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Post all "Knock Off Wedding Dress" questions/comments here

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Thank you so much for the information!  I thought it was odd that I couldn't find any reviews for the site.  I've searched around and it seems that DressilyMe has great reviews and I LOVE how they will send you images of the dress before they ship it in case you want to make alterations.  

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Traci, I have yet to see any reviews on this vendor and their website only has pics of the designer pics none of the ones they have actually made. Which raises some suspicion. I have emailed him for pictures. Also I will tell you that the # on their website although a local # is somehow forwarded to a phone in CHINA! So a chinese woman picked up..I thought that was a very good look. There customer service answered me within a few hours also!! Now if we can just see some of their work or a bride who has used them we would be good. This was his inital reply to me when I asked about him advertising actual designer dresses and clarification that they were in fact replicas:


We are professional wedding dress designer and manufacturer headquartered in Suzhou,Jiangsu Province,China. The dresses on our website are made by our company. We ensure that the dress will be 90%-95% close to the original. Due to the nature of the handwork required, 100% same as the original can not be garanteed,however,your 100% satisfaction and reliability can be garanteed.with quality fabrics, excellent handcraftsmanship and special attention paid to details, every gown has been made to be finest in quality and fit.

We sell such quality dresses at a much lower price is because we operate at a much lower cost and much lower margin. We don't have catalogs, television ads, etc. , but we do have 24 hour a day customer service, risk-free internet purchasing, the best merchandise, the best return policy, and the best prices.

Your 100% satisfaction is what we strive for. If you are not satisfied with the dress, just return it to us within 7 days(from the day you received your dress),We will return your money(actual money not store credit)to you with the purchase price. There is no restocking fee on returned item. You should be responsible for the return shipping cost.

Thanks and best regards




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Help! Here is the Maggie Sottero dress that I just absolutely loved at first sight. The only thing that bothers me is the flower detail. Sadly, I have already asked, and it's not a simple thing to remove. My next option is to have it custom made but I can't decide on who I should order from. Please give me your thoughts. This dress is 1150, but I can get it for 1050 with free alterations. My issue is, I don't like the flower, but I'll still consider buying the dress. OR I can get a custom replica for less and not have that flower. The only bad part is that I will have to cover my own alterations. All in all, I want the Maggie Sottero top part and the Enzoani skirt. 






ieiedress: She makes wonderful dresses and is highly reviewed. What's nice is that she is here in the US. Looking at her work, she makes a great Diana-inspired Vera Wang dress, so I know she can handle the edgy skirt that I like. Quoted at about 500





landybridal: They actually sent me a photo of a similar dress that they made. The only changes I would make to their dress would be to add a sweetheart neckline and corset back. Quoted at 400.





Bridalbliss: great etsy reviews. Again, based on her work, I know she can handle the skirt. Estimated at 800. Please see the example below.





Dressilyme: Recommended site from China. Here is a photo of their work.





Shades of Pale: Another recommended company. They have great photos on their Facebook. Here is an example. 




Duosheng: Highly recommended company from China. They have a similar dress, and they quoted me at 380 for regular organza and 480 for high quality. 








Babyonline: Another recommended site. Quoted at 160




Jasmine Bridal: A bit more expensive than the other China sites, but I read awesome reviews. Quoted at 650 for standard, 925 for premium material, 1250 for designer grade craftsmanship



Feel free to share your thoughts, advice, opinions. Thanks in advance!


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It's a Maggie Sottero



Originally Posted by mlw02 View Post

I found a dress I love on bigdaydress website but can't figure out who original designer is. Can anyone help me? Thanks








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Ooooooooooh this dress is fabulous? Who's the designer? Have you heard back from Jasmines yet? x

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So I went dress shopping today for the first time!!! So exciting!! I fell in love with this dress!! I just emailed Jasmine's for a quote. I didn't see the dress on Jasime's site, I think it just came out.

ALFRED ANGELO ARIEL.jpgAlfred Angelo Ariel front.jpgAlfred Angelo Ariel Back.jpg


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