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Kate's wedding Video Clip

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Originally Posted by Erin6341 View Post
Kate, your video is amazing! It truly captures the love and fun the both of you experienced. I loved how the clips of the beautiful water was added between the vows. Beautifully done. I was curious though... what song was that? It's so pretty and so perfect.
Thanks, it was our first dance song "When you Love Someone" by Bryan Adams. An oldie but a goodie. I think it really captured the surroundings too... I remember dancing to it on the covered bridge and listening to the waves in the background. It was like we were alone, even if we weren't.

Someone asked me about my hair flower. I got it online store Etsy.com... it is actually made of clay, really light but thought it was beautiful. Wasn't so sure when I got it but it was gorgeous. I think the lady who makes them is out of CA. Try "Clay Creations" If not I'll look up my paypal acct and tell you for sure but it was only $18.

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