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  1. I'm looking for a resort map of the Riu Negril for my welcome package...anyone have one or know where to find them?
  2. Hey Lisa...you gave such a great review...thank you. I know that I will have questions for you as the date gets closer (we're under 3 months now!). I have some off the top of my head... I'm thinking of taking decorations for the reception...can you bring stuff for the tables and get it decorated? You said you had a head table....can you choose how tables are set up? What did you do after the dinner? And what did guests do between the ceremony and dinner? Was the ceremony set-up that you had included in your wedding package or did you add anything? Loved the flower in your hair....did you get that included? Thank you so much for your review.....
  3. thank you everyone for your help....almost done the invites - hope to get them out by mid January and ask for response by mid February (wedding end of April).
  4. Thank you so much for the review. I'm getting married there at the end of April. I haven't done much planning over the holidays but have to get back into it. Looking forward to hearing more reviews!
  5. Well, my fiance and I only decided that we were going to do a destination wedding 6 months prior to our wedding. At that point, I sent out save-the-date emails linking guests to our wedding website and we have 20 people booked so far! How soon before the wedding should I send out invitations? Our wedding is at the end of April. How long do you give to respond? We're not sure we can have an at home reception yet - do we just send out completely different invitations to that when we know? How soon before the event should these go out?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by ~*Lisa*~ Jen - did I send you the info yet?? (sorry, it's been super crazy busy at my end) also, just wondering if anyone has the vows that were said? I'm kinda curious and wondering if I should write my own or not. yes, Lisa you sent the info....thank you so much I just got my dress this past week! It suddenly became real!
  7. I am so excited for my TTD! I'm still undecided on whether to get another dress specifically for TTD or not. Our budget is pretty tight so that would just add more cost. I don't think that I'd wear my dress for the AHR because it'll be a casual party so if I end up ruining the dress in the ocean...I'm not sure how I feel about it. I wouldn't be wearing it again and my friend got her dress cleaned and can't even look at it cause it's locked away in a box so what does it matter if it's got some water spots? I don't know A few brides have said that they bought their dresses off other brides here....how do you do that?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by ~*Lisa*~ Sorry ladies for the delay, I've been super, crazy busy! Anyway, here is the attachment with the extras that Dionne sent me. This is the letter that they send when they first contact you. I was just wondering about bouquets. For those of you who have already been married, what bouquet did you choose? I'm having a hard time because the pictures aren't all that great. Does anyone have better pictures of the flowers? Also, I was wondering if any of you had any experience with True Colors Photography? Thanks Lisa. Unfortunately I can't open your attachment -guess cause I don't have enough points. Can you email it to me? I'll send you my email address. I'm happy to hear what you're planning ie. no extras because that's pretty much what I'm thinking. I just don't want it to feel awkward when people are waiting for dinner and then the transition from dinner to dancing. Do you know if we can play any music during trhe semi private reception to do first dance? Also, is it private enough to do speeches?
  9. Hello and welcome! Don't worry this site will help you with pretty much everything you have questions about. Have you bought a dress yet? What about STD/ invitations? You should def. let your guests be aware of your wedding plans. Good luck! Haven't got the dress yet but have sent out STD and started the website. We have 15 booked so far. The hardest most stressfull part was picking the resort. Hoping that more people book soon
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover Congrates and welcome!!!! Ah you should be fine planning your wedding especially with this forum.Do you already have your dress? Which date are you getting married on? Thanks caribbeanLover. I don't have a dress yet but I'm going soon with the bridal party! We're getting married April 27 in Negril, Jamaica!
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie to the site but I'm getting married in April 2010 in Jamaica! Reading all the posts in this string has me nervous. We just decided and booked our wedding last month so all my planning has to be done within 6 months. All the info I get from this forum definately helps!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by ~*Lisa*~ I'm so freakin' excited! I went to go and try to email the WC and sure enough, in my inbox was her email! WOO HOO!!!!!!!! It's getting closer and closer! It's great to get all the information and all the price lists of everything. I doubt we'll be adding anything extra, with buying a house and all that. I think we'll just go with whatever comes with the package! I'm getting excited now! Congrats Lisa! You must be so excited. I'm 6 months out now - getting married at the Riu Negril also! I can't wait to see your review and pics. I'm curious about the extras and the cost. We're on such a tight budget so I'm nervous that I'll get there and I'll need to spend tonnes extra to get what I have in mind. Do you know if there is the option for a reception on the beach and how much it might be? Or, with a semi private reception, can you still have a first dance and speeches?
  13. Hello Everyone! We just booked our wedding at the Riu Negril for April 27,2010! Info from this forum helped us make the decision...looking forward to hearing more reviews and seeing some pics leading up to our big day!
  14. I'm trying to view pearlygirl's photos from Riu Negril cause we're booked for April 2010. Does anyone know how to see them or have any others?
  15. We finally booked!! We're getting married at the Riu Negril. I'm wondering if anyone has had their reception on the beach? If so, what is the set up like and did they charge an additional fee?
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