the group and another 8 guests who did not. Our deal was 21 people, 1 free trip (up to 1200) and 43 people (2 free trips (up to 2400). So we only had to pay 450 each for the first week and then the cost of the additional week. Our TA told us it was a bonus given by the tour operator to the TA for booking a large group and then she passed the savings on to the bride and groom.

We choose our TA b/c she specialises in DW and the free trips were a bonus

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