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Finally - My Invitations/Save the Dates

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They went out in November. I designed them after reading many threads on this site before I was even a member and here they are. I decided on a mix of a boarding pass invite combined with a luggage tag.


I only sent out this one mailing with the invitations that included our December Deadline, Travel Agent and website information and a magnet to remember the date. The magnet is a map of Mexico with an x where Moon Palace is.


My mother did the hard work of printing, punching, having the holes drilled or the designs cut out. On the back of the envelopes, we had our return address typeset on them.


The individual parts


Click the image to open in full size.


The final product


Click the image to open in full size.


Most of the paper came from Card Stock, Vellum Paper, Envelopes, Metallic Cardstock, Invitation Cards Specialty Wedding Stationery - Paperandmore.com .


We stamped up the boarding passes after the design was done and had them copied at one local place and cut at another.


The fonts I used were Shardee and OptimusPrinceps that I found at dafont.com.

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My guests really loved them and I have been told many times they are being saved because they are so unique.


Something that I didn't mention is all the layers my mom put together.


The boarding pass base has the bottom off-white card with a metallic orange card-stock rectangle in between it and the upper boarding pass we did.


The middle layer is just a velum piece with a small tag punched out of metallic orange cardstock that we stamped with a our round stamp.


The top layer has a luggage tag that we topped with a type-set linen piece and then topped it off with a strip of metallic aqua card-stock, a metallic orange punch flower, and a piece of irregular cut rice paper.


We put a braided piece of yarn in the top luggage tag layer and put all the layers together with the satin ribbon.


We love the way they turned out and was glad the guests did too. We sent out 180 of them......

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