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  1. OOOOOOHHHHH I have total dress envy!!! I live in the uk and have been trying to find a sottero & midgeley stockist with this in a sample since last December!!! Cant find one. Have been told a few times 'its old' when I know its not COZ ITS STILL ON THE WEBSITE Grrrrrr makes me mad! Anyway, rant over, cngratualtions on your stunning dress xxxx
  2. I think these shoes are FAB! If you cant find blue shoes you like, have you thought about looking at dyeable bridal shoes, and having them dyed blue??? x
  3. Congrats Melissa, your day looks amazing. I personally love Ivans work. I'm also stealing the whiteboard idea haha. Love your dress, hair and make-up! Love the bridesmaid dresses too, are they those convertable ones that are all the same but can be worn different ways? Ive seen those advertised on Etsy, but never seen them on or in real wedding photos, they look awesome! Where did you get them from? x
  4. Ooooooooooh this dress is fabulous? Who's the designer? Have you heard back from Jasmines yet? x
  5. OMG your dress is stunning! Who is the designer? And huge congrats on being a MRS x
  6. 2012?? Wow that is getting close, its literally weeks away! You must be so excited Can anyone recommend the resort photographers? At the moment I think we are going with Ivan Luckie, but my FI was asking if the resort ones were any good? x
  7. 2012?? Wow that is getting close, its literally weeks away! You must be so excited Can anyone recommend the resort photographers? At the moment I think we are going with Ivan Luckie, but my FI was asking if the resort ones were any good? x
  8. Haha, I will be praying there's no rain on my wedding day! Apparently theres less rain in March in Mexico than any other month so my fingers are well and truely crossed that wont happen )) Can not wait to get booked x
  9. Hello UK brides I stumbled accross this thread and am so happy theres loads of UK brides, its soooo helpful to read all your stories. Jenna has been a brilliant mine of information so far (thanks hun!) . We are hoping for Sensatori in March 2013, not yet booked, we are waiting to get the expense of Xmas out of the way. The only way we can book is over the phone, as we live in the Isle of Man and the only chain of travel agents we have here is Thomas Cook, and as theyre in money trouble, we're not going there lol. I have to say the wedding team at Thomsons have been great but I was a bit dissapointed with what they offer so contacted 2 USA travel agents to see if booking the hotel & flights that way would work out cheaper & I have to say, it seems we get quite a good deal! I was shocked at the quotes they came back with so I wont be moaning anymore lol I'm very excited and cant wait to book, Ive never ever been this eager to get Xmas done and out of the way!! xx
  10. I think I may have just submitted a quote to joanneireland, but it was meant for venus909's gorgeous allure dress. Sorry! Am new to this forum lark lol
  11. Wow you look amazing in this dress! I had seen this dress online but Allure dresses are not available where I live (unless I bought one online of course but am no way brave enough to do that). I loved it when I saw it online but I think it looks even more gorgeous in the flesh, it really suits you...stunning!
  12. Thankyou! I do love my dress! Can I just check with everyone who is gettied married on the skydeck, did you pay extra for it? I've been qouted two different prices for each wedding package (pearl, silver, gold) one price for a beach wedding, and one price for a skydeck wedding. I definatley want the sky deck, but also want to check this supplement is usual? And to mbowling....congratulations, have fun and enjoy every second xx
  13. Hi Jenna Yes I'm really excited! Have found you on Facey (Karan). I spoke to Thomson, and like you, they weren't great on giving any free upgrades. I've got 27 confirmed coming from UK and 4 will be meeting us there from USA. They wouldnt even give us free upgrade to premier on the plane. I think thats really bad considering how much the whole wedding party will be paying for their combined holidays!! We're waiting till after xmas to book, and I might see if booking the hotel & wedding direct with Karisma is cheaper and maybe getting Virgin flights instead. My friend flew with Virgin to Mexico and got free upgrades - from booking it with Thomas Cook!! We havent got a Thomson on the Isle of Man so its a bit of a pain to have to do everything via the phone! We are going to have a private reception too, originally we werent coz we're having a night do here too, but we've decided we want the whole day to be weddingy so we are going to go for it. I had a look at the pick n choose menu and saw the 4 hour open bar, I think thats a very good deal Have you chosen the location for your reception? Who are you going with for DJ & photographer? xxx
  14. Crikey! $800 for each!! And very good point about 2013 prices going up. I hope they dont try and plant that on me, if I book at current prices I will be flat refusing to pay any extra!!! Am happy to pay it for Ivan Luckie, I love his work, but I think I'll maybe look at a hotel DJ because the music isnt so important, as long as we can dance to it we really dont care lol Thanks for the info ladies, the menu's look good, I'm impressed. Once I'm booked, does the wedding co-ordinator send thru photos of the different locations within the hotel that are available for the reception? I've read a lot of reviews that seem to go with Zavas plaza but I'm not sure I want there. Sorry for all the questions and thanx for all your help Oh, and the dress, maggie sottero Geneva, its got quite a big train and am not sure its suitable for getting married in the heat but I dont bloomin care coz I love it
  15. Hello ladies, I'm very excited that the brochure prices are out for March 2013 here in the UK. Ive spoken to my TA today and we can get booked as soon as we like. Am having an issue with some of my wedding party being singles, and being quoted £100 per night extra single supplement which I think is extortionate!!! The singles cant really share either, as they are folk who dont know each other!! Anyway, we'll be booked soon, I cant wait to get my date and be added to 'the list' . To make things even more exciting, I found THE dress yesterday Some questions for you all, does anyone know how booking a private reception works? Would I have to pay extra for the hire of a location for this, then extra for the wedding meal, and extra for the DJ too? I've been looking on lomas-travel and cant seem to find much info about private receptions. Also can anyone tell me if DJ Doremixx and Ivan Luckie (photographer) are classed as outside vendors? Thanks!
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