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My planned impromptu engagement story (It makes more sense if you read it)

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My fiancée and I have been dating for over 5 years, while we both went to school. We agreed that we werenâ€t going to get married till after we were both out of school. I knew I wanted to marry her long before that point. However she said she wanted to live on her own for a while since she went to school from home (From which the 6 months after she starts living on her own plan sprung up from).


However, as time went by her interest in living by herself when she knew that she would want me snuggling her every night anyway waned (out goes the 6 month plan). I was taking the bar in late July and her birthday was in early August, so began a new 6 month plan began.


So I set out to learn a great deal about diamonds, metals and engagement rings so that I would make the right choice. Employing the use of a spy (her friend) I attempted to procure her ring size through a variety of resources. All of which failed miserably and I resorted to guessing.


Eventually after much work and time spent I decided on a create your own ring at blue nile.com which was a great source of information and diamonds.


Now came the set up. I knew I wanted to surprise her so in an effort to do that I began a campaign to do something nice for her birthday. My goal was to get her to a scenic location to pop the question. We had previously on a previous aniversery planned on going to the empire state building, however that did not happen due to time constraints, so I thought that might be ideal. But she did not want to go into the city on her birthday.


Then I remembered that my fiancée does not feel like it is summer without at least one trip to the beach. So that became the idea, a nice day trip to point pleasant beach, and a proposal under the stars.


It almost didnâ€t happen. The weather report said rain, she debated just staying over my place and hanging out, and my stomach did backflips because I did not want to propose in my little apartment.


But the weather held and we were off. The ring safely tucked away in a huge present bag (for her birthday). So we have a really nice time on the beach, playing in the water laying out and generally just enjoying each others company.


We were watching the waves crash as the sun set behind us (here comes the impromptu part) and I just blurt it out. I recreate the words I said before our first kiss and then “will you marry me.†She said of course three times before actually saying yes, and then because I was planning to give her the ring later that night I had to wait to go back to the car to give her the ring.


So after dinner and much smiling and laughing I went back to the car for the blanket and ring, and I presented it to her on the beach sparkling in the moon light. She grinned watching the sparkles dance and I was the luckiest man on earth.

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Originally Posted by ameliamae View Post
Aww, what a nice story, Alex! Good job :) When are you guys getting married? Where?
Thank you. We are getting married Oct. 26th 2009 in St. Thomas.

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