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any RIU Negril brides? questions!

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Okay cool. I am doing the beach only because i've been to a few riu's and they all look the same so I kind of know what to expect. Cocktails sounds great.

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OK I've been lurking on this thread for the last week and I finally have something that I can contribute :) Dionne sent me the private reception menu today and it is below. I was really hoping to have Jamaican food...does anyone know if customized menus (or at least different choices) are an option there? Although I'm assuming this menu doesn't have a $pp cost since it's at the restaurant, which would be great! I'm probably going to do a cocktail hour too, but she didn't tell me how much that was.




Main Course

Beef Tenderloin

Butterfly herbs chicken breast

Shrimp skewers


Buffet Service





Fresh romaine lettuce and ceasar dressing

Endives in blue cheese dressing

Tomato and mixed leaves salad

With crumbled feta cheese

Artichokes,black olives and mozzarella

Asparagus and mushroom salad

Russian salad


Cold specials

Smoked salmon with garnishes

Cold cuts mirrow

Assorted cheese

Seared tuna with parsley salsa


Garnishes and dressings

Balsamic vinaigrette

Ranch dressing

Caesar dressing

Thousand island

Green olives, capers,jalapenos,gherkins

Parmesan cheese,croutons,biscuits,ect.





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there is alos a fee for drinks for a cocktail party. if you look at my other previos posts on this thread, i posted a pdf file that explains that.

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Hey... Still deciding on a location but have been looking into Negril. My sister got married at a Riu last year in Ochos Rios and I loved the ceremony but I know I want to go to a different resort to get a little different feel. I like the sound of the Riu's in Negril, but want to know the difference between Riu Negril and the Tropical Bay Riu? Any one have any suggestions or been married either of those places?

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Hi, I am getting married at the negril clubhotel 5th March, this was our 2nd choice and 1st choice was the RTP, however because there was such a big difference in price booked the riu Negril.


Reading other reviews the RTP seems to have a nicer beach and you can use the facilties at the Riu Negril but not visa versa.


Check out the review sections for wedding reviews at both resorts

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I've just changed my resort from the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach to the Riu Negril. Turned out to be a better deal for my guests and I wanted to get married in Negril originally, so it worked out great for me! Any brides getting married there soon and just got back from their weddinghuh.gif Thread has been pretty quiet lately...

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