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My DIY stuff for the wedding...just wanted to share!

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Originally Posted by hmk012 View Post
I got just enough vases. I shipped the centerpieces and the wedding favors (we got small beach picture frames that doubled as place cards). My shipment should get there in a few days! I wrapped the vases with bubble wrap and packing paper. I'm keeping my figures crossed everything gets there in one piece! If not I'll just have to bring new ones down with me. If I have to end up doing that then I'll just have to carry it with me at all times so nothing gets broken. I'll do the bubble wrap again!
Oh Holly you are so a brave girl shipping to mexico and sending your own vases! KUDOS to you!

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I Love it all!! Esp the "my first cruise" frame and luggage tags, I might have to steal the frame idea for my nephew. I'm doing the flower girl pail with a starfish too, it is so simple and cute!

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