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Sprained ankle night before

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#1 saraece

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    Posted 08 January 2009 - 12:38 PM

    Our key was with another guests as he wanted to grab something out of our room. He then disappeared. Me and my girls were exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. SO after looking for him for 45 mintues I took the girls to the room and FI went to the front desk to get another key. While he was gone I got the bright idea of checking the patio door to see if we left it unlocked. Since we were on the first floor I just needed to jump over the railing. Ok not my best idea. Checked the door, nope locked, jumped back and didn't realize there was a ledge that one foot landed on and the other half landed on causing me to go over on my ankle. Instant pain. I then had to pick up my baby and hobble back to the room and wait for FI. Who came and couldn't believe what I had done. My ankle immediatly swelled up and I couldn't put much pressure on it. I cut and bruised my baby toe. I iced it put it up and started problem solving for the wedding the next day.
    Next day I was sitting by the bar with my foot up and a angel named Donna came by and asked if I was the one who is hurt and has her wedding that day. She said she was a natural healer and could she help me. I said sure (how could this hurt) I am believer to a certain extent, maybe 60-40. She took her hands and petted my leg downwards without touching me. After a few minutes my ankle got hot and the pain was gone. I could walk on it with a little limp. This wonderful lady then asked if she could do it again before the wedding. So she met me in my room at 130 and did it again. This time my foot got tingly and at the same time she said "Got it" the tingles ran up my foot and out my toes! I walked without a limp down a rocky path, stairs then along the beach to my wedding at 2pm! I am now a believer. This women was a guest at the resort who did not have to help me and asked for nothing in return. I have learned it is called Reiki and have attached a website if anyone wants to learn more about it.
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    #2 BachataBride

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      Posted 08 January 2009 - 12:42 PM

      Wow!! That's an awesome story Sara!!! I've been meaning to ask you what happened with your ankle!! Luckily she was there to offer her help! It goes to show there are really some good people out there!

      #3 YoursTruly

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        Posted 08 January 2009 - 12:42 PM

        All I can say is WOW and I am glad she was able to help you out!! Congrats!

        #4 tylersgirl

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          Posted 08 January 2009 - 12:52 PM

          WOW, crazy story! Glad you are feeling better!

          #5 Hartyt509

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            Posted 08 January 2009 - 05:38 PM

            Yeah I do reiki it's amazing. For her to be that good she must be a master lol lucky you that she was there.

            #6 sunsetbride1

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              Posted 09 January 2009 - 03:13 PM

              Wow... that is crazy!! I am glad that everything worked out.

              #7 KatyKo

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                Posted 09 January 2009 - 03:20 PM

                She definitely was an Angel. So amazing!

                #8 ACDCDCAC

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                Posted 09 January 2009 - 03:31 PM

                omg no way! that is pretty cool.

                #9 Jess

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                  Posted 09 January 2009 - 03:56 PM

                  wow that is awesome!

                  #10 DanielleNDerek

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                    Posted 09 January 2009 - 04:24 PM

                    Wow that's unbelievable. Great story. Now did you kick the a$$ of the guy who took your key and never gave it back?
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